What To Look For When Buying Butter

What To Look For When Buying Butter.

Almost everyday someone writes to me asking about butter.

Bob, What is the best brand? Bob, What do I look for when buying butter?

Sometimes I forget that for many people, this diet can be complete re-education in food.

So this is my attempt to start from the basics and teach about good old fashioned Butter.

What is Butter?

The U.S.D.A. (the United States Dept. of Agriculture) defines butter as a food “made exclusively from milk or cream” and having at least 80% milkfat by weight.
Salt can also be included or excluded.

What does this mean to you? It means when you buy butter, the ingredients should be  simply “cream or cream and salt”


Notice the ingredient list to the left: Cream, Salt

Cultured Butter

Some butters, called “cultured” butter, can have an additional ingredient – “microbial cultures” which are healthy bacteria which enhance the flavor of the butter in a similar way that buttermilk and sour cream are produced.


Notice the “microbial cultures” on the ingredients. This type of butter is called “Cultured Butter” using the similar idea as buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream.

Grade AA.

The best grade the USDA gives to butter is Grade AA.


Grade AA

So if you see Grade AA written on the box of butter, it is a superior grade.
That doesn’t mean is it the best tasting, but it does mean it passed the USDA test.

Butter can get expensive.

When you’re starting this diet, you might not know which brand is best and even if you could know that, you would have to fit the price of that butter into your budget.

I have good news for you. Any butter which has the ingredients Cream and Salt or Cream only is GOOD for you.

Are there brands that taste better? Yes.
Are there brands that have more of the good nutritional fats in them that you want? Yes.

Can you lose a hundred pounds and greatly improve your health with the cheaper stuff?
I’m going to make the food police mad with this one – yes, you can get healthy with the cheaper butter.

But you should know that spending a little more, or a lot more will give you a butter that not only tastes wonderful, but is made from the cream of cows which were allowed to eat mostly grass.

This makes the butter much better for you because it will have a better mix of essential fats (Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio) and a higher amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

Also, some of the more expensive brands take better care of their animals, the land and don’t use a lot of hormones and antibiotics.

If money is not a problem, I choose Kerrygold Irish Butter.
It is made from the cream of grass-fed Irish cows. It tastes really good and has a wonderful color, but it is double the price of other store brands.


Almost 5 bucks for a 1/2 pound. It tastes great, I mean it really tastes fantastic, and it has been made in all the right ways, but it’s expensive. Walmart price is a dollar less than this Kroger price.

Another great butter is Organic Valley Cultured Butter – which is made in Wisconsin from pasture raised cows. It has a rich “cultured” tangy taste and they don’t use Antibiotics, Hormones or Genetically Modified feeds (GMO)


Delicious tangy butter and the farmers treat their cattle really nice. More expensive, but oh so good. This is about 6 dollar a pound.

Money is always an issue for most of us, so you can also buy the store brands so long as the ingredients are Cream and optional salt.
Can you lose a hundred pounds and get healthier with the cheap butter? Yes, and I did.


Walmart Great Value Brand, I use it a lot. Is it the best, no. Does it fit my budget, yes. Can I lose a hundred pounds and get healthy with this, yes and I did.


Don’t Buy Stuff Like the Following:

The following is NOT BUTTER and is not good for you.
Just look at the ingredients and compare them to the wonderful butters above.


Look at these ingredients – first one Vegetable Oil Blend, then a hydrogenated (transfat) soybean oil


Vegetable Oil Blend


I can’t believe they can even print the word BUTTER on this package. The first ingredient is “Water”, then soybean oil.


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  • Fitzgerald says:

    Great advice. I’ve been following the alternative food and medicine websites, and yours is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sandra says:

    I can’t prove it, but I believe that Country Crock triggered my husband’s and my daughter’s MS. We don’t use anything but butter, coconut oil and natural fat at my house anymore. For most of my growing up years, we were told margarine was healthier for us than butter! It’s amazing the power the food manufacturers have to influence the diet – and consequently, the health of consumers.
    The new year’s resolution for 2016 is to use IF – with LCHF – to get down to goal weight (about 70 lbs) I’m excited! I’ve done fat fasts before and have eaten low carb for years, so adding IF will be easy.

  • Andy says:

    Got lucky the other day,Twofers on Kerrygold at Meijers. 2 fer 5 HAHAHAHA

  • Linda morrow says:

    Thank you Bob great videos.. I restarted low carb in May 2016, can artificial sweeteners stall weight loss I am going to stop using Stevia and splenda..

  • Walter Bushell says:

    It says right on the label that it’s a crock, that *should* be a clue.

  • Patricia Hicks says:

    Another quality butter is made by Minerva Dairy–I pay $4.50 a pound for it. They are a generational Amish farming operation in Ohio. They can be found on line. Can order directly from them or find a store that carries their butter and cheeses. Bob you are a life saver, I love all the information you have put out for us.
    Blessings, Pat

  • Elfie says:

    Price for KerryGold butter:
    Seattle: Trader Joe’s $ 2.99
    Tacoma: Winco $2.61

  • Jim says:

    Bob, for what it’s worth, here in Wisconsin we buy hand rolled butter. I think the flavor is great. We asked one of the owners at the creamery where it is made (Alcam Creamery) what he puts in it to make it taste so much better than his fourth pound wrapped sticks, and his answer surprised me. He says it is the exact same, however the process of putting the butter into the sticks alters the taste just a bit, and most people prefer the hand rolled butter, although it is a bit more expensive.

  • Nicholas Cremato says:

    Where I live in Brooklyn NY. Kerry Gold butter is $6.88 for 3/ 8 ounce packs!

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