Butter Bob’s Blindfold Fat Taste Test

I fried chicken in four traditional cooking fats to see which one tasted the best. This is the first time I’ve done a side-by-side cooking test and one of the very rare times I’ve endorsed … Continue Reading →

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Let’s Do It, Let’s Live on Fat

Lions Do It, Cows do it, even Gorillas and Termites do it, let’s do it, let’s live on fat. You know, back in the 1920’s Cole Porter wrote a song, a little funny song, called … Continue Reading →

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How Much Protein? How Much Fat?

Hello everyone, It’s Butter Bob.And this video is about Protein. It’s also about Fat. It’s about how much protein, how much fat? You know, it’s a big question, it’s a big debate, it gets some … Continue Reading →

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Blood Sugar vs Insulin: what’s the difference?

Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob. And this video is about the difference between blood sugar and insulin. Many times, I get notes from people saying, “my insulin is good, I test it after I eat.” … Continue Reading →

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Why junk food is so cheap

Have you ever wondered why junk food is so cheap? And good food like, say farm raised eggs, organic grass fed meat, fruits and vegetables are so expensive? But junk food, made out of corn … Continue Reading →

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That Lying, Cheating, Dream Crushing Scale

Is the scale the best way to measure your weight loss success? No, it sure isn’t. This video is about why you should leave the scale alone and use a better tool, to measure your … Continue Reading →

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What About Exercise?

Some of the most frequent questions I get is: “Did you exercise?” “What kind of exercise did you do while you were losing weight?” “Why Don’t you stress exercise in your videos?” “Or why don’t you … Continue Reading →

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One Million Video Views

Hello everyone, It’s Butter Bob and I’ve got a exciting announcement to make today. The Butter Bob Youtube channel has achieved 1 million views. 1 million and I’m telling you, I’m really excited about it … Continue Reading →

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What about Artificial Sweeteners?

Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob This video is about sugar substitutes. Sugar substitutes like, stuff like this. This is generic Splenda. You know a lot of people have lost weight and they’ve used sugar substitutes. … Continue Reading →

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The Strong Medicine of Steaks and Hamburgers

Hello Everyone, it’s Butter Bob, and today I want to give you a little video about keeping your diet simple. One of my favorite subjects that I go over and over, and you know the … Continue Reading →

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Butter Bob’s Mayo and Ranch Dressing

How to make your own healthy Mayonnaise and Ranch Dressing, with healthy oil, fresh herbs and no sugar added. Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob and we got a new video tonight, how to make homemade … Continue Reading →

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At the Store with Butter Bob

Join me on a quick trip to the store. If you’re just starting out on the LCHF (Low Carb/High Fat) way of life, this little trip will help you learn what to buy and more … Continue Reading →

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About the Butter Bob Youtube Channel

In this video, I don’t talk about diet or fasting, I talk about my videos themselves, about my pledge to keep my channel family friendly and some insights into what I personally think about some … Continue Reading →

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You Are Either Fed or Fasted

You know, you’re either fed, or you’re fasted. You’re either eating and storing food as fat, or you’re fasting and using the fat that you’ve already stored. Good morning everyone, this is old Butter Bob. I’m … Continue Reading →

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Simple, Boring, Take a Chainsaw to Your Problem, Menu Planning

  I believe in keeping your diet very simple, even boring, like I said in my video, “Your Own Personal Diet Guru“, a simple diet is like taking a chainsaw to your oak tree of … Continue Reading →

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2009-06-26 007

You Got to Get Sugar Out of Your Life

I bet you thought you’d never see a video, with me, and this sugary stuff. But, I’ve got these props here today to tell you about an experiment. A simple experiment that was done, to show how … Continue Reading →

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How to create Hope and make Happiness chase after You

Throughout my life, there has been a person I’ve turned to over and over again for strength and encouragement. Regardless of how dark the situation, his words have always lifted me up and set me … Continue Reading →

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100 Steak Fajita Meals

Why does your body ignore the fat it has inside and make you hungry for something outside? I had this guy write me, the other day and I have this kind of stuff happen all the … Continue Reading →

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Bob’s Caveman Coffee

My Fatty Coffee, the poor man’s version of frothy Starbucks flat white, made Caveman Style with a hand blender.   10,134 total views, 15 views today

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Butter Bob’s Famous Chili

The recipe I use in this video is a little different than the one I’ve always had in this article.   1. Brown 3 1/2 pounds of hamburger meat. While the meat is browning. 2. … Continue Reading →

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Time To Loosen Your Jeans

Did You Know You Can Use Time To Loosen Your Jeans? And I believe “TIME” is the real magic of weight loss. Time is even better than butter at loosening up your jeans. “Time To Loosen … Continue Reading →

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No !!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter

The title of this video is “No!!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter”, instead eat your own body fat, that’s what’s for dinner. This video is unlike any other video I’ve done, it’s just me talking to … Continue Reading →

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Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem

Only HALF the insulin your body makes each day is made because of the food you eat. What about the other 50%? You’ve changed the food, but you’re not seeing the results you hoped for. … Continue Reading →

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Butter on Audio Mp3 – free download

Now you can listen to the audio version of my videos on .mp3 files for your mobile phone or computer. If you want to listen to the audio on your phone or mp3 player, all … Continue Reading →

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Diabetes Saved My Life!

The following is a guest post from my friend Bill Rust, who has lost 100 lbs and cut his A1C by HALF since starting the LCHF lifestyle. I’m very honored to share this here on my website … Continue Reading →

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La mantequilla hace que sus pantalones se caigan

“La mantequilla hace que sus pantalones se caigan” es mi video “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” doblada al Español de audio. ¿Sabía usted, que la mantequilla puede hacer que sus pantalones se caigan? Yo … Continue Reading →

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Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

This is the script for my “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” video. Did you know Butter can make your pants fall off? Neither did I, until I started eating butter and cream and bacon … Continue Reading →

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Why Are Fat People Hungry?

How to control your appetite and release your belly fat. With hundreds’s of thousands of calories stored in their belly, why are fat people hungry? This article is about why fat people are hungry and … Continue Reading →

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bob test

My Results – Kraft Glucose Insulin Test

This post is to report my results from taking the “Kraft Prediabetes Bloodspot Profile Test” from Meridian Valley Lab. I took the 4 hour test at home on October 13th, 2015 and sent in the blood spot … Continue Reading →

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New Butterman

First Year in Review

My video, “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” has been on YouTube for one year today, August 19th, 2015. I thought a review and timeline would be helpful to people new to my work. August … Continue Reading →

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Reversing Diabetes with Sandy Bahr

If you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and you’re interested in a Low Carb, High Fat lifestyle, I would like to introduce you to Sandy Bahr and her wonderful Facebook Group “Reversing Diabetes“. … Continue Reading →

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U-turn Type 2 Diabetes

Reversing the Twin Causes of Type 2 Diabetes The work of Prof. Roy Taylor I want to introduce my readers to the life changing work of Professor Roy Taylor, Director of Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, … Continue Reading →

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Retire From Being Hungry

You could live off the fat you’ve saved and retire from being hungry all the time. The problem is, this huge savings of energy called belly fat is locked up. People who are fat are … Continue Reading →

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Ditch the Carbs

Ditch The Carbs – how it all began   This is a guest post from Libby at “Ditch the Carbs”, which I think is one of THE BEST low carb high fat recipe and advice … Continue Reading →

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Julie’s Healthy Oil, High Fat Mayo and Ranch Dressing

Healthy Oil, High Fat Mayo and Ranch Dressing One question I get over and over is about mayonnaise and ranch dressing. I’m no cook, so I asked my daughter-in-law Julie, to show me how she … Continue Reading →

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Free Thank You Gift for my Fans

The Power Of Positive Remembering This is a little book I wrote many years ago to help me through a tough time I was going through. It is not a diet book, it is a … Continue Reading →

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Belly Steal

Don’t Let Your Belly Steal Your Breakfast

Don’t Let Your Belly Steal Your Breakfast Why Are Fat People Hungry? And what you can do to completely control your appetite. The picture on the left is of me, (Bob Briggs) 320 pounds taken … Continue Reading →

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Bob Briggs at 320 lbs and now after losing 145 lbs

appetite control, not will power

It’s appetite control, not will power Great Will Power, No. I have the help of my own biology, I’ve turned off the switch. I used healthy fats like Butter to turn off my appetite, then … Continue Reading →

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You are either Fed or Fasted

You are either storing fat or burning fat – a review of Brad Pilon’s book “Eat, Stop, Eat” – by Bob Briggs Until I can write my own book about how I lost 145+ pounds with … Continue Reading →

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Up the Protein vs. Up the Fat?

Up the Protein vs. Up the Fat? This debate is really missing the whole point, it’s not about protein vs fat, it’s about using fat to control your appetite. Today, and really at least once … Continue Reading →

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Snapshot 1 (4-29-2015 12-09 AM)

Drying Up the Root

Drying Up the Root LCHF and the Fasting Cure Drying Up the Root – Long Version Introduction Hello everyone, it’s ole Butter Bob Briggs here at my favorite place in the world, Burgess Falls State … Continue Reading →

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Lab Results

My Lab Results from August 4, 2014 In my Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off video and in the word for word script that you can read on this website, I said the following: I’ve … Continue Reading →

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Sugar and Heart Disease

Sugar and Heart Disease Blood Sugar Control – The Single Best Predictor of Heart Disease Every week, at least once, someone tells me that eating a high fat diet will give me a heart attack. … Continue Reading →

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mustard seed2

Action Gives Birth to Hope

What Signs Are You Looking For? Dolly Parton, probably the best known fellow Tennessean, wrote a book about her life several years ago and she told a story from her childhood that has stuck with … Continue Reading →

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Medicines That Keep You Fat

Medicines That Keep You Fat Not Losing Weight Even Though You’re Doing this Diet Right? As you know, if you’ve been following me for a while, my late wife, Sheila, suffered from mental illness. She … Continue Reading →

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What Can I Put In My Coffee?

  Learning how to eat on this diet is a complete re-education, for many. First, you should be mostly eating foods that don’t have an ingredient list. Foods that are ingredients themselves, like meat, eggs, … Continue Reading →

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2 Reasons A Tape Measure is Better

2 Reasons A Tape Measure is Better Than A Scale Start Measuring with a Tape and Stop Weighing with a Scale 1. The Tape Measures Fat Loss. When you use a soft tape to measure … Continue Reading →

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