100 Steak Fajita Meals

Why does your body ignore the fat it has inside and make you hungry for something outside?


I had this guy write me, the other day and I have this kind of stuff happen all the time, this guy was kind of nasty though, so he got my attention.

He said, “why don’t you quit selling that snake oil about insulin and tell these people the truth, they ought to eat less and exercise more?”

These people always ask the wrong question, always!

Why don’t you tell a fat person to eat less and move more?

And I’m going tell you why I don’t, because that is the wrong question. That’s why.

Here’s the right question for all these geniuses out there.

“If a person’s got 500,000 extra calories hanging around their belly, and their butt and their chinny, chin, chins, why would that person ever be hungry?”

And I do mean ever be hungry.


Listen guys, If I take you down to my favorite little Mexican restaurant, here in my hometown, and I set before you a huge Steak Fajita Meal with all the trimmings, and I say “eat”, “eat all you want”, “eat it all”.

When you get done eating, you’re not going to be hungry anymore. I don’t care how fat you are or how big an appetite you have, you’re going to be satisfied.

Let’s just pretend, I don’t really know the answer to this question, but let’s just pretend that HUGE steak fajita meal has about FIVE THOUSAND CALORIES, which is probably reasonable.
5,000 calories.

You know if you’re 150 pounds overweight, like I was, when I weighed 320 pounds, you’re likely to have 500,000 extra calories hanging around your body.

Belly Steal

And that 500,000 calories is equivalent to one hundred, 5,000 calorie, steak fajita meals.

A hundred.

Why would you ever be hungry?

That’s the question these geniuses just don’t get.

And yet with all that energy sitting there, you’re body tells you to eat.

It ignores those one hundred, 5,000 calorie meals, and it makes you hungry.



Folks, really listen to me, when you get this, when you really, really get this, it’s going to be a revelation in your mind.

When you realize that this is a hormone problem, a blockage problem, you’ll understand the problem and you’ll understand how to fix it.

George Cahill, unfortunately he’s passed away, but George Cahill tells us in his papers that as soon as insulin levels come down the body begins the process of switching over to burning fat.

That’s what the body does.

But as long as the insulin levels are up, the body doesn’t make this switch.
And here’s the problem for all these geniuses out there, most fat people, as I’ve told you in my other videos over and over again, most fat people have a higher insulin level in their body all the time.


trigHDL fastinginsulinandobesity2

When they eat and in between meals and even when they sleep.

I explained this in great detail in my video “Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem”,
I’m not going to go back over that in this one, but go back and look at that.

If the only way to get to your fat is to get the insulin levels down and your insulin stays up most all the time, you don’t have access to all those one hundred steak fajita meals.

They’re hanging over your belt, but you can’t process them, you can’t “eat” them, so to speak.

And the only alternative your body has is to force you to eat something from the outside world.

You know, a Little Debbie snack cake is in your immediate future, if you can’t access those one hundred, 5,000 calorie meals.

You’ve got them hanging around, but you can’t get to them, so your body has got to force you to get energy in, some way, so it makes you hungry.

And you’ll eat.

It’s telling you the truth, actually.

Your body’s actually telling you the truth, It’s Hungry, because it doesn’t have access to those calories that’s in your body.

They’re blocked, they’re blocked because of high insulin levels.

As I’ve told you over and over again, and it’s really simple actually, the normal weight person doesn’t really have this problem, because their insulin doesn’t go that high when they eat.

It goes back down fairly fast, and it goes down while they sleep and they’re burning fat within a few hours.

Guy’s this is so important. I want you to really see this:

The fat person doesn’t need to eat less and exercise more, the fat person needs to get access to those one hundred steak fajita 5,000 calorie meals, hanging around their belly, and their butt and their chinny, chin, chins.

Some of you ain’t a hundred, a hundred and fifty pounds overweight, you may have 50 steak fajita meals. Some of you might have 200 steak fajita meals.

It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, if you’ve got fifty or a hundred, that’s a whole lot of food.

And the good news is, you don’t have to starve yourself or exercise yourself to death to accomplish this natural biological process.

Trying to eat less is murder, as you know.
But eating nothing at all for a time is easy.

It’s so counter intuitive, it’s so against the way we think, but when you eat a small amount, just like if you eat a little something in the morning, then you stay hungry.

But, if you eat nothing, you’re able to go for hours without eating.

Trying to eat a little makes you hungry, but the longer you eat nothing at all, the easier it gets.


Because when you eat nothing for a period of time, your insulin comes down and your body opens the floodgates of your fat.

After a short while, you’re not hungry, because even though you’re not eating food from the outside, you’re eating thousands of calories from the inside.

The same can be said for eating a very low carb high fat diet.

These foods hold insulin lower and kind of imitates the skinny person, because when they eat, their insulin stays lower.

When you’re eating Low Carb High Fat is staying lower than it normally would.

Here’s the problem.

Fat people’s insulin goes down on a Low Carb High Fat diet and it goes down while fasting, but it doesn’t go down as fast or as much as a normal weight person’s insulin.


So to really fix our problem, we simply need more practice and for longer periods of time, daily, weekly, month after month, practicing over and over again this lowering of insulin.

Look Low Carb High Fat food during eating times keeps your insulin almost 50% lower than eating the junk most people eat.
And fasting, even a short 24 hour fast can lower insulin 50% more than eating the Low Carb High Fat diet.


Combine these two strategies and you have a powerful key to all those meals that you’ve been storing, those Steak Fajita meals.

And even better, the day by day practice of this strategy actually makes your body much more sensitive to insulin.

You know Dr. Jason Fung, he’s got a brilliant video called “Insulin Toxicity”, and in there he explains that any substance, any substance that we take too often and in too high of an amount, builds up a tolerance in our body.


We get used to it and need more to get the job done.

Look, if you don’t drink, then a couple of shots of Jack Daniels will give you a heck of a buzz.

But just three weeks of fasting every other day has been shown to make you 7 times more sensitive to insulin.

You can fix this problem, you can begin to eat those one hundred steak fajita meals, that you’ve got stored on your belly, your butt and your chinny, chin, chins.

You’ll notice your appetite come way down and your energy will come way up.

And as you practice this more and more, day by day, you’ll get better at it, and better at it.

And you’ll find that you’ll naturally eat less, and move around more, because you’re tapping into the ultimate source of food.

Your body’s not going to starve at all, because you’ve got all that energy, and now you have the key to unlock it.

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes.


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  • Darlene fishel says:

    Bob, you not only brilliantly explain complex concepts but do it in a way that inspires and motivates. I’m on the 0 carb path and have recently begun the Eat Stop Eat regimen. I needed that boost that your words gave me to remind me why i’m fasting. Thank you.

  • Matilda says:

    Excellent and inspiring article. Thank you so much for inspiring me!

  • Huffy says:

    Bob, I very recently started eating low carb high fat (May 1). In order to motivate myself, I started looking up videos on YouTube. I am so glad to have discovered you and your videos. I am about your age and need to lose a bunch of fat. You are inspiring and make it simple enough for me to understand that it’s a hormonal issue and the goal is to keep insulin at lower levels. Thank you. Glad you make videos. Please keep them up. I also have started an 8 hour eating window for each day. Never tried I.F. fasting before, but look forward to seeing what happens.

    p.s. we just made your chili last night. So good!

  • Lisa says:

    Bob, I just started the 16 hour fasting, and i have a question. I am only on day 2 and i ate at 12 noon, it is now 6pm and i am nit hungry. Is that normal? This is the first time i have ever done this. I am not used to being not hungry!

  • Belkis Correal says:

    I been doing IFing got a little over two months and was doing great but this last month I lost my period and l am in a facebook group that a few other girls say the same thing . Any thoughts …

  • Jan Young says:

    Do you have”recipes” for other meals? I struggle with finding enough variety of meals.

  • Barney Scales says:

    Just found your YouTubes, I believe everything your saying. By any chance do you have a cookbook ??

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