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  • TonyandVicki says:

    Hi Bob,

    I was so very happy to have stumbled upon your videos. It is the easiest way to understand the issues surrounding insulin resistant. I was wondering if you have any understanding of hypoglycemia? My husband has been insulin resistant and storing belly fat since he started to go through andropause. We had no idea men went through their own change of life as well. However, since then his blood sugar drops to 38-40 if he doesn’t eat every couple of hours. Hence he is getting fatter and fatter yet never having any relief. The standard diet for low blood sugar is eat more carbs. Well that hasn’t worked out to well for him. lol We are convinced that low carb low protein and high fat is the way to go but we have to figure out how to weather the low blood sugar long enough for the insulin to stop using it and come down so the body will use the fat for energy. If you have any ideas that would be great. Thanks Vicki

    • Garry Burgess says:

      If a person is hypoglycemic, I would strongly suspect that they have a fatty liver resulting from too much fructose (50% component of common sugar) in the diet or alcohol. The only difference to your liver between ethyl alcohol and fructose is that yeast has done the fermentation reaction of fructose first into ethyl alcohol. After that, both compounds continue the exact same biochemical reactions in the liver. The result is a fatty liver, high blood triglycerides, a tendency toward high blood pressure, an insulin resistant liver, and difficulty for the hormone glucagon to make the liver break down the glycogen storage material into glucose to keep blood sugar at normal levels when you are not eating. The cure is to keep dietary sugar to ZERO.

      • Manuel Navarrete says:

        Garry, I do not take sugar for the last 2 years now, I have fatty liver,
        probably because I drank One bottle of wine on weekend, Now I stop
        drinking wine so zero sugar and zero alcohol will see the result.
        I swimming 1500 meters, tree times per week, and eat lots veges, and low
        carbs. I hope finally I will win, and no more medicine.

    • sygun parchment says:

      Hi Tony

      The best approach is more fat in your hubbies diet and of course low carb 20 grams a day .it’s worked for me but what has been the key is I drink 2 bulletproof coffees in the kills all sugar cravings and hunger . Check out David Asprey on youtube on how to make bulletproof coffee the correct way
      Butter bob makes it with 100% cream and that’s good too. Fat and more fat…. if I feel a craving or hunger come on in cut a piece of Kerry gold grassfed butter and eat it. …. no bread lol ….. it works like a charm . Hope this has helped… I’m sure Bob has more suggestions…..

  • Beth says:

    I forgot your mathmatical way of telling thru the calories how much fat I needed. Could you please let me know how to figure how much fat I need in 1200 calories per day or a little more….

  • Gil says:

    Do you know if HFLC way of eating is beneficial for prostate health? Any information you have would be great.

  • Susan says:

    my email is I am a diabedic about60 pounds overweight. 5 ft 1 weigh 190. but i am in 3rd stahe of kidney disease due to a
    urinary tract infection. my kidneys are at 35, were at 23 but I brought them up with following a diet and taking cranberry pills and vitimin c twice daily. Is this diit safe for me. a friends brother has lost 80 pounds on it in the last 8 months and I need something that is safe. Thank you, Susan

    • Bob Briggs says:

      Susan, I can’t give medical advise, because I’m not a doctor, but there are many doctors who add this diet to their practice – one of the most famous is Dr. Jason Fung, who is a kidney specialist in Canada. He has an excellent website called
      Dr. Fung can also be found on Facebook and Twitter and has many videos on Youtube.
      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful,

      • Sergey says:

        Dear Bob thank you very much for your videos. They helped me a lot. However I have a big problem – constipation. When I start to eat meat,butter, lard and no carbohydrates my bowels movement stops.For weeks I can’t go to the bathroom. It is very very bad.This is the reason I don’t go on this diet and can’t loose weight. Is there any solution?

  • Barbara says:

    Been watching your videos and reading your blog all weekend (sounds lazy ? but I DO have a cold…..).
    Do you have any thoughts about the role of Leptin in all of this? Is there a chance that you’ll be helping to make the Insulin Leptin connection more understandable (for me anyway).


  • Lynne says:

    Just an FYI – you may want to take down your link to Eat Stop Eat for a while. Amazon is not offering it just now, as there seems to be some issue with the book. I hope they will offer it again soon, as I was going to purchase it.

    Thank you

  • Jessica Monck says:

    Hi Bob,
    Just letting you know I linked to your page on my new Ozzy lchf community group (Banting Buy Swap Sell) where I am hoping we are gathering info, books to review, helpful websites, lists of lchf doctors etc… Hope it’s ok to link to your site as a valuable resource. I would be very happy for you to post on there id you ever want to 🙂

  • BARRY ALBERT says:

    Hi Bob,
    I want to thank you for your plain, down to earth way of explaining things and your very human way of getting your point across. I am a 64 year old man with about 65 lbs to lose. I started the low carb high fat diet about 6 weeks ago and have lost 19 lbs, so I was on my way before I looked at your videos and was a believer in low carb and high fat.I was reading a million articles by doctors and watching videos on YouTube and the one thing that kept on bothering me was all this constant talk about organic and grass fed this and free range that and constant harping on this topic. This made me feel like I was doing something wrong , even though I was losing weight. Thank you Bob for talking about this on your videos and saying basically to go to Walmart and buy what you need there and don’t worry about that.This cleared my mind. Thank you for the insight you have on the topic of losing weight this way and your very real and human approach. I am a fan of yours.

  • Brian Bradley says:

    Thank you for your videos. I saw you the first time in Jan 2016. I started LCHF 2-1-2016 and as of 4-8-2016 I had lost 48 pounds. My goal is another 50 to 60 pounds. Ýou were an inspiration that I will not forget. I know now that I can continue you until I reach my goal. Thank you again.

  • Gary says:

    Hello your Buttership,
    Thanks for an amazing web site and the time you put into it. Anyone can demonstrate something with a few photographs or videos but you have the ability to inspire as well. Very well done!
    Two items, please. Will having Cavemanish coffee (Heavy cream and coconut oil) in the morning break my fast goals since there is mostly fat, and relatively few carbs, in it?
    Second. I picked up a cheap NutriBullet type blender at Big Lots for $20 (Bella) that I use to blend my morning coffee in. I get the frothy results (Like you had in your video) and great emulsification in about 6 seconds and am ready to go. Thought you might be able to use and injoy this info.
    Thanks again and I appreciate your response to the fast question in advance.
    Gary in southern Indiana

  • Joanne says:

    Thank you so much for these amazing videos. Sharing your knowledge, and creating these videos that are so accessible is a truly remarkable gift. I’m so happy to have found them, you have definitely helped to strengthen my resolve with this way of life. I’m super grateful for all of your work.

  • Dorothy says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your videos, and have shared them with some friends. We have recently started a HFLC support group at a local herb shop. Some of the members do not have internet access for one reason or another, and they were wondering if your videos were available for download or if you had CDs with all of your videos on them.

  • Deb Galarza says:

    Hi Bob! So happy I found you. I need to know if drinking iced green tea, unsweetened, is allowed or should I drink it in moderation. I like to drinking this instead of water. What are your thoughts?

  • sheila myrick says:

    Hi Bob, watched yur viedo this morning on what brothers me stand by your guns . there’s people out who are down on themselves and want’s to bring other people down. Ithink you are the best. I have been listening to you for a month and you are easy to listen to and understand. thanks for wanting to help people sheila

  • Rondina Posey says:

    First Let me say I love you videos and posts. So, I am on my second week of this type of eating, not going to say diet because it always ends up bad. My first week I lost 5 pounds but this week nothing. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong? I am down to little or no carbs and adding fat to my diet.

  • David rogers says:

    Dear Bob:
    I enjoy your videos.
    I have a problem and need your help.
    I have started fasting but I on 2 types of insulin a day, and I want to know if I should continue the insulin or gradually wean down while fasting?
    I know things will take time, and I realize you are not a doctor, but even Dr Fung does not make suggestions about this issue.
    I suspect that I need to continue my fasting until I lose weight, then begin decreasing the insulin.
    Your thoughts please.
    Thanx, David

    • Bob Briggs says:

      I really can’t give advise on medicine, David. I’m not qualified or trained to do that.
      The main thing I’ve read about this is: insulin is given to type 2 diabetics to cover the carb content of their food. Type 1 is a totally different story, as you know, and taking insulin is necessary for life.
      If you’re a type 2, and the carb content of your food is less, or if you’re not eating at all for periods of time, then I’m sure the instructions given on the medicine itself, or your own doctor can tell you what to do to adjust it.
      Like you wrote, I’m not a doctor and can’t legally or more important to me, morally give you advise on this.

  • Rick Meyers says:

    Hello Mr. Briggs-
    I want to congratulate you on all your success, you look great. You should also know how well appreciated all of the info that you so generously share! The videos are very well done and easy to understand (applause applause) I haven’t watched all your videos (yet) but I’m excited to try your chicken recipe!
    I was hoping you could share what vitamins or supplements you take, especially when fasting!
    I have lost approx. 20 lbs. and weigh approx. 205.
    Any advice would be appreciated!
    Thanks again for all you do for the health of all that you touch!
    Rick M

  • Darlene says:

    Thank you Bob for all your videos! I love them all! Made my chicken per your instructions…delicious and perfect! Keep making videos!
    Darlene, San Diego, CA

  • Becky says:


    I am so excited to have found your site. Would you say this diet is for a 38 year women who wants to only lose 10-15lbs?

  • Rick Bowden says:

    The Bible says, ” Do not grow weary in doing good for, in due season, you shall reap.” This is what I see, in you, as the living testimony of God’s Word being REAL. I thank and congratulate you. You are blessed and you bless others. Keep going, keep doing good. Your season of reaping is going to be a very long season, indeed. Jesus said, “Whatever you have done for the least, you have done for Me.”

  • Rick Bowden says:

    The Bible says, ” Do not grow weary in doing good for, in due season, you shall reap.” This is what I see, in you, as the living testimony of God’s Word being REAL. I thank and congratulate you. You are blessed and you bless others. Keep going, keep doing good. Your season of reaping is going to be a very long season, indeed. Jesus said, “Whatever you have done for the least, you have done for Me.” Love to hear from you.

  • Trish says:

    Hi Bob,
    I have a question about the fasting — I started the LCHF diet 2 weeks ago and I think the appetite control has kicked in because I’m not hungry pretty much all day until the afternoon or evening time. Is it ok to only eat once a day like at supper time?
    I’m not sure if I have insulin resistance but I have that fat around my middle, I was tired all the time, and when I was pregnant I had borderline gestational diabetes. I barely passed the 3-hour glucose test and failed the 1-hour and they say that is a precursor to type 2 diabetes later in life so I have known that I need to do something. A friend of mine shared one of your videos on Facebook 2 weeks ago and I watched like a marathon of your movies and decided to go for it! It was hard at first, but I swear, I heard your voice at lunch time or in the grocery store going “that stuff is no good, stay away from it” LOL I’ve lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks so far!
    I look forward to your reply about the fasting and thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and many others!

  • Trish says:

    Hi again,
    I just realized you explain in “Either Fed or Fasting” video that you can fast every day but I thought I read or heard something contraindicative. In the video you say to do a fasting diet and eat whatever you want but would it be more of less beneficial to do a 16-hour fast every day AND the LCHF diet instead of eating carbs and anything you want at mealtime?

    Thanks in advance for your response. I know you’re a busy guy! I do much appreciate all the effort you put forth in helping all of us. 🙂

  • Tracy Abbott says:

    Hey Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I fried chicken thighs yesterday in lard. And My Oh My Oh My were they good. I didn’t know you could fry chicken with out dipping it in flower. But the skin was so crispy you would have thought it had been dipped in flower. thank you so much for all you do with these videos. the world is in sad need of some one like you. Keep up the good work.

  • Lynne Maxwell says:

    I have recently joined your youtube videos and they have helped me tremendously. Thank you. I have type 2 diabetes and am in week 3 of the no carb diet. When testing my blood sugar it is low during the day, runs around 100. BUT first thing in the morning, a fasting blood sugar, it runs around 170.
    Do you know why?

  • Chris S says:

    Hey Bod:

    I found your vidoes on YouTube in July and am very grateful. Your information is easy for the layman to understand, but I really appreciate the generosity of your work to link to the many valuable and informative work of so many others.

    I have become a crusader and refer to your work all the time. I have struggled with weight issues since I was 10 years old and am morbidly obese, but I know many people in my situation and I am more than happy to spread the word.

    One of the best things I like about your site is the name – it is just catchy enough to be remembered in a passing conversation and then they can take it from there.

    God bless you for all that you have shared with us. We need a grassroots revolution to get the word out and your are living proof of what this revolution holds for those looking for a way out of the current obesity morass.

    Thank you!!!

  • Kika says:

    Hi Bob and everyone else reading this.

    I lobe Bobs videos and human approach. I am a 65 year old woman with 40 lbs overweight. Pretty sure I are insulin resistant. Have tried the LCHF approach for about 3 weeks but have terrible headaches and insomnia. I seem to manage ok during the day but as soon as it gets to 5pm I get this horrible migraine and can easily go without sleep all night. Any suggestions? What can I be doing wrong?, it has become so bad that I desperately need to have some carbs, a spoon of honey or some strawberries, it’s the only thing that seems to help. Any advise will be appreciated.

    Thank You!!!


  • Janet says:

    (I could go on..:-)

    The information about the Pattern 4 glucose level finally nailed my life-long problem! My fasting glucose level averages 98. That’s 3X the level of a normal fat burning person, per your research.

    Thanks to you, Bob, I now know my real problem after 40 years of trying to figure this out. And when I know my target, I get ‘er done!

    I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to share this info with the world!
    I’m on Day 14 and have lost 11 inches overall.
    With the fasting I’ll now include, this should accelerate.

    Will check in at Day 30.

  • Joanne Paller says:

    Hi Bob,

    I am loving listening to you. You are so sweet and gentle while you give such good and powerful information. It is a pleasure to be schooled by you.


  • Friendly says:

    Hi Bob,
    I have started low carbing again today because of your inspiring presentations.
    I made my own mayo yesterday but it didn’t thicken so I poured it on my big salad with meat that I had for lunch today. It was great. I also am intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast and having coffee instead with just cream and no sweeteners or sugar.

    Thanks for letting me in on all of your success and how to get there. I keep thinking about how you say, “If I can do it anyone can.” And that helps me.

    Friendly in the South

  • Paul says:

    Just curious …
    Are you based in Nashville? Cookeville? Knoxville?

    I am a new Nashville follower.


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