Retire From Being Hungry


You could live off the fat you’ve saved and retire from being hungry all the time.

The problem is, this huge savings of energy called belly fat is locked up.

People who are fat are actually rich in energy, they have a big fat bank account of stored food locked up around their waistline, butt and chinny, chin, chins.

It’s like the crazy old man who lived on cans of cat food, because he had forgotten about the million dollars he had in the bank. He was rich, he could have gone to the best restaurant every day and eaten the finest steak with all the trimmings, but because he forgot he was rich, he lived off cheap cans of cat food.

Bank Clipart

Bank Clipart

This is the problem for most heavy people too. They have a huge bank account of stored fat, but they stay hungry all the time. They have many 100’s of thousands of calories banked away that could keep them fed and satisfied for a long time, yet they can not withdraw this fortune. They don’t have access to the account number, so to speak, and without this access, the First National Bank of Belly Fat, will not let them make a withdrawal on their fortune.

Something has stolen their checkbook, something has taken their debit card and has been using it to steal their food, while at the same time, preventing them from making a withdrawal from their own account.

That something is chronically high insulin levels. This constant high insulin level is like a identity thief, it takes your food and locks it away where you can’t get to it. And like an identity thief, as long as it has control, you are locked out of your First National Bank of Belly Fat account.

So you are rich in fat, but can’t use your riches.

I got good news for you. It’s easier to take back control of your Bank of Fat account than it seems. Cut the insulin thief down to size, stop giving this thief the fuel it needs to steal from you.

When you eat LCHF (Low Carb/High Fat) you destroy the power of this thief, you in effect, “rob the robber”.

When you use the appetite control that a reduced insulin level gives you to “eat less often” you open up the Bank of Fat account you’ve been storing for decades. You begin to live on your savings of fat. You gain freedom from an out of control appetite. You hit the jackpot, a huge account of saved food in the form of fat.

No more struggling to pay the appetite bill collector –

You’re RICH, you’ve got enough to RETIRE from Being Hungry

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The picture on the left is of me, (Bob Briggs) 320 pounds taken on May, 6th 2013 and one on the right was taken on June 14th, 2015. As you can see, on the left, my BIG FAT belly had been stealing my breakfast, and a lot of my other food for a long, long time.

Bob Briggs Before and After

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