Butter Bob’s Blindfold Fat Taste Test

I fried chicken in four traditional cooking fats to see which one tasted the best.
This is the first time I’ve done a side-by-side cooking test and one of the very rare times I’ve endorsed any food product by name.

My video about frying chicken in store bought lard has generated more negative comments than all my other videos combined. Because I filter the comments on my Youtube channel, this controversy has been largely unseen by my fans. I’m not hiding it, in fact I made a video to answer these people, called “What Bothers Me?”.

Do these people have a good point about store bought lard?
My answer is both yes and no. Yes you can buy much better lard, but the store lard can help you loss weight and get well too.

Many people confuse the terms, fully hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.
This is a complex topic and I’ll try to make a video about this in the future, but this video is about the taste of four oils that are not hydrogenated at all.

Hope you enjoy.

Here’s a few links to the products tested in this video.
If you buy any of these products after clicking one of these links, this website will receive a commission on that sale.
It is the law to disclose affiliate links and I want to follow the law, but even if it wasn’t the law, I want to be honest with you.
This “Butter” project has never been about money, so if you don’t want any of these products, that’s fine with me.
But if you do want some of these products, it will help pay the expenses of this website and won’t add any cost to your purchase.

Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob and this video is going to be a little bit different than any video I’ve done in the past.
We’re going to do a little cooking experiment.
You know about a month or two ago, I made a video about frying chicken in lard and that caused one of the biggest controversies I’ve ever had on this channel and on Facebook.

Because I filter people’s comments on my Youtube channel, it’s mostly been largely hidden from the public, people complaining about store-bought lard.

I can understand that and some people are a little bit confused when they do that because there is a great difference between fully-hydrogenated oils and partially-hydrogenated oils, we’re not going to get into that subject right now in this video.

I’ve been on the lookout for some oils, some good oils that don’t have preservatives, that are made from animals who have eat grass and grass only, not been treated with antibiotics, not have preservatives has not been hydrogenated.

I’ve been searching and I found this company called U.S. Wellness.

I actually wrote them and told them about myself and this channel and they offered to send me, free of charge, several different oils to test in a video.

But, I wrote them back and told them that I would rather pay for the items, because I want this to be an honest assessment of these oils.

That’s what I do on this channel, I don’t endorse products, for sale products are having in the past

If this turns out well I’m going to put a link up, what’s called an affiliate link to these oils.

If you want to help me out you can you can buy through my link, if you don’t want to, that’s fine I never got into this to make money to start with, but of course it does take money to do this.

Well, let me tell you a little something about these oils.

I’ve got four different kinds.

I’ve got lamb tallow. I’ve got beef tallow, which is basically fat.

I got lard.

And, I have something I’ve never tried before, duck fat.

And these oils came FedEx in a box and actually, I wasn’t home when it came and they are sitting out in the Blazing Sun on my front doorstep.

I thought, “Oh No”!!

These are real oils, these are not oils that have been treated to preserve them.

I was worried.

I got them in the house and opened them up and the styrofoam box they were in, a cardboard box with a styrofoam cooler type thing inside of them, and even after sitting out in the Blazing Sun, they were still cold when I open them up so that was a plus number one for U.S. Wellness.

Here they are, and they’re kind of expensive by the way, but I will show you at the end of the video how you can save money, even when you’re spending money on something expensive like this.

And I’ll show you how you can reuse these oils.

If you’re a person like me, if you’re a person about my age, maybe your grandmother or your great-grandmother had a little coffee can of oil sitting beside her stove. She might have called it her drippings can.

Well we can do something similar to that and I’ll show you later in the video how to do that

Alright, so here’s the oils, if you come in close and we’ll take the lid off let you see what each one looks like.

They come in these little tubs, a 1.7 pound tub and this is actually the duck fat, this is the pork lard, this is the beef tallow, it’s a little bit more yellow than the pork lard, and this is the lamb tallow, and it’s a little darker.

The prices on these are: the lamb tallow is about $10.99 the beef tallow is $11.99, the lard is $12.95, and the the duck fat is really expensive, $21.25 for this little can.

So we’re going to see how good they are and we’re going to do a taste test on them
and it’s going to be a blind taste test.

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