Blood Sugar vs Insulin: what’s the difference?

Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob.
And this video is about the difference between blood sugar and insulin.

Many times, I get notes from people saying, “my insulin is good, I test it after I eat.”

But, I have to write back to them and say, and a lot of you know this already, but stick around, even if you know this, stick around, because you might learn something from this video.

I write back to them and I’ll say, “You know, you can’t probably know what your insulin level is after you eat. What you’re testing is blood sugar and blood sugar and insulin are two very different things. They’re not always synonymous with each other.”

They don’t always match each other, in fact, they don’t match each other, very often. For a lot of people.

And that’s what this video is really about.
This is a complex issue and I’ve wanted to do a video on it for a long time.
But, trying to find a way to talk about this, that is understandable and that will mean something to you, in you practical everyday life, is something that I’m always concerned with.

My Insulin Test

In October of 2015, I took an insulin test, to test my insulin levels.
Both when I’m fasted and after I took a glucose load, of just pure sugar.
To see what would happen with my insulin levels.

Kraft Prediabetes Test

This test is called the Kraft Prediabetes Test, and
It’s a bloodspot test that you can order from a company called Meridian Valley Lab.

Now, I’m not promoting Meridian Valley Lab, I do not receive any money from them for this channel or anything else, but I have used them and I always limit what I say on this channel to something I have done myself and that I know has results that I can depend on, so I can pass those on to you.

Testing Blood Sugar is Easy

Listen guys, blood sugar is something that you can test very easy.
Back in the late 1960’s, 70’s, they developed a fairly easy home test that you can do, and it’s got better and cheaper as it’s went along.

You can prick your finger, you can pick wherever you need to prick on your body, and you can get a little blood and these test devises, are, are, you can buy them anywhere.

And you can find out what your blood sugar readings are, both when you’re fasted and after you eat, or whatever.
You can do tests and people do this, lots of people do this.
In a lot of ways, it’s really good, because you can test how food is doing. What it’s doing to your body.

You know, we’re all different, people respond to foods differently.
So you, you really need to know what some foods are doing to you.

My Focus is Insulin, Not Blood Sugar

But, the focus of this channel has always been, from the very beginning, not on blood sugar, but on insulin.

And, honestly, at this time, 2016, as far as I know, there is no simple, immediate, home test for insulin.

If there is, someone needs to write me and let me know about it, because I’d like to know about it.
As far as I know, to get your insulin levels tested, you have to either go to a doctor and get a test, which may not help you and we’ll explain that in just a few minutes.

It’ll help you a little to know but we really need to know more than that.

Or you can order a test, as far as I know, there may be more than one companies that do it, but I know that this Meridian Valley, and I got my test right here, Meridian Valley, in California, has a test you can order.

They send you a little packet and I’ll show you more about that later.


You take and prick your finger, and you have to do a little five blood spots for every hour, for four hours, to see your insulin patterns.
Not just when you’re fasted, but also after you’ve had a sugar load, in your body.


And the reason they do that, they’re testing something based on the research of a doctor that I greatly admire and have talked about lots of times on this channel.

Dr. Joseph Kraft.

Here are links to Dr. Joseph Kraft’s works:

Detection of Diabetes Mellitus In Situ (Occult Diabetes) by Joseph R. Kraft, M.D.


Dr. Kraft, at this time is still living and vital and active.
He’s his nineties.

And there’s a great video interview with him, here on Youtube, by Ivor Cummings, and that’s a video you need to see and I’m going to link it in this video.

You need to go over and watch that video, so you can learn much more about Dr. Kraft, actually from him and from Ivor.
And Ivor’s channel is great by the way, if you’re the kind of person that likes to get some more in depth learning about this stuff, that’s the channel you need to watch, for sure.
My channel’s more entry level.

But, Dr. Kraft learned, he was a doctor and still is a doctor, but not practicing at this time.
He was a doctor that learned that people have a hidden problem, that they don’t know a lot about.
Everybody depends on blood sugar.
Either their fasting blood sugar, or they can take a glucose tolerance test, you know, where they take a glucose load and they look at their sugars after that, and that’s how they diagnose them with a diabetes.
But, you know, blood sugar and insulin do not really match each other.

Examples of Blood Sugar and Insulin being different

For example, you can have high blood sugar and you can have very low insulin, and that’s what you would call Type 1 Diabetes.
Or you could have, a fairly normal to even high blood sugar and have also high insulin.
And we would call that Type 2 Diabetes.
Because the insulin is actually high in Type 2 Diabetics, but because of insulin resistance, and that’s really what Type 2 Diabetes is, is an insulin resistance disease, or an insulin resistance problem.
The insulin is high, but your body doesn’t react to it the way it should.
So there’s an example of blood sugar being fairly normal or a little above normal, or maybe even a lot above normal and insulin also being very high, so that’s not a match.

Eighty Percent Would Fail Insulin Test, even though they would pass blood sugar test.

But Dr. Kraft found something even more, a more important for people like you and I.
He found that about 80 percent of people who would pass a blood sugar test, a fasting blood sugar test, or a glucose tolerance test, would, if they took his test, which tests insulin levels, they would fail that test.

They would not only fail it, but they would be what he called Diabetes in-situ.

In other words, they, what we would call Pre-diabetic.

They have this underlying hyperinsulinemia, there’s a two dollar word for you, if you’ve ever heard one.

Chronically high insulin levels that are underneath and unseen, and for the most part, by most doctors, not tested at all.
And so, for years and years and years, before they get this diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, they have this high insulin pattern going on, underneath the hood, and they don’t even know it.
Their doctors don’t know it. No one knows it.

And if we tested for it, as Dr. Kraft has pushed, and almost no one has listened to him, but I think they will.
We could probably find people who were in trouble, decades, maybe two decades, or at least one decade before they were ever diagnosed with diabetes, they would know that they were headed in that way.
And this is something that you need to know.

The problem with this Meridian Valley test that I took last year, two things, one is it’s expensive, yeah, this test is like two hundred bucks, you can order it, it’s two hundred dollars out of your pocket.
It comes and you’ve got to fast for the whole night, which a lot of you do anyway.
And then you’ve got to drink some nasty pure glucose.
And you’ve got to test your levels by pricking your finger and getting blood spots, pretty big blood spots, I might add.
And you pack all this stuff back up and send it off.
And I sent, I got mine, let’s see, I did it in October, let me see, I got it here on my computer, I’ve got it, I did it in October of a, I did it October 13th, 2015, but I didn’t get my results back until November the 2nd.
So, it was a good two and a half, three weeks, before I actually got my lab results back.
And, I was pleased with the results, but that tells you how difficult it is to get this test and the results back on the test.
So, when someone says, I know what my insulin level is after I eat, I know for sure that they’re a little bit confused on that, because as far as I know, it’s not possible to know that, that fast or that easy.
Not at home.
So this is really important.

Insulin is the Root of the Tree of Modern Illnesses.

And, the biggest thing we need to know about Dr. Kraft’s work is that he tested, well over ten thousand people in his career and, like I told you, eighty percent of them that looked good as far as blood sugar goes, looked bad as far as insulin goes.
So this is a problem that people don’t even know that they have and this goes to the very heart of diabetes.
It goes to the heart of obesity.
Listen, guys, insulin is a hormone that stores fat, I mean we talk about that all the time on this channel.
But insulin is also a hormone that, in high levels in your body, without you knowing it, is setting you up for diabetes.
It’s setting you up for, obesity, cause it’s storing fat.
It’s also doing damage your, to the vessels of your heart.
The whole high insulin problem, or hyperinsulinemia problem, is related at it’s very root, to so many conditions that fill doctors’ offices all over the world.
Especially in the developed world, what they used to call the Western World.
Heart Disease, Diabetes Type 2, skin problems, joint pain, chronic joint pain, obesity, as we’ve talked about, polycystic ovarian syndrome.
So many problems, too many to list actually.
And, I actually did a video on this, last year, it was a little long and, you know, it hasn’t done all the well, but it tells you that insulin is really the root cause of modern illnesses.
Chronic modern illnesses that we have.
So you really need to know there’s a big difference between these two things, blood sugar, insulin.
Blood sugar is really a side effect of an insulin problem, not the other way around. Not the other way around.
Now, say you don’t have two hundred dollars, listen, I never tested my insulin levels, the entire time I was losing weight, until I had lost my weight for a long time, by the time October of last year came around.
So I lost all the weight without ever knowing my insulin levels.
So what do you do if you don’t have the money to get one these tests?
Well, it’s easy, if you’re losing weight, if you’re losing weight, and I’m not talking about weight on a scale, you know we’ve already discussed how unreliable a scale is, if your belly is coming down, reducing, and your fatty areas in your body is coming down, your insulin level is coming down.
It just is.
And, if you’re fasting, if you’re eating low carb foods, you are reducing your insulin.

You know, we talked about, in my video Why Are Fat People Hungry?, we talked about the relationship between being fat and chronically high insulin.
These things are related.
Now, not for everyone, there are some people who do not get really fat on the outside, but they get very fat on the inside.
And these people, and I’m talking about fat around their organs and their liver and around their organs, they don’t appear to be fat on the outside as much.
But, it’s still a relationship between obese, or fat in that area, general area, and insulin levels.
But, for the most part, if a person is fat around the middle, and the fatter they are, more than likely the higher the chronic high insulin that they have.
And this carries on, you know, a little bit more. It’s like a vicious cycle, that builds on itself over years and years of time.
And, I talked about that a lot in my Fasting And The Fifty Percent Insulin Problem.
That video dealt with this issue of how this underlying level of insulin is part of the obesity problem that we have.

Cahill and Kraft

There’s two people that I admire and I talk about them on this channel a lot, because I think they’re two scientists that had, really a big part of the problem in mind.
One was George Cahill, PHd George Cahill, who really basically settled the question of why human beings do not use fat.
You know, they have to, they have to be in a state of, a fasted state, in order for their body to switch over and use fat.
But Dr. Kraft’s work shows us, that some people are always and almost chronically, not almost, but they are chronically high in insulin and they don’t know it.
And you know, if you just prick your finger, you don’t know it. You don’t know what your insulin level is.
Even if your insulin levels is showing normal (in the fasted state) you can still have high insulin.
Even people on a low carb diet, even people fasting, even those of you who are losing weight right now, listening to and doing what I’m telling you.
If you’re still pretty fat, if you still have not lost all your weight, down to where you need to be.
You more than likely have higher insulin levels, all the time, even though they’re reducing, than a normal pattern insulin person.
This is important for you to know.
That’s why you need to continue with this program and fix this problem, fix it over time.
Don’t stop short with this.
Keep working on it.
And this is the reason why, if you allow yourself to eat and munch all the time, and you go back into your patterns that you had before, even low carb, but you’re eating a lot (too often), you’re doing yourself, not very much good.
So, guys, listen, this is the most important thing I want you to get in this video.
Your insulin levels are different from your blood sugar.
To know your insulin levels for sure, you have to get a test, that Meridian Valley is a place you might could get that test.
You could go to a doctor, but really we need to know what your insulin does after you eat.
For more on that, you need to watch my video Why Are Fat People Hungry? and that will tell you why it’s important for you to get tested after you have some sort of food in your mouth, in your body.
To see what your insulin does after that, because there are people who have a fasting insulin level that’s fairly normal, but after they eat it goes real high and it stays there for a long time.
For the most part though if a someone is heavy, their fasting insulin level starts creeping up, creeping up, creeping up,
Like I told you in my Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem video, the higher that fasting insulin level is, the more likely it is to spike way high, because on average, in that study that I used in there, your fasting level, your after eating level will probably jump at least five times higher, than your fasting insulin level.
So don’t rely on blood sugar as your main sign that you’re doing well.
It’s a good thing to look at, but the reduction of fat in the fatty areas, that’s telling you if you’re knocking that insulin down.
That’s what it’s going to tell you.
So if you can’t afford the test, but you’re losing weight, as far as your tape measure is getting a little bit skinnier every time.
Then you’re doing yourself some good on that.
Even without the test,
So, I hope this has helped you.
Remember to write me if you have questions.
Make sure you go and look at Ivor’s interview with Dr. Kraft.
And I also have a little short article about my test and how I took that test, that you can get on my website.
Thanks for watching, if you liked these videos and you haven’t subscribed, please do.
Thanks for watching, bye bye.

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  • allison G says:

    Bob I love all your videos. But this is my favorite of all!! I have known about insulin levels for a while now and wish more people knew about this. I actually had my whole family tested. They were all high!! My daughter’s insulin level was 15 fasting!! My family doctor just sent the blood to the lab. I was shocked at age 22 she was already in trouble. Along with her my whole family is Keto due to the fact that I was diagnosed with diabetes about 3 years ago. Family weight loss is over 220 lbs now. My daughter’s insulin levels are now 10!

  • Joy says:

    Hi Bob, thank you for your videos. Even though I’ve been on LCHF and IF for three months and have lost almost 50 pounds, I still thought it was just about the carbs. Now I know it’s about the insulin and that I too have a hormonal problem. Things start to fall into place. Keep up the good work.

  • Bianca says:

    Bob, I wish I could have used your information in a research paper I am writing, but it was so difficult to read your blog because of your style of writing. Perhaps you should ask someone to help you write this in a more readable way, because your information is important.
    Best wishes.

    • Carol says:

      Bianca, if it’s not too late, get The Obesity Code, by Jason Fung, MD. That book is an in depth report on insulin, and why it makes us fat. This is a new work, just published this April.

  • Kimberly says:

    Wow! I’m 38 and had my fasting insulin checked for the first time last week. It was 21.2, the endocrinologist suggested I start taking Metformin twice a day. I have had so many issues over the last 15 years that I lost count including PCOS. After watching your video it actually answered a lot of the questions I’ve been asking for so long. Thank you!

  • sarah says:

    Bob , can you explain to me why my brother can have a blood sugar level of 250 and he gets deathly sick but I can have a blood sugar level of 568 ( last Christmas) and walk around feeling just fine ? I am not on any meds because they put me on metformin a few years back and that crap gave me such explosive diareah that I couldn’t even leave my house so I quit taking any of it and quit going to the doctor , I live low carb around 30 to 40 carbs per day there is not one grain of sugar in my house I don’t touch bread ( except at Christmas )only eat green veggies , I go to the gym 3 times a week and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong

  • Paul says:

    “The insulin is high, but your body doesn’t react to it the way it should.”
    Actually I’d say the body is reacting just the way it should but your behavior is extreme and I can’t handle the overload of carbohydrates and eating pattern.
    Same way a fuse in electrical system shorts out to protect your house from burning down.
    You may not like replacing fuses but it sure beats the alternative gives you a chance to correct the problem!

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