Lard Makes You Lean

featured2Lard Makes You Lean

My first video was an introduction to why some people get fat and what to do about it.
This video is about learning to love fat. Learning to embrace fat in your new diet.
Learning how to dramatically increase the fat in your diet.

Learning how Lard and other natural fats can make you Lean.

You know most people who go on a Low Carb diet do very well cutting out the sugar in their diet.They lose weight and everything’s good for a while. But somethings missing, they took out a lot of calories in sugar, but they don’t replace those calories with fat.

Because the experts have preached against fat for so long, people unconsciously avoid eating fat.

But I’m here to tell you not to do that.

If you want long term success on a low carbohydrate diet, you need to ADD fat to your diet.

How much fat should you add?

I would try to get the percentage of fat in your diet to at least 75% to 80% or more.

In my video “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” I told you that your body naturally lives on a high fat diet.

How do you do that?

You go to the store and buy the right fatty foods, that’s how.

Listen, in the low carb, paleo movement there is a constant preaching about eating only grass-fed beef, eating only free-range eggs, organic this, organic that.

You know what, they’re right. Eating foods like that are healthier, but they’re also harder to find and in many cases more expensive.

Start Where You Live

Just like I told you to attack the insulin problem where it lives, I’m telling you that you can start to attack the food problem where you live.

Later on, if you can afford it and find it, you can switch to healthier meats and eggs.

I’m a working class guy, I’m a Wal-Mart and Sav-a-lot guy.

And even though I agree that grass-fed beef is better, I want you to know that you can start this diet and get healthy right where you live,

You can go down to the Wal-Mart, or Kroger or Save-A-Lot – 24 hours a day and buy the food you need to start getting healthy right now.

And what kind of food do you want to buy?

Fatty food.

Most people go to the store looking for the leanest meat they can find.

They buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts, they buy lean sirloin steak, they buy turkey bacon or 90% fat-free lunch meats or reduced fat cheese.

Listen, stop doing that.

Fat is your friend.

When I go to the store, I’m looking for the fattiest meat I can buy.

I’m looking for chicken thighs with the bones still in and the skin still on.

I’m turning over the package of bacon and picking the one with the most visible fat.

I eat full fat cheese, I melt and pour butter on top of my meat to increase the fat.

I never put powered coffee creamer in my coffee, I buy Heavy Whipping Creme and put 2 tablespoons in each cup.

When I buy steak, I buy fat filled Ribeye.

I look for the fattiest Roast.

I love the fat, because this is the secret.

Fat is a source of energy and when it is our main source, then our body also starts to release and use the fat it already has.

I fry my eggs in the fat left over from my fatty bacon. Then I melt a little butter and pour it on top of the eggs.

I’m trying to tell you fat is your friend. Eat fat.

Lard is also your friend.

It makes your meat and vegetables taste good

Did you know that throughout the history of mankind, our ancestors used lard to cook their food.
They didn’t take an ear of corn and try to squeeze some oil out of it.

Vegetable oils are not your friend.

Yes they are fat, but you should avoid them with as much force as you avoid a snack cake and coke.

Give, I mean really give your body the types of fat that human’s have lived on forever – Animal fats,
Miracle health restoring fats like Lard

Lard is healthy and natural.
There’s three major categories of fats – Saturated, Monounsaturated, and Polyunsaturated

Did you know the types of fat in lard are almost the same as human breast milk?

It’s true.

Saturated Monounsaturated Polyunsaturated
Breast Milk  48%  35%  10%
Lard               42% 44% 10%

If lard is unhealthy, so is human breast milk.

Lard has 44% Monounsaturated Fat , now without getting technical I want to tell you that one of the reasons Olive Oil is said to be so healthy is the fact that Olive Oil has a high percentage of monounsaturated fat in it.

Almost half the fat in Lard is that same Monounsaturated Fat

And that’s not all, recently the whole saturated fat is bad for you dogma that experts have been preaching for 30 years has been proven wrong.

Look at this article from Time Magazine

Quotes from Time Magazine:

Listen Saturated fats are your friends

Let’s look at Butter for instance:

Butter is mostly what is called a short-chain fatty acid.
Short-chain fats are so natural that your body doesn’t even have to break them down for you to use them for energy. They’re absorbed straight into the body in your intestines.

Coconut oil is a medium chain fat and it is also absorbed straight into the body.

If these fats are so dangerous, why is our biological systems set up to directly use them without breaking them down?

Did you know there’s a difference between the food you eat and the food your body eats?

We are designed to eat fat, our bodies run naturally on fat.

If you want to get healthy you need to get over your fear of fat.

Embrace the fat, pour the butter on your meat, make your veggies swim in it. Fry your chicken in lard.

And you’ll see your cholesterol get better, you’ll see your triglycerides go down, you’ll see your mood get better ( you know and this is a subject for a future video ) you know your sex hormones and your mood hormones are made out of fat. There are several doctors who are using fat to successfully treat depression, Alzheimers, MS and other brain disorders. And for you men out there, remember this, a big belly is associated with low testosterone. Eat Fat and restore your manhood naturally, without some creme that is expensive and has lots of side effects.)

Love the fat, fry your fatty, bone-in, skin still on chicken in lard.
Eat a delicious fatty Ribeye steak and pour some extra garlicy butter on top of it.
Put heavy crème in your coffee

Then watch and be amazed at how butter will make your pants fall off,
how lard will make you lean
How eating fat will restore your health.

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  • Jim says:

    what about beans? kidney beans, lima beans, soybeans etc?

  • John Ng says:

    Bob. thanks for your knowledge on this! I found one of your videos on a radio station website today and I gotta say, it’s really mind-blowing. I suffer from high-cholesterol and have gained quite a bit of weight in the past few years. I tried “eating healthy” only to find myself gaining even more weight over time. Your video really made perfect sense. I guess I’m going to try eating the way my great-great-grandparents would’ve eaten.

  • Alan Edhegard says:

    Bob, what part of the country do you live in? I am in south Alabama, I suspect you aren’t terribly far from here.
    I just wanted to tell you how much I personally appreciate your efforts to educate everyone on this topic. I have misunderstood the importance of the fat levels we must eat, I guess I couldn’t get over the life long message that fat would kill you. Now the truth comes out, fat will make you healthier. WOW!! what a 180!
    I hope you keep this going, you are literally saving lives.

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