Fasting – A History

Fasting – A History

Dr. Jason Fung takes us on a history tour, with this quick history of fasting.

I love this article because it hits the nail on the head – some very complex problems don’t require a complex solution, they just need us to remember that human beings have already worked out a solution to being sick, many cultures over many centuries already figured this stuff out. New is not always better.

Recent History
A comment by Bob Briggs about Dr. Fung’s history tour:

In the ancient past, when they used fasting,  they didn’t have to reverse a lifetime of eating junk food and becoming increasingly sick because of insulin resistance and the chronic high insulin levels that go along with this condition.

We who have been or are still fat, sick and hurting, need a treatment or technique like LCHF to be able to use short term fasts (not necessarily eating less, just eating less often) long enough to get better. We have done more damage to ourselves than our ancient teachers and many of us will need a longer time of treatment than they ever did.

We need to fast often enough and for a long enough practice of months to get our resistance under control, get our liver fat removed, get our blood fats corrected.

LCHF gives you sustainability, so you can dramatically increase the amount of time you practice the real cure for modern metabolic illnesses – fasting – which attacks the root cause of these diseases – chronically high insulin levels.

LCHF is an imitation of fasting, because both not eating for a time (fasting) and LCHF set your body up to use mostly fat as it’s source of energy. LCHF keeps your insulin from going very high when you do eat, and fasting allows you to spend most your time with very low insulin when you’re not eating. Keeping insulin low allows your body to remain in a state where it is able to eat it’s own fat for energy and fat is natures perfect food.

Remember this, Insulin Resistance Syndrome, or Metabolic Syndrome is the connection between a wide range of illnesses, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol problems, heart disease, certain cancers like breast and colon, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, joint pain and there also strong connections to Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety.

These are all connected directly or indirectly to years and years of chronically high insulin levels, because Insulin Resistance causes chronically high insulin levels and in a vicious cycle, Insulin Resistance is also increased by the high insulin levels it causes. Resistance increases insulin levels and high insulin levels increase resistance.

LCHF and fasting attack this chronically high insulin problem at the roots and bring down the insulin resistance, breaking the vicious cycle and eventually, if practiced long enough, restoring health to many and greatly improving those who have permanent damage.

For more about this Insulin Problem and What you can do about it, watch my video “Drying Up the Root – LCHF and the Fasting Cure”

Eat-Stop-EatMost diets cause you to use “will power” to eat less, but this doesn’t work for long for most people. The LCHF (low carb/high fat) diet turns off the “out of control hunger urges” that you’ve struggled with all your life and gives you control, gives you freedom without using “will power”. This will enable to do what is called “intermittent fasting”.

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes.

The most complete source of information on intermittent fasting can be gained all in one convenient book, which I highly recommend.
I’ve written a critical review of some of the parts, but I still think “Eat, Stop, Eat” is the best fasting book you can find at this time.

See my REVIEW at this link –

Butter_Bob They call me Butter Bob, but . . .

There’s something more to my story than Butter.

Hello, I’m Bob Briggs, I’m a 51 year old man who lost 145 lbs in 14 months.

I’m a middle aged man, but I feel young again and you can too.

It’s not too late.

You Can See My Before and After

Bob Briggs at 320 lbs and now after losing 145 lbs Big-Small

You Can Watch My Videos


But, you don’t know my whole story until you understand I lost 145 lbs with both Butter AND Fasting.

Most diets force you to use “will power” to eat less, but this doesn’t work for long. A better way is eating healthy fats, like Butter, which turn off the “out of control hunger urges” that you’ve struggled with all your life. This gives you complete appetite control.

This appetite control gives you freedom without using “will power” and enables you to do what is called “intermittent fasting“.

No diet or exercise plan can DO for you what Short Term Fasting can do.

But until you actually learn all the things intermittent fasting can DO for you, it’s just my word and my story, it doesn’t relate to you.

They call me Butter Bob, but the truth is, I could just as easily be called Fasting Bob.

Click Here For the Rest of my story

For more about “listening to your appetite control”, what I call listening to “Your Own Personal Diet Guru” and not eating when not hungry watch:

For more about why you should fast and how short term daily fasting along with a simple LCHF diet can really improve your health watch my new video:

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