At the Store with Butter Bob

Join me on a quick trip to the store.
If you’re just starting out on the LCHF (Low Carb/High Fat) way of life, this little trip will help you learn what to buy and more importantly, what not to buy.

Also, here on this website, there are several posts that can give you a great deal more details about the carbohydrate content of many foods.

Simple, Boring, ‘Take a Chainsaw to Your Problem’, Menu Planning

This is the first place to start when it comes to learning the basics of how to get started on this way of life.
Learn how to get the fat content up in foods.
Learn which cuts of meat have the highest fat content.
Learn how to choose hamburger meat.

What to Look for When Buying Butter


This post tells you all you need to know about buying butter.

Carbs in Spices, Seasonings, Flavorings

This post tells you about the carbs in many common spices.
Learn about the carbs in:

  • cocoa powder
  • different types of vinegar
  • lemon juice
  • bouillon cubes
  • soy sauce
  • vanilla extract
  • processed meat

Take the Fat Out – Put the Sugar In


The School Lunch Program, here in America, mandates that this tasteless milk can be flavored so long as the milk is Nonfat. In other words, sugary chocolate or other flavorings can only be added to nonfat milk. This rule essentially transforms that “milk” into a sugary drink.

Also, see how to turn Yogurt into a dessert.


How to Make Your Own Sugar-Free Mayo and Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing

Here’s a great article to teach you how to make your own Ranch Dressing and your own Mayo, too.

What Can I Put In My Coffee?


This post is about a lot more than coffee. It talks a lot about sugar, about sugar substitutes and many other common condiments. Before you go to the store, check out this article.

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  • Vanessa Melnyk says:

    First off. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I enjoy watching all your videos ! I feel like I am struggling a bit, I’m frustrated because I’m not losing weight as quickly as I like. I have been on keto for 10 weeks and have lost 18 pounds. I know you have talked lots about fasting, do you have any suggestions that would help ? Thank you so much for all your support ! I love your most recent video of you shopping at Walmart, that was very helpful !

  • Elizabeth Elliott says:

    Is there a book that you’ve written, reference to this way of eating, that I can get at the bookstore

  • Sue says:

    Bob, I can’t follow your high fat diet. It bothers my gallbladder. So, I have to improvise with low carbs and a little fat in frequent meals with tea or water to drink. I avoid sugar. I spend an hour working out at the pool everyday. It works, slow but it does. I eat when I am hungry. Sue

  • Sue says:

    I do like the Irish butter. Thanks for the info. Sue

    • Christine Ewing says:

      Hi Sue if you are on a high fat diet and you incease the dark leafy greens more than the protein then your body will rid the fat…in your liver and gallbladder please watch Dr. John Bergman and Dr. Eric Berg on youtube

  • Linda Dunnam says:

    Please keep this on the site for a while as I cannot view all of it until tomorrow July 7, 2016. I don’t know what we will do if you do not have the site any more. Have you got a backup?

  • Hi Bob, I am so new to the HFLC diet. I am a bit desperate for recipes that are keto.Is Atkins recipes allowable? Thanks, Roberta

  • I blog often and I really thank you for your information. This great article has really peaked
    my interest. I am going to book mark your blog and keep checking for new
    details about once per week. I opted in for your RSS feed as well.

  • Sue says:

    I watched Eric Berg on Utube. Very interesting. Thank you for the info. Sue

    • Christine Ewing says:

      Yer welcome Sue Dr. John Bergman is totally awesome too. His videos are long but you will ABSOLUTELY understand anything and everything about anything in the body if you watch his videos. He taught human dissection for 8 years and on top of that practiced it for many years he has a double masters degree in human anatomy PLEASE WATCH HIS VIDEOS SUE

  • Diane Swarthout says:

    wondering, Bob, what do you do with the lard after you cook the chicken in it? Do you have to throw it out? or can you store it and reuse it?

  • Diane Swarthout says:

    what can you tell me about almond milk? any good for you?

    • Colleen says:

      Read the label. Many have sugar added. Get one with no added sugars. You can make your own to have the least amount of added chemicals, I just don’t have the time or inclination to make my own.

  • Beth says:

    Bob my husband and I are on the low LCHF dies for 2 weeks he lost 12 pounds and I gained weight we are staying at 20 carbs a day do I need to lower my protein and up my fat intake , not sure what is going on

  • jack Tulanian says:

    I didnt hear you touch on beans

    My wife 58, was at her wits end. I have been with her through almost every kind of diet. I can name them all. She was over the top excited and almost crying during our burgers, green beans and cheese just now out of appreciation for you. We water fasted for 7 days and this first meal of burgers was the best…we are now going to the market to get all the spices and some more good fatty ingredients for tomorrow’s meal. Your mayo you tube sounds so good I can’t wait to try the ranch dressing
    Thank you for putting this out there
    And please thank you wife also for the excellent camera work

    • Alice says:

      Butter Bob, we miss seeing on YouTube. Please come back, are you ok,

    • Daniel A says:

      Ending the fast with Burgers sounds so good, I bet the flavors were incredible. I remember fasting for around 10 days once and when I broke the fast with a Banana, it tasted like Vanilla Ice Cream, it was so strong!

      The only bad thing about breaking a fast with something like a Burger would be that the bread will spike the hell out of your Insulin because after fasting for so long, your insulin sensitivity would be REALLY HIGH and so if you combine carbs (especially simple carbs which bread is.) AND then also dietary fat. (like Cheese on the Burger, maybe Mayo as a condiment) you are REAL PRONE to actually STORING THAT DIETARY FAT opposed to when you’re regularly eating every day.

      Also IF, JUST IF you have too many carbs on the day that you break a fast, then the excess carbs your body can’t use to store in the muscles will also be stored as fat. It’s crazy but yeah, just gotta be a little mindful of that, ESPECIALLY if the goal of the fast included FAT-LOSS as the main reason to do it in the first place. I recently made this mistake myself and gained about a Pound or 2 from always having a “cheat meal” on Saturdays. I was just eating whatever and had no idea that my Insulin would be so sensitive so even if I lost (just for example) like 3 pounds in a week, I’m possibly pushing my weight-loss goals with these terrible cheat days lol. What a dumbass I’ve been. I’m just super glad that I’ve gotten a little bit more educated on the science of fat-loss recently so I can realize my mistake(s).

  • EREZ ELIAS says:

    Thank you L, Bob.
    Very inspiring.

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