Butter Bob’s Mayo and Ranch Dressing

How to make your own healthy Mayonnaise and Ranch Dressing, with healthy oil, fresh herbs and no sugar added. Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob and we got a new video tonight, how to make homemade … Continue Reading →

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At the Store with Butter Bob

Join me on a quick trip to the store. If you’re just starting out on the LCHF (Low Carb/High Fat) way of life, this little trip will help you learn what to buy and more … Continue Reading →

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About the Butter Bob Youtube Channel

In this video, I don’t talk about diet or fasting, I talk about my videos themselves, about my pledge to keep my channel family friendly and some insights into what I personally think about some … Continue Reading →

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You Are Either Fed or Fasted

You know, you’re either fed, or you’re fasted. You’re either eating and storing food as fat, or you’re fasting and using the fat that you’ve already stored. Good morning everyone, this is old Butter Bob. I’m … Continue Reading →

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Simple, Boring, Take a Chainsaw to Your Problem, Menu Planning

  I believe in keeping your diet very simple, even boring, like I said in my video, “Your Own Personal Diet Guru“, a simple diet is like taking a chainsaw to your oak tree of … Continue Reading →

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2009-06-26 007

You Got to Get Sugar Out of Your Life

I bet you thought you’d never see a video, with me, and this sugary stuff. But, I’ve got these props here today to tell you about an experiment. A simple experiment that was done, to show how … Continue Reading →

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How to create Hope and make Happiness chase after You

Throughout my life, there has been a person I’ve turned to over and over again for strength and encouragement. Regardless of how dark the situation, his words have always lifted me up and set me … Continue Reading →

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100 Steak Fajita Meals

Why does your body ignore the fat it has inside and make you hungry for something outside? I had this guy write me, the other day and I have this kind of stuff happen all the … Continue Reading →

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Bob’s Caveman Coffee

My Fatty Coffee, the poor man’s version of frothy Starbucks flat white, made Caveman Style with a hand blender.   10,133 total views, 14 views today

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Butter Bob’s Famous Chili

The recipe I use in this video is a little different than the one I’ve always had in this article.   1. Brown 3 1/2 pounds of hamburger meat. While the meat is browning. 2. … Continue Reading →

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