Carbs in Spices, Seasonings, Flavorings

Carbs in Spices, Seasonings, Flavorings

I use a lot of these. Go ahead, just remember they have a little bit of carbohydrates too.

Most of the information in this post comes from:

I used “net carbs”. The fiber content has already BEEN SUBTRACTED. (fiber is a carbohydrate your body can not break down without the help of bacterial enzymes in your digestive system.)

Spice and Seasonings


I used net carbohydrates in the following spice list. That’s total carbohydrates, minus fiber.

SPICE Net Carbs (Total Carbs minus Fiber)
Spice Teaspoon Tablespoon
pumpkin pie spice 0.88 carbs 3.08 carbs
basil 0.17 carbs 0.45 carbs
bay leaf 0.25 carbs 0.85 carbs
cardamom 0.77 carbs 2.37 carbs
oregano 0.29 carbs 0.44 carbs
tarragon 0.7 carbs 2.01 carbs
thyme 0.4 carbs 1.15 carbs
mustard seed 0.36 carbs 0.97 carbs
allspice 0.97 carbs 3.03 carbs
anise seed 0.75 carbs 2.35 carbs
caraway seed 0.25 carbs 0.84 carbs
celery seed 0.61 carbs 1.89 carbs
chili powder 0.44 carbs 1.18 carbs
cinnamon, ground 0.70 carbs 2.19 carbs
cloves, ground 0.68 carbs 2.06 carbs
cumin seed 0.73 carbs 2.05 carbs
curry powder 0.02 carbs 0.12 carbs
garlic powder 1.95 carbs 6.15 carbs
ginger, ground 0.99 carbs 3.02 carbs
marjoram, dried 0.16 carbs 0.33 carbs
nutmeg 0.58 carbs 1.95 carbs
onion powder 1.50 carbs 4.46 carbs
paprika 0.44 carbs 1.27 carbs
sage 0.13 carbs 0.41 carbs
rosemary 0.27 carbs 0.71 carbs
turmeric 1.31 carbs 4.21 carbs


 Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened


Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 gram Net Carb per Tablespoon



type teaspoon tablespoon cup
Vinegar, balsamic 0.90 carbs 2.72 carbs 43.43 carbs
Vinegar, red wine 0.01 carbs 0.04 carbs 0.65 carbs
Vinegar, cider 0.05 carbs 0.14 carbs 2.22 carbs
Vinegar, distilled 0.00 carbs 0.01 carbs 0.10 carbs

 Lemon Juice


Lemon Juice
1.0 for a tablespoon 2.0 for two tablespoons

 Bouillon Cube


Bouillon Cube
2.34 g for one cube

Soy Sauce

Not a good choice for everyday, because many are made from wheat


Soy Sauce
1.0 for a tablespoon 0.33 for teaspoon

Vanilla Extract


Vanilla Extract
0.53 for a teaspoon 1.64 for tablespoons


Processed Meats
Bacon Sausage Lunch Meat Hot Dogs
slice patty slice each
0.36 carbs 0.38 carbs 1 carbs 1 carbs



Egg Size
Extra Large Large Medium Small
56 g 50 g 44 g 38 g
0.40 carbs 0.36 carbs 0.32 carbs 0.27 carbs



Hard Cheese
0.4 g for an ounce


Cream Cheese
1.1 g for an ounce

Sour Cream

Sour Cream
0.4 for a tablespoon 0.8 for two tablespoons

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