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The Power Of Positive Remembering

This is a little book I wrote many years ago to help me through a tough time I was going through. It is not a diet book, it is a motivational book, but I believe it will help you make it through any major change in your life. I was giving it away to people who signed up for my mailing list. That was before this weekend, you my loyal fans, gave me something so wonderful – you gave me your friendship, well wishes, notes of encouragement and financial support, so now I just have to do something to let you know how much I appreciate you. This book is a 100% FREE, no strings attached, nothing to sign up for, GIFT from me to you. Just click on the book picture and download it.

I love you guys, I hope this helps some of you. Your friend, Bob Briggs




  • The most complete source of information on intermittent fasting can be gained all in one convenient book, which I highly recommend.
  • This fantastic ebook contains over 300 pier reviewed studies, it takes on the myths about fasting one by one and destroys them.
  • It has many charts that show you how short fasts reduce your insulin, release fat from your belly and so much more.
  • You need this book if you are serious about fasting.
  • You need this information to counter those who will put doubts in your mind.
  • I’ve written a critical review of some of the parts, but I think “Eat Stop Eat” is the best fasting book you can find at this time.

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They call me Butter Bob, but . . .

There’s something more to my story than Butter.

You Can See My Before and After

Bob Briggs at 320 lbs and now after losing 145 lbs

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  • But, you don’t know my whole story until you understand I lost 145 lbs with both Butter AND Fasting.
  • Most diets force you to use “will power” to eat less, but this doesn’t work for long.
  • A better way is eating healthy fats, like Butter, which turn off the “out of control hunger urges” that you’ve struggled with all your life.
  • This gives you complete appetite control.
  • This appetite control gives you freedom without using “will power” and enables you to do what is called “intermittent fasting“.
  • No diet or exercise plan can DO for you what Short Term Fasting can do.
  • But until you actually learn all the things intermittent fasting can DO for you, it’s just my word and my story, it doesn’t relate to you.
  • They call me Butter Bob, but the truth is, I could just as easily be called Fasting Bob.

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  • Bill Wightman says:


    Perhaps you already know of him. Neville Goddard wrote on topics that mirror remembering the future in the years 1950 through 1970s. His philosophy was that a mind that is periodically intently focused on specific future desired events and conditions will cause those events to transpire. That the individuals future must form itself to the overwhelming powers of the mind, which are ultimately the divine self within. Without consistent and determined focus (praying without ceasing) on these futures, that these desired conditions will be overwhelmed by worldly events. He believed that we are powerless only to the extent that we lack vision and that we should never look backwards like Lot’s wife, but always forward.


  • FERNANDO monsters says:

    Thank you, I’ve lost 40 pounds.

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