What about Artificial Sweeteners?

Hello everyone, it’s Butter Bob
This video is about sugar substitutes.


Sugar substitutes like, stuff like this.
This is generic Splenda.


You know a lot of people have lost weight and they’ve used sugar substitutes.
And they’ve got away with it. And everything is fine.
So when you have a little video or you tell them something about this, they think that’s overkill.

But you know, it’s not overkill for everybody.
Some people can not lose weight so long as they’re using sugar substitutes, especially certain types of sugar substitutes.
And, so this video is about that.

I’m going to tell you something in this video and if you’re having trouble, try what I’m saying.
Do away with the sugar substitutes that I’m going to show you and try that for a week or two and see what happens.

Sugar substitutes are deceptive.
You know, in my At The Store With Butter Bob video, I talked about this a little bit.


Today I want to be a little bit more detailed about it.

So I have some examples of sugar substitutes here, and I just want to share them with you.
And I want you to know how truly deceptive these things are, as far as weight loss goes.
As far as carb counts go.
As far as the things it might do to your body.

So, I’m going to put on my little glasses on, here we go.


This is generic Splenda, it’s the same, I’m sure it’s made probably by the same people.
And the first ingredient on this big bag, that so many people use, is maltodextrin.
And I’m going to try to hold it up to the camera and see if I can get it to show up on camera.



What is it?
Well, it’s a carbohydrate. That’s what it is. It’s a carb.
It’s a carb that’s been added as a bulking agent to sugar substitutes.
And, you’re going to be surprised to learn this, but it has a higher glycemic index, it hits your blood sugar higher than sugar itself.
And it’s in this bag of supposedly low carb sugar substitute.

This bag, the second ingredient is sucralose.
And that actually is a sweetener that doesn’t hit your blood sugar, that much.
But this bag, that maltodextrin, is about ninety-nine percent of the bulk of this bag and the sucralose is about one percent.
And, I’m going to tell you something, you know body builders, and you can look this up on Google guys, body builders use this to do something.
They use it is spike their insulin.
Because insulin is a hormone that builds, it builds tissue.
That’s what it’s for, to build tissue.
But we need to lose tissue.
We need to have the opposite effect, on our life.
Maltodextrine, you got to get this out of your life.
You’ve got to get this big bag of sugar out of your life.
And you know, everybody talks about Stevia, unfortunately, and Stevia is good, but unfortunately for me, I’m not able to use it.
And maybe I’m just one of the rare exceptions, because I’ve never been able to use it.
So if you need to use a little bit of sugar substitute, maybe a little in your coffee.
If it’s a deal breaker that you can’t use anything else.

Liquid Sweeteners

Go to the store and try to find a little liquid bottle, a liquid, comes in these little liquid bottles.
This is a liquid bottle of Splenda.

It doesn’t have the maltodextrin in it and you can have a little bit.
You know, in my whole weight loss journey, guys, I was so extremely strict about artificial sweeteners.
I just was.
I use a little bit in my coffee.

DaVinci Syrup or Torani

And I got an example, I used a little of this DaVinci cream in my coffee, every once in a while.


DaVinci Syrup I should say.
It’s also a sucralose product, but I was very sparing with it.
Just a little, so I could have a little taste in my coffee.

The best thing you could do is, cut this stuff out of your life.
But, if it’s a deal breaker for you, if you can not live without having a little something, then make sure you get the liquid versions.

Liquid Stevia

And they actually have a liquid version of Stevia at the store.

You’ll find it.

It looks something like this, maybe the store brand, maybe whatever.


I got this at Walmart.
I’ve seen these little bottles at other stores, under their store brand.
So it’s a little liquid, I’m not able to use it, my daughter and a few other people in my family can use it.

For some reason Stevia doesn’t agree with me, but it is actually really good.
I mean, from everything I’ve seen, as far as sugar substitutes, if you’re going to have one and like I said, you’d be better off if you didn’t have one, but if you’re going to have one, I’d try Stevia.

Sugar / Stevia Blends or Baking Blends

Alright, now let’s look at some other stuff here.
I’m going to just pull it up here.
This is stuff to be very careful about.

This is Truvia, and Truvia, sorry I didn’t hold it up to the camera.
And Truvia, this is also Stevia, this is what I just told you that was good.


Here it is, the second ingredient in this Truvia is sugar.
It’s a blend, guys you’ve got to be really careful and look at the labels.
This is actually sugar.
Has sugar in it.

Packets of Stevia – Look at the Label

You have to also watch, if you’re looking for Stevia, here’s Stevia in the Raw and if you look at the ingredients here, the first ingredient is Dextrose.


Dextrose. Dextrose is a sugar, it’s a sugar.
Just like maltodextrin.
It’s a carbohydrate, all carbohydrates are basically sugar, turn to sugar in your blood stream.

NO!!! Agave

Alright, here is another no, no.
I hear people all the time, Agave, Agave, don’t use Agave.


Now, this does not hit your blood sugars, the same way as other sugars or sugar substitutes could do, but like I told you in my other videos, this is mostly fructose sugar.
And fructose sugar is not good for your liver.
For more on that, watch my You Got To Get Sugar Out Of Your Life video.

2009-06-26 007

I mean, it’s so important guys that you get this stuff and understand what these products do to your body.

NO!!! Diet Soda

Another big question that I get all the time is about diet soda. Guys, I’m going to tell you something from first hand experience, and from the experience of a lot of people that I know, you need to leave diet soda alone.

Diet soda, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, diet whatever, can slow your weight loss down or maybe even make it stop.
I’m not sure about all the mechanisms for why it does this, but it does, it really does.
It may be the high sodium, it could be the aspartame that’s in it, but from first hand experience I know that this is true.
I’ve seen it in my own weight loss journey, I’ve seen it in my daughters weight loss journey, I’ve seen it in many people’s weight loss journey.
That diet soda, which is basically artificially sweetened, causes people to have trouble.
Constipation problems, they have weight loss problems, they hold water.
Guys, you’d be better off to leave them alone.
Have coffee, have water, have tea, have, some people like bone broth.
Have these things.
Try to break the habit of the diet soda.
And, I know some of it is a caffeine problem, you know people try to quit the diet soda, all of a sudden they feel terrible.
And, I can relate to that because I was a diet soda addict at one time, even when I was three hundred pounds drinking diet soda, but it didn’t help me lose weight, for sure.
But, you really do need to leave those things alone, for sure.
I know these are rules and regulations, I don’t like that, but if you’re having trouble, that could be it.
It really could.
And, if you’re going to do this thing, you want to be successful.

Listen, when I say keep it simple on your diet, I mean that literally.
You’d be better off in the beginning to really, really limit the amount of artificial sugars and artificial sweeteners that you use.
Because these are one of the main items that cause people trouble.
And listen guys, these things have been shown in studies to raise insulin levels and this is what we don’t want to do.
And for people who are insulin resistant or have hyperinsulinemia, they’re chronically high insulin, it may raise your insulin more than other people.
Guys, we are trying to get well, and believe me, I’m going to do a video on this in the future,
you can fix this insulin problem.
There may come a time when you’re able to handle a little bit, but for now you’ve got to fix the problem.
You can not fool around at the edges.

Now, for those of you who have used these products with no problem, and lost weight, I’m happy for you.
I’m sure it made your experience so much easier.
But for those of you that are having trouble, believe me, follow my advise, leave these things alone.
And if you have to have something, just a little something for your coffee, get some kind of liquid Stevia, some of this DaVinci Syrup, this is no sugar DaVinci Syrup, or a little something like that.
Be very sparing with it.
Just enough to get you by.
And most the time, I don’t use it, because I’ve learned to not need or want sugar.
Thank you so much watching these videos, thank you for liking them, thank you for the comments that I get.

And thank you so much, most of all, for subscribing to this channel.
We’re building a community.
Thank you so much.
Good bye.

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