That Lying, Cheating, Dream Crushing Scale

Is the scale the best way to measure your weight loss success?
No, it sure isn’t.
This video is about why you should leave the scale alone and use a better tool, to measure your success.

Every single day, I get a letter from somebody who has been completely defeated.
They’ve done well for a little while and all of a sudden the scale’s not moving.
Not moving at all.

You know, I tell them the same thing every time.
This scale, this scale is no good.

It does not tell you about fat loss.
It tells you, your overall weight, but that doesn’t tell you if you’re being successful.
And plus, it’s expensive, and it defeats you whole attitude.

Fabric Measuring Tape

You know what’s so much better than that?
Let me tell you, look what’s around my neck.


This is a fabric, a fabric measure, a fabric tape measure.
And I got one with big numbers, so I don’t have to have my glasses on to see it.
And I bought this thing at Walmart today, in the hobby, fabric, crafts area.
Gave two dollars and fifty cents for it.
They had the ones with smaller print, for about a $1.50
You could probably find them at the Dollar Store, or anywhere, discount place in the crafts section.
And the reason I went and brought a new one today, is because I’ve had my other one so long, I didn’t know for sure if could go buy one and I wanted to make sure that you guys would know where to go get one, if you didn’t have one.

Listen, this is very important, this diet is a fat loss diet.
It attacks the fat in your body.
But guess what, guys?
Did you know, you could be a hundred pounds overweight and be deficient in nutrition?
And that’s not just me saying that.
There was a study done a few years ago called:

The Malnutrition of Obesity: Macronutrient Deficiencies that promote Diabetes.

I’ve reproduced it here:

Percent of People Deficient
Micronutrient Obesity
Type 2 diabetes
Thiamine B1
15%-29% 17%-79%
Pyridoxine B6 0–11%
Cobalamin B12
3%–8% 22%
Folic Acid
Ascorbic acid C
Vitamin A 17%
Vitamin D 80% – 90% 85% – 90%
Zinc 14%–30%
Selenium 58%

And listen guys, this is some startling numbers here:
These are just a few vitamins and minerals that obese people and Type 2 Diabetes people have in common.
Some of them are really, really eye opening.


Obese people are between 15 and 29% of obese people are deficient in B1.
But listen to this, Type 2 Diabetes people, between 17% and 79% are deficient in B1.


Obese people are deficient in B12, between 3% and 8%.
But Type 2 Diabetes people are, 22% are are deficient in B12.
Now here’s the one that’s going to get you.

Vitamin D

Obese people, 80% to 90% of obese people are deficient in vitamin D.
And 85% to 90% of Type 2 Diabetes people are deficient.


Type 2 Diabetes people are deficient in Chromium, between 20% and 40%.


And Obese people are deficient in Selenium, about 58% of obese people are deficient in Selenium.

Now listen, why am I telling you all these things?
Because, a lot of times, a lot of times, when people first start losing weight on this diet, the scale doesn’t show it.
And it is my opinion, that people are actually gaining some lean weight.
Some lean tissue.
You know they’ve been starving, literally, for a long time, even though they were overweight.
Cause their body is diverting a lot of nutrition towards fat.
And when that stops, the body suddenly has an energy source that it can use to build tissue.
Now this is my opinion, but I think some of these statistics show that this is what’s going on.
But, how can you know if you’re really doing any good?
You do it, with this tape measure.
And guys, if you will do this.
If you will do this tape measure, measure-ings of your body, especially in your fat areas, you will have something that will sustain you.
Because one of these days, you’re going to start out good and you’re going to loss weight everyday, whatever.
But, one of these days, the scales going to show you up a pound, or you haven’t lost in a week.
Well, you need to be doing these measurements.
Listen guys, it’s really easy and it’s a cheap thing.
If you’re a woman, you need to, or a man, but women you need to measure probably right at the nipple area.
At the belly button area.
And at the widest part of your hips, right in through there.
You need to find the areas you’re fat in and keep a record of those areas with this tape measure.
And believe me, when that scale doesn’t show movement, but there’s movement here.
And this one’s got the metric side on the other side, for ya’ll in Australia and the U.K., and other places, everywhere except the U.S.
But you need to find out where that is and keep those measurements, especially in the fat areas, because that is where you’re going to lose weight on this diet.
And if you know you’re losing weight in that area, then that scale can not crush your dream.
It can not lie to you and tell you that you’re failing, because this is a much better and more accurate way to find out how to do this.
And listen guys, this is another important thing.
I tell people to, especially men, measure right at the belly button.
Right at the belly button, because that’s a easy place, and women too, that’s an easy place for you to remember.
Don’t pull the tape really tight, just pull it nice and snug around there, without pushing in your fat.
And, and, do that.
Now, let me tell you something else.
We’re all worried about a certain weight that we have to be at.
But, that’s not really what we look at, when we as humans see each other.
You know, there’s a guy I know who is real muscled up.
He’s a, he’s got a big chest, big arms, he has a small waist, but I guarantee you, for his height, if he was to get on the scale, he would read as overweight.
But, because of his body proportions, body proportions, I’m sure a lot of men wish they looked like him and a lot of people wished he was their boyfriend.
See what I’m saying?
Women are the same way.
There are women who have very nice . . . they’re well endowed, let’s be family friendly, okay.
And if their waistline is slimmer than their hips and their breasts, they’re going to look great, even though the scale shows maybe a weight that is more than what they think they show have to have.

Waist-Height Ratio

So, there’s actually a scientific way to measure this.
There’s an actual way to measure if you’re in a good ratio for your body.
And this works on any ethnic group.
It works on men, women, it works on people who are tall or short.
And it’s called the Waist-Height Ratio.
And even artists use this, and I mean.
And this ratio has been found to be very scientifically accurate in predicting most of the metabolic diseases, the diseases that are the cause, that are caused by high insulin.
That’s the main drift of what I do on this channel.
And I want to read you a study about this.

It was done by a Dr. Margaret Ashwell.
And she did a study of other studies, she did a meta study of many different studies that included about 300,000 adults.
And she found that the Waist-Height Ratio, is the best predictor of diabetes, blood fat problems, like triglycerides and cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, and most metabolic diseases that we talk about on this channel all the time.

Waist-to-height ratio is a better screening tool than waist circumference and BMI for adult cardiometabolic risk factors: systematic review and meta-analysis

This ratio, is the best predictor of it and it’s, it’s really interesting to me, the same things that it predicts for, is the same things that we talk about.
They’re insulin related problems.
And insulin seems to be the hormone, of course, that causes people to be fat, especially in the middle.
You know, the weight you carry low, in your hips and below, that’s not near as dangerous as the weight you carry right here in the middle.
So here’s what you want to do, as far as keeping up with your weight.
You want to keep up with your weight by measuring right at the belly button.
Measuring at the nipple level, of your, if you’re a female.
But to find out about this ratio, this Waist to Height Ratio, you need to get it in the thinnest part of your body, or your natural waistline
And that waist-height ratio needs to be, the ideal would be somewhere around half of your height.
So, I’m 69 inches tall, that’s what I am, I’ve shrunk a little bit as I’ve gotten older.
But, so, I’m going to, in the risk of being a little bit risque, I’m going to pull my shirt up a little bit.
You want to find the place right below your lower rib and your upper part of your pelvis, and you just want to put that tape measure there and measure it.
And I’ve got the metric side, and that don’t do me a bit of good.
You want to measure it. 34, so that’s half, that’s a little less than half of what my height is.
And that tells me, that I have that right ratio.
It doesn’t matter if you have that it or not, this is just a way for you to see your progress.
As your weight goes down, you’ll see that your waistline will become closer and closer to half your height.
And it doesn’t matter if your tall, short, doesn’t matter what ethnic group you’re in, male or female.
It doesn’t matter, because if you look at people that we know out in the world, we don’t really look at their weight.
We look at how well they’re proportioned.
And, and this proportion of the waistline to the height, is the best thing you can do.
Forget the scale guys, we’re all different, we have different body shapes.
You know, I like old movies and stuff, and you’ll see somebody like a Mae West, or a Marilyn Monroe, or someone of the old Hollywood style, women wise.


These were women who carried some weight, but they were shapely.
You can look at the same thing in men.
Men who have the right shape, you know, I need to work on that myself.
I need a bigger chest and bigger arms.
But you’ll see this, that people who have a more smaller waist. It doesn’t matter if their hips or chest is big, that proportion is a natural thing of beauty.

And, and a, it can tell us a lot, without that number of the scale.
That number of the scale, doesn’t mean anything.
Some people are built like the old model, Twiggy.
Some people are built like the Mae West.
Some people are built more like Arnold.
Some people are built more like, a, a, me.

So guys, I hope this has helped you.
Get you a tape measure.
Take your measurements.
Especially if you’re just starting out.
If you haven’t been doing it, take them now, because believe me, you’re going to hit a so called plateau.
You’re going to.
But if this thing is still moving, you’re not really in a plateau.
No matter what that lying, cheating, dream crushing scale says.
Thank you for watching.
Don’t forget to subscribe, you know what I’m going for.
My goal of getting that Silver Play Button plaque.
Good bye.

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  • Manar Siegel says:

    this is really helpful information because as you are healing your body there is a lot going on that is occurring that we do not see but we think the scale WILL see. Measurements are a great way to check your progress and keep your morale up while the scale catches up!

  • SWOT says:

    Cortisol typically rises when dieting which causes edema/water retention. The bigger the caloric deficit, the greater the cortisol and edema. This is why people often get whooshes and a sudden 2-5lb loss when they pig out after a dieting streak The Minnesota starvation experiment showed the similar results after a big cheat meal in the middle of the experiment..

  • Julie Green says:

    Please notify me by email of new blog entries. Thanks so much!

  • Paul Reese says:

    Hi Bob, lm giving you program priority in my need to trim down. Stats: age 75, 5’11”, 244 lbs. Fasting from 10pm until 4pm. Trying hard to get enough fat but having trouble with this. I dont like the fat around the edhe of meats. Marblized meat is ok. Love butter on bread or toast and melted on vegs. I work from 11am to 9:30 pm driving my car doing courier work. It is just about non-stop. I have two questions. What is your suggestion on my diet. What is the need if any for trying to reach and maintain ketoses (sp)? Looking forward to your reply.

  • Husband and wife in Georgia says:

    My husband and I are starting this! It’s hard to convince him on some details but he really needs it and I am trying to lose some weight for an upcoming surgery. Fingers crossed he will stick to it as he was raised on sweet tea!

  • John Walker says:

    All I know is that my cords fell to the floor of their own accord the other day as I hadn’t fastened my belt. In my front porch! Good job it was around midnight!

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