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Heather Walters-Moss

Love this lifestyle and really enjoy cooking & modifying recipes..
Made these almond flour biscuits- so yum & only 2 carbs each..

Easy Tender Biscuits: Low Carb, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free


Nicole Guzenda Baker

I make these on the weekend and then have two each morning for breakfast.
I change it up every week too by using different veggies.

Egg Muffins


Frances Hiatt Jackson

My favorite lo carb recipe is


I love it but better yet my hubby who likes all things carb asks for me to make this. Enjoy


Marsha Post Nelson

Sometimes I just want a pancake.
The best recipe that is most like the pancakes we used to eat all the time can be found here

Light and Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes (Low Carb and Gluten-Free)


Leah Lotz Huarte

I’ve been eating LCHF since April, and most of my attempts at low carb baking have been let downs, this however, remains the quickest, easiest, tastiest low carb treat I’ve made.
I suggest serving it with some erythritol sweetened whip cream. Bonus: You can have it made in literally minutes!

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake


Shannon Strickland-Brown

Bob, I also made this last night, and it was so good, even the Hubby and Teenager loved it.
For 1/6th of the casserole is only 3 net carbs…

Cheeseburger Casserole

Most diets cause you to use “will power” to eat less, but this doesn’t work for long for most people. The LCHF (low carb/high fat) diet turns off the “out of control hunger urges” that you’ve struggled with all your life and gives you control, gives you freedom without using “will power”. This will enable to do what is called “intermittent fasting”.

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes. The most complete source of information on intermittent fasting can be gained all in one convenient book, which I highly recommend. I’ve written a critical review of some of the parts, but I still think “Eat Stop Eat” is the best fasting book you can find at this time. See my REVIEW at this link –

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  • candy Blair says:

    Hi Butter Bob!

    Can you describe your regimen for losing weight more spefically. I keep stalling and I have another 20-25 to go.

    How often did you fast?

    Did you do the fat fast often?

    Thank you?

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