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I believe in keeping your diet very simple, even boring, like I said in my video, “Your Own Personal Diet Guru“, a simple diet is like taking a chainsaw to your oak tree of a problem. You don’t need to be a chef to have a couple pieces of skin still on chicken fried in good old fashioned lard.

NOTE: My video “Your Own Personal Diet Guru” is where the title for this article came from, in the Diet Guru video I talk about how a simple diet is like taking a chainsaw to your oak tree weight problem, keeping things simple, makes the transition to this lifestyle easy and effective.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to naturally and easily increase the percentage of fat in your diet by choosing the right simple foods and why you should increase that fat percentage to control your appetite. We will be increasing the fat percentage in the meals we do eat, not necessarily increasing the overall calorie content of our diet.

I use calculations and numbers only to illustrate this point.

Don’t Stress About All This Math

Even if you are a math genius, it’s impossible to know the exact fat, protein and carbohydrate contents in the foods you eat.
The only way to really know would be to send each item to a laboratory for a test.

The best way, and the EASIEST way, is to simply pick foods that are known to be low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

That’s not a hard thing to do, once you understand the basics.

If you need help finding SIMPLE Low Carb High Fat meals, let me suggest two great books below.
“The Fast Fast Cookbook”, by Dana Carpender, is the one I used most often while I was losing weight.

LCHF Diet (Low Carb/High Fat) is not a Calorie Based Diet

I see the Low Carb/High Fat Diet as a treatment strategy. A treatment which uses low carbohydrate [LC] foods to lower the insulin response when you eat and uses High Fat [HF] foods to keep you satisfied longer between meals, so you can practice the real cure for being fat, sick and hurting.

The real cure is finding a way to get your body to stop storing the food you eat as extra body fat and secondly, put your body into the natural situation of low insulin levels, which automatically cause it to release the fat it has been holding onto.

Whatever treatment strategy that causes the body’s insulin levels to go down, also allows the body to do what it was naturally designed to do when insulin is low, release the fat to use as energy.

In other words, when you’re eating and keeping a high insulin level, you are storing fat in your belly.

When you are not eating or when you eat foods that do not increase insulin, then your body begins the process of releasing the fat on your belly, butt and chinny, chin, chins.

For a much more detailed look at the relationship between short fasting windows and the burning of body fat, see my videos  “Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem” “Timing Loosens Your Jeans Better Than Butter“,  “Why Are Fat People Hungry?” and the article “Don’t Let Your Belly Steal Your Breakfast“.


Most diets tell people to eat a certain calorie amount each day, eat a certain meal with a certain amount of this or that macro-nutrient, but the Low Carb/High Fat diet is NOT like that.

We are using an approach that allows us to get a high percentage of our calories from our own saved belly fat reserves, our big fat belly.

In this lifestyle, we are using the relatively small amount of fat we eat, to turn off our appetite and turn off the system that tells our body to hold onto fat.

We are not overeating fat, we are eating whatever amount of fat it takes to keep our appetite under control.

Remember, I said a High Percentage on our calories from fat, but I did NOT say a High Calorie diet. For more about this, see my video “No!!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter“.


What causes hunger?

Your body needing nutrition causes hunger.

This is a very important point I’m going to make, so I’m going to say it several different ways.

I could have said, when people don’t have enough to eat, they get hungry. But I did NOT say that.

I said, you get hungry when your body lacks or needs nutrition. This can happen two ways, one could be you actually don’t have enough to eat, the other way is you have plenty of calories in your diet, but the types of calories you are eating cause your body to store more of that food in fat which prevents your body from using this food as energy. This leaves you both hungry and with less energy.

Many people eat a lot of food, but they are still hungry. Why?

If the body has been feed a lot of calories, why does it continue to tell the person it wants more food?

The simple truth is, something is stealing a portion of the food this hungry person ate. Some process is causing a lot of their food to be held in storage. Some of the food they ate is being held hostage in their fat belly and because it’s being held there, the person who just ate, is still hungry. Some of the food they ate is NOT being used for energy, it is being held for use later in their fat belly.
They can’t use this belly fat for energy either, because a chronically high insulin level in their body, blocks the release of this fat, causing them to eat more to make up for this energy loss. So they are left hungry and looking for more food to replace the energy their fat belly is holding onto.

For more about why your body would ignore all that belly fat and make you hungry,
see my video “100 Steak Fajita Meals

What causes this holding of belly fat?

The simple answer is the hormone INSULIN, but that answer is really too simple.

The real problem is not insulin itself, the real problem is chronically elevated insulin levels.

Insulin is released when you eat, and while it is elevated, your body is in fat storage mode. The release of fat to be used as energy is greatly inhibited by insulin and the storage of fat and extra sugar turned into fat is GREATLY enhanced.

For much more about High Insulin and it’s relationship to being and getting fat, watch my video “Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem“.

The problem is this – constantly eating and drinking foods that cause insulin to rise rapidly, eventually causes some of the tissues in your body to become resistant to the effects of insulin. This causes your pancreas to have to make more and more insulin when you eat. This extra insulin, in turn, causes even more resistance to insulin, which causes your body to have to make more and more. Eventually you end up with a chronic condition in which insulin levels in your body GO HIGHER and LAST LONGER than is normal, in science this condition is called hyperinsulinemia.

For more on how chronic high insulin levels are the root cause of most the medical conditions that fill the hospitals of the world, watch my video – Drying Up the Root.

Now, if you’re in that situation, you’re almost always hungry, you’re almost always storing a little more fat. Slowly gaining more as the years go by, getting sicker and in more pain.

How Do You Turn Off this Appetite Problem?

The simplest way is to eat low carbohydrate foods and replace those carbohydrates that you’re not eating with FAT.

Why Increase Fat Instead of Increasing Protein?

Fat keeps you satisfied longer and turns off your appetite and FAT has the least impact on your insulin production of any other food.
Protein, while essential to life, also causes an insulin response. With the types of food I’m going to suggest in this article, you can easily satisfy your protein needs.
This Fat vs Protein debate misses the most important point – eating food, eating any food is not the solution to our problem. Our overproduction of insulin problem is caused by eating too much and too often.

For more on the Protein vs Fat debate see my article Up the Protein vs Up the Fat.

The simple LCHF diet I teach, uses FAT to turn off the appetite, so you can eat less often. This eating less often is the real cure and the real way to stop your belly from stealing your food.

Don’t worry about overeating fat, so long as you listen to your appetite and don’t eat when not hungry. You will be free from the domination of food and free to start living on your belly fat.

It’s like the person who works hard and saves money all her life, then she can stop working and live off her savings.

When you stop your belly from stealing your food, you also allow it to release this tremendous savings of food back into your system as energy. You can live off the fat you’ve saved and retire from being hungry all the time.

Calories? Fat? Protein? – Guesswork.

The most important fact you can know about menu planning is this –  you will never know the exact calories and fat percentages of the foods you buy.

It’s impossible to know this information, because the cuts of meat you buy are all different sizes, the animals they came from were feed different foods and the list goes on and on. The calorie numbers and other nutrition numbers are a close estimate for a certain amount of food in a certain category, but that doesn’t mean the cut of meat you just bought is exactly the same.

So, if you can’t really know, what do you do?

  1. You get to know the cuts that generally have the highest percentage of fat.
  2. You use your eyes and select the cuts with the most fat.

Choose Fatty Cuts of Meat

In the table below we see how important it is to choose fatty cuts of chicken.

The boneless, skinless breast, is very high in protein and low in fat.

The less expensive thigh and drumstick/leg is much higher in fat and a much better choice.

Making the right choice in meat, is the first step in building your lchf (low carb, high fat) menu.


Comparing Cuts of Chicken:
Food Fat
Chicken – Thigh, meat and skin 68% 30%
Drumstick, meat and skin 67% 31%
Breast, boneless, skinless 20% 75%

Chicken Skin – Increases the Fat

Leave the skin on, it tastes great and dramatically increases the fat percentage of the chicken.

Leaving the Skin Really Ups the Fat %
Chicken skin 90% 9%
every ounce of skin adds 12 grams of fat to your chicken.


Choosing Beef.

Look for steaks and roast that have visible fat and don’t cut it off.

Look for “marbling” – fat mixed or marbled throughout the meat itself.


Look for the fat.

Choosing Beef
Comparing Cuts of Beef:
Food Fat
T-Bone 63% 35%
Ribeye 69% 31%
Top Sirloin, with 1/8 fat 68% 30%
New York Strip 57% 43%
Chuck Eye 66% 34%
Chuck Roast 58% 41%
Eye of Round 25% 75%

As you can see, some of the cuts above are lower than the others. Always look at the steak or roast and select the one with visible fat.


Chuck Roast – Look for the Fat

Choosing Hamburger.

Buying the higher fat hamburger makes increasing the fat in your diet much easier.

There is a big difference in the fat percentages when the meat is cooked too.

Food Hamburger Type
Patty Broiled
10% Fat 90% Lean 47% 49%
Browned Crumbed
10% Fat 90% Lean 47% 49%
Baked Loaf
10% Fat 90% Lean 47% 50%
Patty Broiled
30% Fat 70% Lean 57% 38%
Browned Crumbed
30% Fat 70% Lean 59% 38%
Baked Loaf
30% Fat 70% Lean 58% 39%

Pick the higher fat percentage hamburger meat, it will be 10% higher in fat when cooked.

Choosing Pork.


Comparing Cuts of Pork:
Food Fat
86% 35%
Canadian Bacon 22% 73%
68% 30%
78% 21%
Pork Chop
48% 49%
Tenderloin 27% 69%
Butt Roast 63% 34%
Pork Jowl
96% 3%
Polish Sausage 79% 17%

Tenderloin and pork chops with all the fat trimmed off are much lower in fat.


Adding Fat to Fatty Meats

Now here’s the way to get your percentages up even further.

By cooking with butter, or lard or coconut oil you are adding fat to your already fat meats, eggs and/or vegetables.

How much fat are you adding? That really depends on how much the meat soaks up while cooking or whether or not you pour it on after its cooked.

Here’s some common healthy fats:

Grams of Fat per tablespoon
Food Fat grams / tablespoon
Fat %
Butter 11.52 100%
Coconut Oil 13.60 100%
Olive Oil 13.50  100%
Lard 12.80 100%
Tallow 12.80 100%
Meat Drippings 12.62 98%
Heavy Cream 5.55 96%
Mayonnaise 10.33 99%
Cream Cheese 4.96 89%
Sour Cream 2.37 93%

A Sample Day

Let’s get started:


Note about Calories: I don’t worry about calories, the only reason I even want to know about them is to help me figure out which foods are highest in fat and lowest in carbohydrates.

To get exact numbers I go to National Nutrient Database at the U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Service website.

In the list below, you’ll notice I use the nutrition numbers for raw bacon and raw chicken.

I do this because in the case of the bacon, I’m going to fry my eggs in the bacon fat and then pour that fat over them, or I’m going to scramble them in the grease which will soak most of it up in them.

The numbers for the raw bacon will be correct because I’m not going to pour that fat out. So don’t use a nutrition figure for cooked bacon, or cooked meat. Always use the numbers for the raw meat and make sure you eat all that good fat.


Another thing to remember is to include the fat in your coffee or tea as a part of your daily fat percentages.

Don’t worry about all the Math. I’m doing this to show you how choose the right foods automatically give you the highest fat percentages. 

In the table below, I have my breakfast listed. Now let’s figure out the fat percentage for my breakfast:

Fat has 9 calories per gram. Protein and Carbohydrate has 4 calories per gram:


I add up the grams of fat I multiply them by 9 Then divide them by the total calories.


631.38 fat calories, divided by 770 total calories = 82% fat

Planning a High Fat Menu
Food Cal. Carbs Fat Pro.
Butter 1 tbsp 102 0 g 11.52 g 0.12 g
3 Eggs fried 214 1.08 g 14.26 g 18.84 g
Heavy Cream, 2 tbs 104 0.84 g 11.10 g 0.61 g
bacon, raw, 3 thick 350 1.08 g 33.34 g 10.60 g
Breakfast Grams 3 g 70.22 g 30.17 g
Breakfast Calories 770 12.0 631.98 120.68
Breakfast % 2% 82% 16%
Heavy Cream, 2 tbs 104  0.84 g 11.10 g 0.61 g
Snack % 104 2.5% 95% 2.5%
Food Cal. Carbs Fat Pro.
Lard, 1 Tbsp (13g) 115 0 g 12.80 g 0 g
Greens mixed, 1.5 Cup 105 15 g 0 g 6 g
Butter – Salted, 2 tbsp 204 0 g 23.04 g 0.24 g
Heavy Cream- 2 Tbsp 100 0.84 g 11.10 g 0.61 g
Cheddar cheese, 2″ 138 0.45 g 11.50 g 8.17 g
Chicken – Thigh 0.5 lb 445 0 g 32.95 g 37.43 g
Dinner Grams 16.29 g 91.39 52.45 g
Dinner Calories 1107 65.16 822.51 209.80
Dinner % 6% 74% 19%
Daily Grams 20.13 172.71 83.23
Daily Calories 1981 80.52 1554.39 332.92
Daily Total % 4% 78% 17%

Not an Exact Science.

Planning your food is not an exact science, like I wrote earlier in this article, you can not know the exact number of calories or fat percentages.

When we look at the menu above we can see that a very simply, boring diet can be easily made high fat by simply choosing the right simple foods. Remember, this is not a calorie based diet, this is a controlling the appetite based strategy. Our menu is going to be our own body fat, released and served to us day and night as natures perfect food.

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes.


  • The most complete source of information on intermittent fasting can be gained all in one convenient book, which I highly recommend.
  • This fantastic ebook contains over 300 pier reviewed studies, it takes on the myths about fasting one by one and destroys them.
  • It has many charts that show you how short fasts reduce your insulin, release fat from your belly and so much more.
  • You need this book if you are serious about fasting.
  • You need this information to counter those who will put doubts in your mind.
  • I’ve written a critical review of some of the parts, but I think “Eat Stop Eat” is the best fasting book you can find at this time.
  • This site receives a portion of the sales when you buy this book, this helps pay the expenses of the site, but do not cost you any more.

Read much more here . . . my affiliate link  

They call me Butter Bob, but . . .

There’s something more to my story than Butter.

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Bob Briggs at 320 lbs and now after losing 145 lbs

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  • But, you don’t know my whole story until you understand I lost 145 lbs with both Butter AND Fasting.
  • Most diets force you to use “will power” to eat less, but this doesn’t work for long.
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  • This gives you complete appetite control.
  • This appetite control gives you freedom without using “will power” and enables you to do what is called “intermittent fasting“.
  • No diet or exercise plan can DO for you what Short Term Fasting can do.
  • But until you actually learn all the things intermittent fasting can DO for you, it’s just my word and my story, it doesn’t relate to you.
  • They call me Butter Bob, but the truth is, I could just as easily be called Fasting Bob.

Click Here For the Rest of my story

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  • Garry Lee says:

    I totally agree Bob. Off carbs I have an actual distaste for lean meat if there’s no fat on the plate. My wife’s the same. All the fat gets eaten. Vegetables get done with whatever fat is around and with added cream, sour cream, butter etc. Everything is correspondingly tasty. Am in Spain right now. Fateaters paradise.

    • Bob Briggs says:

      The people I work for are from Spain and they are very healthy and have good skin. So I believe you on Spain being a Fateaters paradise.

  • cigale says:

    The only way you will can weight is if you keep up the high carbs, the weight will come off. I am happier, have more energy my body feels great

  • Greg says:

    This is the best way of living (diet?).It saves life’s. Only keep the carb as low as possible for you to succeed, this is very important. Get your energy from fat.
    Thank to you Bob.

  • Billie Barrett Woody says:

    Where can I find the recipe for your lchf fat burning soup?

  • helene says:

    i achieved no hunger in ketosis, but then boredom set in. i wanted different tastes than meat, greens and fats. i could IF even, but missed chewing i think?
    idk, but i rly want to find out how to stay ketogenic and lose MY belly thats steals my breakfast. only 60# to lose, not 100 or 200, but very frustrating for me 🙁

  • Bree says:

    I’m not really losing. It is hard to eat the right amount of fat without eating too many calories. Is 2,000 calories too much?

  • Bree says:

    I’m not really losing. It is hard to eat the right amount of fat without eating too many calories. Is 2,000 calories too much? What am I doing wrong?

    • Bob Briggs says:

      The amount of fat calorie wise is not that important. You need to get your fat percentage up. This article is a bit confusing, so I’m going to re-do it, but the whole purpose of the article was to show people that you can not know the exact numbers and that doesn’t matter as long as you choose fattier foods in the first place.
      The whole key to my approach is to use the appetite control a high fat diet gives you to eat less often, or in a narrower window of time. Watch my Drying Up the Root video to understand this better and understand why you should do this.

    • Dana says:

      Measure yourself. You might be losing but also gaining muscle at the same time, which results in a net shrinkage but not much movement of the scale numbers.

      If your measurements are not budging either and you haven’t changed clothing sizes downward (another way to tell), you can try eating less food, but keep your approximate fat percentage as high as you can stand it.

      Also try exercise. Don’t go crazy with chronic cardio, that’ll just stress your body and work against you. Try weight training, and for movement-type stuff choose an exercise style where you move in short but powerful intervals. Look up something called HIIT on Google–high intensity interval training. That’ll do it. Some folks meet this need through Crossfit, but you don’t have to go to that extreme. Sometimes you just have to encourage your body to pull out more fat stores. As long as you keep your insulin low you should be able to do that.

  • Kathi E says:

    You are inspiring to me on so many levels. I love the fact that a lay person can learn all that you have about science and diet and transform themselves. I too have been on this journey of eating LCHF for about ten months now and while I have lost around 80 lbs from my top weight, I have found that the last couple of months I’ve hit a wall, despite eating the same way. I am going to follow your suggestion and incorporate intermittent fasting now. Did you find that you also hit a wall at some point? In addition to the books you have listed that changed your life, I have read all I can on this subject and have recently discovered probiotics and the importance of our microbiome; I make my own kefir. As a side note, it’s pretty amazing that I learned NONE of this in pharmacy school and I suspect it’s the same way for the medical school community, hence, the reason most docs just want to prescribe another pill! Keep up the good work Bob!

    • Paula Higgleton-Wood says:

      Hi Kathi E, I also started making kefir for my microbiome but gave up due to the high amount of sugar used to make it. It really spiked my blood sugar/insulin. Can you tell me how you get round this please? Thanks.

  • Sharudin says:

    Hi Bob,

    What if I take 4 table spoons of coconut oil and 3 table spoon of butter along with leafy vege and 1/4 chicken (drum stick and thigh) for lunch? Then for dinner I take the same amount of coconut oil and butter, this time coupled with a scoop of whey protein and a glass of full cream milk. That should take care of my protein and carb requirements. I then skip breakfast for a 16/8 IF. Will that work?

    • Niki says:

      Instead of the whey powder you could try raw eggs blended with the oils and some full fat whipping cream. Milk and whey powder has too many carbs in it and could take you out of ketosis. You want to focus on whole foods not meal substituting powders.

  • fullfatkat says:

    Lard, butter, cream and cheese in one meal! Impressive! For those of us who don’t eat dairy, do you have suggestions on how to achieve a high enough fat percentage of calories? Coconut oil, avo, olives? Thanks.

    • Niki says:

      If you’re not keen on butter you could try ghee. It is butter without the milk solids. You could buy it in the shops alternatively you could make it yourself, It’s very easy. I use ghee in my hot drinks, my homemade mayonnaise and to fry steaks.

      • fullfatkat says:

        I’m very keen on butter! And ghee, for that matter. However, I have a thyroid nodule, so avoid dairy so as not to consume the natural growth hormone that grows the calf/kid.

    • Stacy J Hobgood says:

      coconut cream

  • Butter Bob,
    I have a surgery coming up in July, need to loose weight so I can lay on the table, so my chest can hold me….I also have COPD…So the more weight I can get off me the better, so my lungs can expand to breathe, cause I’m on Oxygen 24 / 7 ….I like to drink Wylers juice mixes, with No Sugar no caffine, and no Aspertame…I don’t drink coffee, or sodas, or milk… sometimes tea, what other kinds of drinks can be used to help loose weight ? Been trying lemon juice at night with my Wylers drinks from the Dollar Store….And is there a real list of meals that I can make to eat ? Or is it KISS ???
    Appreciate your concern for us FAT people,

    • Bob Briggs says:

      Since you have COPD, I would get on a very strict low carb ketogenic diet. Keto diets can be helpful to people with COPD, because they change the carbon dioxide/oxygen ratio in a way that improves your ability to breathe. I would stop all juice which is extremely high in carbohydrates.
      See these studies –

      Also, here is a good summary of this idea from another website:
      Dr. Rob Janssen March 7, 2015
      Before we all developed fat phobia, it was common practice to advise severe COPD patients a high-fat/low-carb diet. Fat as fuel produces 0.7 CO2 for every O2 and carb as fuel 1:1. In other words, by using fat as fuel you can reduce CO2 production by 30% which is significant for severely respiratory compromised COPD patients.

      Furthermore, I think there are more advantageous of a high-fat/low-carb diet for COPD patients. Ketones are suppressors of oxidative Stress (b-Hydroxybutyrate is an Endogenous Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor). Oxidative stress and inflammation are central in the pathogenesis of COPD. In contrast to what others claim ketosis does not lead to muscle waisting (which would be a concern in COPD patients). Finally, metabolic syndrome and COPD are correlated (perhaps because they share the same pathogenetic mechanism).

      I think there are plenty of reasons for a revival of the high-fat/low-carb diet in COPD patients. The only drawback I see is that COPD patients need extra calorie intake and this is difficult for them with a stomach full of fat which stays in there much longer than carbs and can make them more short of breath.

      • Winnie says:

        found you just a couple of days before and enjoying your videos Bob but noticing your silenece everywhere. Hope you are doing well. Praying for the best for you.

  • Julianna says:

    Hi Bob,
    You’re doing a great job. I enjoy you articles and all the love you put into helping us get healthy.
    Thank you for always doing more.

  • Jan says:

    Thank you, Bob. I appreciate all your hard work to keep us informed. I am a 70 yr. old woman. I have currently lost 77 lbs. from my heaviest weight. I cannot exercise much and I have several health issues including hypothyroidism. Still, I am losing weight eating LCHF. I started on Nov. 12, 2015 after watching Butter makes your pants fall off. I love you and thanks again.

  • Christine UK says:

    Fantastic Information! Will he going through your videos 8deos and adjusting to simple! Once I can start seeing significant Weightloss then I will start looking at IF.
    Thank you for taking the time for doing what you do so selflessly.

  • Becky says:

    Bob, with only 15-20lbs to lose do you recommend this diet/way of life for a 37 year old women.

    • Becky says:


      I am so excited I came upon your website.

      Having only maybe 12-15lbs to lose would you recommend this for a 38yr old women and if so do you think it’s going to longer to get to my goal weight?

  • Mandy says:

    Hi Bob, you’re a tremendous inspiration. Just wanted to ask you if it’s okay for someone with iron-deficiency anemia & type 2 diabetes to do this for long. I have started lchf but haven’t figured out proportions yet. I mostly eat bacon, boiled lamb, grilled kidney, griiled liver & lettuce. I include cheese, almonds, avocado, mayo, butter & ground beef. So far I have had dizzy spells & drops in blood pressure causing awkward fainty feelings, but in just try to lay flat until it subsides. I also take magnesium citrate to help me sleep @ night. Am I doing OK? Thanks in advance Bob!

  • Gillian says:

    I have been trying to do LCHF for two years now but I still cannot do IF. I have stopped losing weight no matter what I do. Could you recommend a three meal a day plan. Thank you very much. Gill

  • Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you, However I am having difficulties with your RSS.
    I don’t know the reason why I cannot subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody else getting the same RSS problems?
    Anyone that knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanks!!

  • Karen says:

    I found you just today, Bob, and I agree with you. We dairy farm, so fatty meats are readily available. We’ve lived on butter all our married lives of 35 years now. I need help though. I’m only 5’2″ and about 205#. Weight is tough to lose with being on meds. for Rheumatoid Arthritis and I also have Hypothyroidism. With having RA, it’s tough to exercise, but I try to do my best. My last lipid test was a total cholesterol of 309, but have never been on meds., because my HDL is 112 and my Triglycerides is 82. Which really is amazing to me with this extra weight. I know I have to cut out all forms of sugar, but I’m an addict and I’ll be the first to say it. I will subscribe to your vlogs. Thank you for all you’re doing!

  • Lonnie Graham says:

    I love your site Bob. One question. I live in Australia and we grow and slaughter our own meat. It was always my understanding that you only get the extensively marbled meat from grain fed/Feedlot beasts. It is never that extensive in grass fed animals. I may be wrong but I thought lowering Omega 6 was a huge part of this WOE.

  • Gina says:

    What’s wrong with saving fat allowance and whipping 1/2 cup of heavy cream and adding liquid sucralose or unsweetened baking chocolate and making a mousse? You get the fat in just not spread out so much. Would that work too?

  • Gina says:

    What’s wrong with saving fat allowance and whipping 1/2 cup of heavy cream and adding liquid sucralose or unsweetened baking chocolate and making a mousse? You get the fat in just not spread out so much. Would that work too?

  • Hey there excellent blog! Does running a blog
    such as this take a great deal of work? I’ve very little expertise in computer programming however I had been hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyway,
    if you have any ideas or techniques for new blog owners please share.
    I understand this is off subject nevertheless I just needed to ask.

  • subha says:

    Hi bob, i am so impressed with your videos, i have switched to paleo diet. since i am a vegetarian, can i eat raw coconut as a meal,will it aid in weight loss process.

  • zl says:

    I am doing this and gained weight . I am fasting now but somethings wrong. I use the keto strips and have only seen one good test. i am also sleeping only four hours a night. I need help.

  • Art says:

    Hi Bob,
    just found you on you tube a couple days ago and did subscribe. i searched your site but didn’t find a deli cold cut video about ingredients. Can you do a video when you have time ?? Thanks. Art

  • Simple, Boring, Take a Chainsaw to Your Problem, Menu Planning

    […]I wanna get laser liposuction[…]

  • Jerry Hooker says:

    Following your info- lost 32lbs so far from 286 in four weeks.
    But! Still have high sugar readings. Even in the morning and afternoon while fasting from 6pm the night before, even after fasting for two and a half days.
    Will these high sugar readings ever go away, and when will I be able to quite using insulin?

    I would appreciate hearing your comments.

  • Linda says:

    Hello Bob, my husband and I just discovered you on YouTube. I have around 35 pounds to lose. I am a bottomless pit when it comes to carbs, your videos really spoke to me. I’ll give your method a try and leave you know how it goes.

  • Benda says:

    My daughter has lost weight and fat with this way of eating. I laughed at her telling her it would never work. You can’t lose weight eating fat.( this coming from her mother who has tried every diet I could find and still overweight). Shame on me. I think it is time to wipe the scorn off my face and just do what my daughter did, listen to Butter Bob.

  • Shawn N says:

    Hey Bob, what if I eat a steak ‘Ribeye ‘ diet one a day for like a couple weeks would just doing that and greens , do you think I would loose some belly fay. cutting carbs out as well. what is your thoughts ?

  • Don Young says:

    Is bologna and hog skins ok to eat on butter bob?

    • Hélène says:

      Porkskins are fine. Bologna without more than a carb or two is fine. Some add sugar or starchy fillers. Read the label.

  • brian says:

    Hi Bob, I get low blood sugar between meals and I am always hungry at night and eat stuff from 9:30-10:30pm and I think that is the main cause of my weight gain. Any tips?

  • David says:

    Where is Butter Bob ?

  • Jim says:

    Anyone heard from Bob lately?

  • irsheyes says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE listening to you sir. I really do. Have been overweight my entire life, truly. I was born weighing 10lbs. Have conquered my most of my weight loss on LCHP, and did well but tough on kidneys.
    You reminded me that everyone is not the same, that no matter what I can not compare myself to my thin husband who drinks soda, eats what ever he wants. This is a miracle of understanding for many of us and an answer to help understand why many my body works similar to yours. All your videos were a joy to me and woke me up to understand myself better. Thank you, Thank you for your precious time, energy, sacrifice, time , time , time and most of all your love. Even if you never do another video,I am grateful for you and you made a difference in my life, God bless you. and much love to you.

  • Fab says:

    Thank you Bob! I been doing this keto thing for months now and think i been lacking more FAT. I am sharing with all my friends and co workers that been doing keto with me.
    Question what is your take on Reddi whipped Cream. I put a lot of it in my coffee and wondering if this needs to be cut completely out. I am out of control with the portion i use about 2 cups of Reddi Whipped Cream for each cup of coffee but i only have this 3 days out of the week. I dont drink coffee everyday, but it helping me not eat cakes, cookies, chocolate the other things i use to eat.
    Appreciate any feedback on Reddi Whipped Cream.

  • Kevin says:

    I am gonna start. Eggs, Bacon, Avocados, Cheese, Full Fat Yogurt, Drum Sticks, Almonds and did I say Bacon. Several cups of Coffee to replace several cans of Cokes. 234 pounds 4/30/2019.

  • Misty Glenn says:

    Hi Bob! I was just recently introduced to your youtube and articles. I enjoy eating low card meals and being on a low card high fat diet. I have a couple of questions.. well more than 2 after you have heard mine and my husbands story lol.. anyway question #1 Can I use the roll of hamburger meat from Wal-mart, as long as I get the high fat percentage? #2 Sometimes my stomach feels uneasy and its hard to eat really high fat stuff, can I eat high fat foods in moderation and still get the results I want?

  • Amparo Acevedo says:

    First at all, thanks you for your testimony because you have inspired us. We are new to this! But we know we NEED to loose weight. Could you help us PLEASE with a weekly menu?
    From a regular couple to you, thanks!

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