You Got to Get Sugar Out of Your Life

I bet you thought you’d never see a video, with me, and this sugary stuff.

But, I’ve got these props here today to tell you about an experiment. A simple experiment that was done, to show how easy it is to make your liver fat.

This experiment, entitled:

Effect of short-term carbohydrate overfeeding and long-term weight loss on liver fat in overweight humans. Ksenia Sevastianova, Alexandre Santos, Anna Kotronen, Antti Hakkarainen, Janne Makkonen, Kaisa Silander, Markku Peltonen, Stefano Romeo, Jesper Lundbom, Nina Lundbom, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2012 October; 96(4): 727–734. 

They deliberately overfed these people about a 1,000 calories of sugar a day for 3 weeks.  I couldn’t get exactly what they used, but I got pretty close to what they used in this experiment.

They used pineapple juice, soda, and they used the equivalent of what we call in America, gummy bears. These little gummy bears, are rubbery, sugary, bears.

I tried to measure this out to be exactly right, so it would be about a thousand calories.

2009-06-26 007

I’ve got two about 17 ounce Pepsi’s.
I’ve got 75 gummy bears, and that’s about exactly right, for about 330 to 340 calories.
And I’ve got two 8 ounce cups of pineapple juice. It’s about 260 calories.
The Pepsi about 420 calories.

Anyway, this adds up to right around 1,000 calories of extra sugar per day.

So, these experimenters, they overfed these people about a thousand calories a day for about three weeks.
And the result was these people gained about 2 percent.

They got overall, two percent fatter than they were before.

But here’s the kicker folks, in just three weeks time, their liver got 27% fatter.

In just three weeks time of eating a thousand extra sugar calories a day.

And I think, from just the things I’ve showed you, it’s not that hard to eat a thousand calories of sugar a day.

Now, let’s put this into perceptive for a minute.
If they gained about 2% body fat, overall, but their liver gained 27%, that represents about ten times more weight gain, more fat gain in their livers, than in their overall body.
10 times more fat.
But, believe me folks, this liver fat is really bad.
It might be the first step toward heart disease, diabetes, and even getting fat.

Increasing Triglycerides

Here’s another thing that happened in this experiment.
Their triglycerides increased an average of 50%.

You know people wonder about where triglycerides come from, they get a test back and say, “my triglycerides are high”.
Folks, this experiment shows you, if you’ve got high triglycerides, more than likely, you’re eating (drinking) a lot of sugar.

HDL, good cholesterol, goes DOWN

Another thing that happened in this three weeks time of overeating this junk food.
Their HDL cholesterol decreased almost three percent.
And you know one of the most important numbers you have to tell your risk of a heart attack, is your triglyceride number divided by your HDL number.

Here’s two studies and one article that explain the TG/HDL Ratio

High Ratio of Triglycerides to HDL-Cholesterol Predicts Extensive Coronary Disease

Fasting triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein, and risk of myocardial infarction.

Article from the Gnolls website that puts this in perspective: “The highest 25% of TG/HDL ratio carries 16 TIMES GREATER RISK of a heart attack than the lowest 25%.”

In other words, if your triglycerides are high and your HDL is low, that ratio is probably going to be bad.
And if it is bad, that’s a very good predictor of whether or not you’re going to have a heart attack in the future or some heart related event.

Fasting Insulin Goes Up

Another important thing that happened in just three weeks time, is their fasting insulin, you know that background insulin that I talked so much about in my video “Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem”, that’s the insulin I’m talking about, this background insulin that keeps you fat, well, in just three weeks time of eating too much sugar, eating an extra thousand calories a day, a couple of Pepsi’s, some juice, some gummy bears, or maybe just a “Little Debbie” snack cake, or two, or three, or five.
Well that insulin number, that fasting insulin number went up a whopping 34%.

In other words, it raised a third higher in just three weeks time.

So just in three weeks time:

  1. the liver fat goes up almost 30%,
  2. triglycerides go up almost 50%,
  3. and your fasting insulin goes up 34%,

just eating too much sugar every day.

Insulin Resistance Goes Up and Insulin Sensitivity Goes Down

Now I’m going to tell you something else about this study.
Do you remember how I told you that fasting every other day for three weeks can make you seven times more sensitive to insulin.

Well guess what, in just three weeks of eating too much sugar, these people became 26% less sensitive to insulin.
In other words, they were making 34% more background insulin all the time, but their body was 26% less sensitive to the effects of insulin.

That’s 26% more insulin resistant.

Your Liver Shows Increased Signs of Damage and Disease

You know, when you get a blood test.
Have you ever got one of those cholesterol tests, or blood test and they show all your numbers?
They have cholesterol, they have triglycerides, they have liver enzymes.

They have AST (Aspartate transaminase)
ALT (Alanine transaminase)
GGT (gamma-glutamyl transferase)


And these liver enzymes tell doctors if you have liver disease, or if you have liver damage, or you have something going wrong with your liver.

Guess what?
In just three weeks of eating and drinking this junk food, one of those enzymes, ALT went up 28% and the GGT went up 48%.

I know these numbers sound like just so much medical mumbo jumbo, but what they really mean is in just three weeks of eating this junk, a test would quickly show you’ve got a dramatic increase in the enzymes that tell doctors how unhealthy your liver is.

It Matters What You Eat

You know, it matters what you eat.
So many people write to me and say they’ve been diagnosed with fatty liver.
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver.
But they forget about the nonalcoholic part, they just hear the fatty liver.
Many of them say, “you know I have fatty liver, but I’m not a drinker, I don’t drink or I drink very little”.
Because everybody knows that alcoholics are likely to get fatty liver.
But very few know that sugar, the sugar used in everything that we eat, our processed food, is actually made of two types of sugar.
I know you’ve heard this before, but I want you to really hear me on this.
About half of the make up of sugar is glucose, the other half is fructose.

Fructose Sugar, It’s Alcohol without the Buzz

That fructose sugar is processed in your liver, that’s where it goes after you eat it.
And in higher amounts it’s bad for your liver, and I mean it’s really bad.
It makes your liver FAT.

Dr. Robert Lustig has called Fructose, that sugar we’ve been talking about – “Alcohol without the Buzz”.

Fructose causes your liver to get fat, like alcohol, but unlike alcohol, fructose doesn’t give you a buzz. Doesn’t get you high. It just slowly but surely makes you fat and sick from the inside out.

You know Dr. Lustig has a very interesting line in that article of his called “Fructose – It’s Alcohol without the Buzz”.

He says, what do people on the Atkins diet and traditional Japanese people have in common?
Well, you would like they wouldn’t have much in common, but they do.
The people on the Atkins diet shun sugar, they don’t eat sugar.
And the people in the traditional Japanese diet don’t have sugar.
One is a very low carbohydrate diet, one is a very high carbohydrate diet, but the one thing they have in common is they don’t eat sugar.
And neither should you.

Your body can only store about 1500 calories of sugar at a time. And believe me, if you eat a standard diet you ALREADY have this much sugar stored in your body, right now.

After the 1500 calorie limit is met, your body has to do something with that sugar.
Do you know what it does?

It converts that extra sugar into fat. That’s what it does.

De novo lipogenesis (DNL) is a complex and highly regulated metabolic pathway. In normal conditions DNL converts excess carbohydrate into fatty acids that are then esterified to storage triacylglycerols (TGs). These TGs could later provide energy via β-oxidation.

It converts that sugar into triglycerides. You know that triglyceride number you see on your cholesterol test, that’s coming from all the extra carbs you’ve been eating and drinking.
That’s where it’s coming from.
Your liver converts all that sugar, that extra sugar into liver fat.
You know it’s in the liver that this sugar is converted to fat and since all that sugar converted to fat is made in the liver, it tends to stay there in the liver.

As the liver get’s fatter, some of that fat spills over into your blood, some of it begins to clog up your pancreas too. The place where insulin is made.
Professor Roy Taylor, from the United Kingdom, has done research showing how the increasing fat in the liver spills over into the pancreas, eventually leading to Type 2 diabetes.

I wrote a little article about Professor Roy Taylor, who is a personal hero of mine, and it’s on my website and I’ll link to it.
U-turn Type 2 Diabetes – the work of Prof. Roy Taylor

Professor Taylor’s work is very important and you need to read about his work. I have many links in my article, and links to several videos that he made. And you really need to see them.

All this fat, fat created from sugar that you eat, also causes your insulin levels to rise.
This higher insulin level also makes it easier to create fat and much harder to burn the fat you create and the fat you already have stored around your belly, and your butt and your chinny, chin, chins.

About a year ago, I made a video about the whole complex tree of insulin related diseases. I called it Drying Up the Root, but I’ve changed the name recently to High Insulin, The Root of the Tree.

Anyway, in that video I pointed out that Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver, High Triglycerides and Obesity are all related diseases. They’re branches on a big tree with a common root called Chronically High Insulin Levels.
Or what doctors call “hyperinsulinemia”.

For those of you who want more of the science behind this, see my links to many scientific papers about insulin resistance syndrome/hyperinsulinemia – Science Links

As you can see in this video, your liver getting fat, is related to your triglycerides going up, and your HDL cholesterol going down, and your weight going up, and your insulin going up, they’re all related.

And as Professor Taylor’s work shows, all this fat spills over into your pancreas, eventually causing Type 2 diabetes, in some people.

Taylor calls this process – The Twin Cycles Theory

When you go to the doctor and find out you’ve got one of those problems, don’t be confused anymore. All these problems can be greatly reversed, or made much better but simply changing your diet.

There’s nothing wrong with medicine, but this is a too much of the wrong food problem and if you want to fix it, you need to change your food and change it today.

Listen guys, if you don’t want to listen to anything else I say, if you don’t care anything about my high fat diet idea, if you don’t care about fasting, you don’t want to do anything that I’ve ever said in any of my videos, there’s one thing you ought to do, you ought to get sugar out of your life.
You ought to get it out.
You ought to made sugar something that is so rare, that maybe once a year at Christmas you might have some.
Sugar is a poison. It just is.
Throughout all of human history, people did not eat sugar.

They had carbohydrates, there’s no doubt about that, I won’t deny that, but they didn’t have sugar.
You’ve got to get sugar out of your life.

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes.


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  • Hélène says:

    Bringing the facts to the ppl; excellent.

  • Huffy says:

    Bob, Is the opposite true? In other words, If I strictly cut sugar for 3 straight weeks, can I expect a 27% reduction in liver fat? I understand your main message: overdose of fructose consumption leads to fatty liver. But, if we already got fatty liver, what’s the best way to get rid of it? Is it simply to eat LCHF and I.F. and avoid sugar and over time it will hopefully heal itself and liver fat will be in homeostasis?

    • Bob Briggs says:

      No, I don’t think you could get the fat down that fast, but liver fat is the first to go down. You can fix this, or greatly improve it.
      Read my post about Prof. Roy Taylor

    • Hélène says:

      ive read many places for every yr of abuse/obesity/health issue, it takes 3 yrs to undo the damage and heal. we can beat ourselves up fast, but healing takes a long time. in a split second bone fracture, weeks in a cast. touch the hot woodstove, blister for a week. the younger you are, the less damage you ve done even if older…the faster the visible results. but healing involves a body shift. and imo, a mind-body shift.

  • Samrat Das says:

    Saw you video about eating butter and eliminating sugar to lose and maintain our weight. Got to say it mind blowing. SO basically I need to get away from sugar at any cost i.e. follow a low calorie high fat diet. Thank you very much.I have a few question though,
    1) Can I put Jaggery instead of sugar in my daily food ? Will that reduce my insulin levels or atleast prevent it from increasing ?
    2) And what high fat content food should I eat?

    Regards ,
    Samrat (from India)

  • Stella says:

    My sister works with you and I am very interested in this way of eating. I need to lose 100 lbs. I have given myself a year to change my life (NEED) to change my life….I bought the KETO Clarity Book, I have fatty liver already and Diabetes Type 2. I have enjoyed your videos alot.
    My email is I hope to speak to you sometime and get some healthy advice.

  • Tracy Abbott says:

    Bob, I just watched your newest video on how good good cost so much and junk food is so affordable. You are right on. We must use our wallets to get the message across. I have stopped buying all that “crap” and only buying REAL food. AND because I am now eating 2 meals a day and some days only one (when I do the 24 hour fast) my grocery bill has gone down! Amazing. Thank you so much for all you do. You take all that technical information and put in in a way that anyone can understand. I did buy Eat Stop Eat and it has a lot of good information about how fasting is beneficial to good health and also Dr. Jung. I would not have heard of either of these with out your videos. So thank you so much and please, continue. Looking forward to your next one.

  • Mike says:

    Bob why did you stop making videos

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