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  • Hello Bob,

    I was listening to a podcast with Jimmy Moore, Cassi and you.
    I think you have a magnetic voice and you are funny. I just loved listening.
    So I jotted down the webstite (which is hilarious) and pa roused your site.
    I will soon look you up on YouTube.
    I must admit, it is difficult reading your website. Saw your promotion on Eat, Stop, Eat by Brad Pilon too.
    But before buying anything I just want a straight up simple plan.
    Believe me I have bought lots of ebooks, diet plans, supplements, books, exercise equipment in the past and I can’t buy one single other thing for now. I am now 61 and I have been FAT all my life!! 180 as a 6th grader.
    So I am looking forward to reading more of what you have to say on your site.

  • Angeh says:

    hi, would you please write a blog post about top 10 books you have read ?

  • DebbieJo says:

    Thanks Bob !! I always enjoy you. Once i commit myself and stick to it and get off the carb cravings I do good but it only takes three times of eating carbs and I am addicted again. I hate it —-like being a drug addict. You think you can do just this one carb meal of say French Toast –you have been so good. But that leads to another carb meal and before you know it your a carb junkie again. There’s freedom in low carb —just don’t listen to the devil calling your name….lol
    P.S. I think that the intermittent fasting is helpful too. I bought eat stop eat a few years back.

  • Nicki says:

    Hi Bob~
    Love your videos and I’m trying to subscribe to your website. Unfortunately, it appears the subscribe button doesn’t work. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Allie says:

    Does this plan work for type 1 diabetics as well? Ive been trying to do this diet for a while now and i get bouts of pancreatitis and i am not losing weight? Im sure im doing something wrong could you shed any light on this?

  • Toni Pierce says:

    Tried to subscribe but the button isn’t working.

  • Lil says:

    Subscribe button not working

  • betty Hendrickson says:

    I also tried to subscribe, but the button apparently isn’t working.. thank you.

  • Juanita says:

    Subscribe button not working still?

  • Bummer 😔 The subscribe button still isn’t working

  • Cindy Kehr says:

    Subscribe button doesn’t work.

  • Christy Smith says:

    Hello Butter Bob Briggs! FYI, I just donated $50.00 to thank you & to help keep your website running. It is wonderful to have such a resource for someone who has never had to diet before and knows zilch about it. I’m genetically thin & have always eaten sensibly & in moderation. I’m not overweight, per se, but with age (I’m 57 now), my hips & muffin top have been getting out of control. Walking 2.5 a couple of days a week hasn’t solved the problem…even though I only want to lose about 10 pounds. I’ve been trying your diet for 2 weeks and I have dropped 4 of them—and haven’t even been doing the walking! I’d like to have my husband try this plan but is a high fat diet safe for people with high cholesterol? He is on medicine for it and has heart disease issues on both his maternal & fraternal sides.

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