• Dennis says:

    Hello Bob Briggs, I am a member of Diabetic Connect there have been many of us that use your information and video’s to inspire other members. I also agree with the main principles you have included in your diet and Fasting. I do appreciate the great information you have chosen to share with the rest of us in your videos. I also like what I saw with Dr. Jason Fung who also tells us how to reverse our disease. I would like to invite you to join us on that site. There are many success stories among us from using that diet, and Fasting. Many have come to their own conclusions as you also have in finding success and better health. I used to have averages of between 200-300 with highs of 400-450 blood glucose. I also have heart stents, had high blood pressure and body inflammation scattered throughout my body as I have RA and osteoarthritis. I have drastically improved my HDL cholesterols dropped my hbA1C from near 13 to 6 HDL from near 400 to just below 200 and lost 50 lbs. I would love it if you would join us at this free site, we have a world of diabetic aids like a place to log all our blood glucose reading graded to their averages in stop light type fashion color coded, green for good, yellow for caution and red for bad, all found on your profile page. You have been such an inspiration to many, and I think you would love the site. Everyone there are diabetic either Type 1, type 2 and some even type 1.5 or LADA. and you could reach out to many and continue to share the knowledge that you have gained.

    signed Dennis Martin
    I go by (Washed Out) on the Diabetic Connect site, as I was a wash out before finding a treatment and diet that worked for me. I am disabled from many of the diabetic complications and hard living on the wrong diet. Come join us !

  • rabaya khatun says:

    I need complete diate plane

    • Merryhearts says:

      Diet plan: breakfast: bacon, eggs and a little cup of butter.
      Lunch: Nothing. you won’t be hungry.
      Supper: A fat piece of meat and however many green vegetables you want.
      Check out Bob’s video “No! Don’t eat sticks of butter.”

  • Paula Higgleton-Wood says:

    Excellent video again Bob-thank you. Finally feel as if I found the answer as you are demystifying the whole process. Thanks again.

  • Factor certainly applied!.

  • Nita says:

    How does a 65 year old woman fast ? I take about 8 medications daily. Are fasters going without meds on their fasting days, and could that be life threading ? I am doing low carbs I weigh 320 . I’d appreciate any advice you could share with me.

  • Ron Webb says:

    Butter Bob ,
    All I can say is thank you !!!!!. You and the ketogenic diet saving my life. I started 4 weeks ago and already and I’m almost off my insulin. I am learning a lot through your videos about high fat, med protein and no carbs, right now i am under 50 carbs a day but going to under 20 or less. I am also cutting all sugars out of my diet. I don’t use the scale but people told me my stomach shrinking and my face is thinner.

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