What About Exercise?

Some of the most frequent questions I get is: “Did you exercise?” “What kind of exercise did you do while you were losing weight?” “Why Don’t you stress exercise in your videos?” “Or why don’t you … Continue Reading →

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Bob’s Caveman Coffee

My Fatty Coffee, the poor man’s version of frothy Starbucks flat white, made Caveman Style with a hand blender.   27,827 total views, 4 views today

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Drying Up the Root

Drying Up the Root LCHF and the Fasting Cure Drying Up the Root – Long Version Introduction Hello everyone, it’s ole Butter Bob Briggs here at my favorite place in the world, Burgess Falls State … Continue Reading →

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Lab Results

My Lab Results from August 4, 2014 In my Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off video and in the word for word script that you can read on this website, I said the following: I’ve … Continue Reading →

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