Action Gives Birth to Hope

What Signs Are You Looking For?

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Dolly Parton, probably the best known fellow Tennessean, wrote a book about her life several years ago and she told a story from her childhood that has stuck with me since the day I read it.

When she was in elementary school, the Gideon’s gave all the children a key chain with an attached clear plastic ball. Inside the ball was a single mustard seed and a paper with a verse written on it.

The verse was:

“If ye have faith, even as much as a single seed of mustard, ye shall be able to move mountains”

The Gideons told the children a story about a man who received one of those key chains. He prayed all night:

“that the mountain to the east of his house would be in the west when he went out the next morning.”

In the morning, he looked out and saw the mountain still in the same place and said, “See there I knew it!”

Dolly Parton then makes a statement that’s stuck with me. Thinking about her life and how far she has come from the poverty of her childhood:

“I knew my dreams would come true. He knew his wouldn’t. And that, as they say, has made all the difference.”

The man in the story was looking for signs that confirmed what he already believed, the mountain was still there.

On the other hand, Dolly has spent her life looking for signs that confirm her belief that her dreams would come true.
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What are you looking for?
Signs that confirm your inner belief that this will never work.

You know, if you’re looking to confirm failure, every cheat is a sign that will make you say “I knew it, I knew I couldn’t do it”.

My mountain is not going to move.

Every time the scale doesn’t move is another sign, “I knew it.”

It is your own beliefs that will cause you to quit. The food will work wonders if you let it, but you will not let it, until you believe it will work for you.

Belief is the beginning and end of success or failure.

If you’re looking for failure, you will find signs of failure in everything.

So you say, “Bob, you’re telling me to believe, but I can’t force myself to have a feeling like believing.”

I say, “you’re right, you can’t force a feeling or a belief, but you can force yourself to take the same actions that a person who does believe would take, like actively looking, hourly, daily for every sign of success, no matter how small.

The person who believes is constantly looking for signs of their success. It is their hope that motivates them to take action.

Hopeful people take action.

But guess what? Taking action can also activate feelings of hope.

It’s a two way street – Hope makes you take action, but if you don’t have any hope, take action anyway and watch that action give birth to hope.

Actively look for every sign of success and write it down, no matter how small the victory. What you look for, is what you will find.

Finding a way to “Believe” you can succeed, is more important than counting carbs, because if you don’t believe, you will sooner or later stop taking action.

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  • julie wood says:

    I’ve been watching your videoes for 3 days. I’m finding hope welling up in me. Our city was evacuated foe 3 months last year from forest fires. At the end by 2 daughters and there families had to move. 5 grandchildren gone. I was used to seeing them everyday and having them over for sleepovers. Needless to say I’m depressed and getting fatter everyday. Your webpage has brought the first ray of hope into my mind in over a year. Thank you, Julie

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