You are either Fed or Fasted

You are either storing fat or burning fat – a review of Brad Pilon’s book “Eat, Stop, Eat” – by Bob Briggs

Until I can write my own book about how I lost 145+ pounds with #LCHF diet and Fasting, I highly recommend you buy “Eat, Stop, Eat” by Brad Pilon, even though I have a very different opinion on diet which I point out below, I believe this book is a “must have” for those of you who want to get healthy and lose weight.



I receive a part of the sales when you buy this book through one of the links on this page, this helps me, without costing you anything extra and I appreciate it, but even if you do not buy this book from my link, please do yourself a favor if you’re serious about getting healthy and buy this book.

Those of you who have followed me know that I take great care to only share credible sources of information, especially well documented sources. I don’t have to agree with them on everything, but I do have to believe they are teaching something they can back up with science and results. I take this responsibility very seriously, as you know, I don’t push gimmicks or diet pills or weight loss scams.

Could you find all the information in this book for free someplace? Yes, sure you can. But why would you want to waste all that time, when almost everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting is already in “Eat, Stop, Eat“, a book you can buy, download and start reading in less than 5 minutes.

Eat, Stop, Eat” vs. “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

I believe Low Carb High Fat #LCHF is the best treatment strategy for those who have chronically high insulin levels and all the related diseases those high insulin levels cause, but, unlike Eat Stop Eat, I strongly believe it is the appetite control LCHF gives us, that will allow us to practice the long term cure for high insulin levels, the cure of short-term Fasting.

“Eat, Stop, Eat” is about that Fasting Cure, but if you’re sick, fat and hurting, I believe you need the added treatment strategy of “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off”.

LCHF and Intermittent Fasting is what I did to lose 145 pounds and this is what I STILL do to keep it off. I have not gained one pound of my weight loss back since reaching goal.

Why I Strongly Recommend Fasting

Since the day my first video came out, I’ve been telling people how important it is to use the appetite control a high fat diet gives you, to go hours and hours without eating, without having to use your will power in any way.

From the questions I’ve received since that time, I quickly understood that I really didn’t make myself clear about the importance of fasting, because the main questions I get are:

“What foods do you eat EXACTLY and in DETAIL?” implying there is some magical cure in the food I eat or

“How many calories am I allowed?” a simple misunderstanding of what causes us to store fat, or

“How much BUTTER should I eat each day?”- I don’t even know what to say about that one.

These questions completely miss the point of how fat controls your appetite as I’ve written about here and here.

Brad Pilon makes a very important point:

“Human beings can only be in one of the following states: Fed or Fasted.” – Brad Pilon

This seems like a simple statement, but understanding this changes your questions and your answers.

The question I ask myself has never been “What To Eat or How Often?”

but the exact opposite:

“How do I use the appetite control fat gives me, to FEED myself MY OWN BODY FAT” – Bob Briggs

Not “What Food or How Much” but:

When I’m not hungry, my own Body Fat is what I’m having for dinner – Bob Briggs

My body fat is my MENU.

My own body fat is my meal recipe.

The Fat I eat at meal times is just the key I use to turn off my appetite engine.

Eat, Stop, Eat


Brad Pilon, author of Eat, Stop, Eat

I wish I had a book of my own about the topic of fasting, and maybe I will some day, but until then, I want to strongly recommend a book called “Eat, Stop, Eat” by Brad Pilon (pictured).

But, I do not recommend it without reservation, I have some strong criticisms of it and want to start with those.


The author, Brad Pilon, wrote this excellent book by his own admission for “healthy people”.

He is a body builder himself, with a fantastic physique and in many places in his book, he says the type of food you eat while not fasting doesn’t matter. He strongly criticizes diets which limit certain types of food, like carbohydrates. And maybe, if you are young, healthy and very physically fit, his advice might be alright (although there is a great deal of evidence that a high carbohydrate diet is dangerous even for the physically fit).

But, If you are sick, fat and hurting you better throw that “all foods are the same” idea out the window. If you look like me when I weighed 320 pounds, carbohydrates are not your friend.


Me, when I was sick, fat and hurting

I strongly disagree with this approach for anyone who is on the tree of metabolic illnesses caused by years and years of chronically high insulin.

Like I told you in my “Drying Up the Root” video, if you have Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Fatty Liver, High Triglycerides and a big belly, you are MOST definitely on one of the branches of this tree, you most likely have metabolic syndrome, you most likely have HIGH INSULIN levels, then you had better stay away from carbohydrates as much as possible, period.

This idea of using dietary fat (in relatively small amounts when you do the actual calorie math) to TURN OFF our appetite and allow us to begin the process of living off our own body fat (fasting) most the hours of the day, is so simple, it simply doesn’t compute in most people’s mind.

Brad Pilon targets the healthy and active, but I believe Eating Low Carb, High Fat is like the key that unlocks the body fat pantry for those of you are hugely overweight, very sick and hurting.

LCHF can be this “key” because it turns off my appetite and as long as I do not get in the way by eating when I’m not hungry, this appetite control allows me to fast for many hours each day, or every other day, or whenever I choose.

Eat, Stop, Eat

The Best Fasting Book You Can Buy.

Over 200 pages, 317 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies, plus charts and practical “how to” advice, you can download instantly.

Criticism Over – Let the Praises for “Eat, Stop, Eat” begin now:

Why You Need “Eat, Stop, Eat”:

Now that I got my biggest criticism out of the way, I want to tell you why you NEED this book.

And, yes, I said NEED – you need to know WHY Intermittent Fasting is DOING something. It only appears to be a passive strategy. People want a diet plan, a menu, they want something to DO, but you need to understand that FASTING is DOING something.

Fasting seems to be doing nothing, but Eat, Stop, Eat will show you that Fasting is actually DOING more to help yourself than you could ever do otherwise, by actually doing something, like dieting or exercising.

Fasting and Exercise – Not Doing and Doing

On page 172 of Eat, Stop, Eat – this chart shows Fasting is DOING some of the same things exercise can do:


From “Eat, Stop, Eat” by Brad Pilon

You need “Eat, Stop, Eat” because you need to understand how important fasting is, how safe it is, how natural it is, how many processes it heals or improves and this book explains all these things and much more.

Food is Not the Cure

Food is not the cure, any kind of food, even fatty foods are not the cure.

Brad Pilon, the author of “Eat, Stop, Eat” illustrates this point so well when he writes:

“Our bodies are designed to eat food when food is available and use the calories we have stored as fat when food is scarce. These are our only two options. Consider them the Yin and Yang of nutrition and health.
FED – Eating and storing Calories
FASTED – Not eating and burning Calories.”


Folks this is the simple truth.

Read that again and again and really let it sink in to your way of thinking.

You are either:

Eating and Storing Body Fat or
Fasting and Burning Body Fat.

We could take that a step further and say this:

You are either:

Eating and Causing Insulin to Rise
Fasting and Causing Insulin to go Lower

If you are sick, fat and hurting, if you have heart disease, or type 2 diabetes, or any other high insulin level related disease – you can see the fasting state is your best weapon to dry up the root cause of your tree of problems.

The problem is many of us have had way too much Yang and very little Yin.

Fasting Myths

“Fasting will KILL your metabolism,” “fasting deprives your body of nutrients and does nothing to help you modify your dietary habits,” “The weight loss from fasting comes entirely from muscle,” or “The weight loss from fasting comes entirely from water” and finally “If you do not eat every 5 hours your liver releases sugar, which causes an insulin surge making you gain fat even without food” – Eat, Stop, Eat

Brad Pilon takes the above common fasting myths and destroys them one by one with study after scientific study (over 300 peer reviewed studies).

He does this in an easy to understand style too, you don’t need to be a science reader to understand him, but if you are that type of person, and I am, the studies are there to look up and learn.

He covers everything from your metabolism to your testosterone levels.

By the way, fasting improves testosterone levels, it’s actually at it’s highest level after an overnight fast, which might explain a common morning phenomenon for men, LOL.

Belly fat reduces your testosterone levels and this effects the libido of both men and women. (Side note not in the book Eat, Stop, Eat – Dr. Joseph Kraft says erectile problems are hyperinsulinemia [chronically high insulin levels] until proven otherwise).

The Health Benefits of Fasting

The best section in “Eat, Stop, Eat” is “The Health Benefits of Fasting” because it lays out step by step how fasting reverses the ill effects of Insulin Resistance Syndrome.

Brad Pilon doesn’t write a lot about Insulin Resistance Syndrome, but let me tell you, one look at the following list of things Fasting can improve is like looking at the cure and reversal of high insulin levels and the direct and indirect problems those high insulin levels cause:

List of Improvements covered in great detail in “Eat, Stop, Eat

• Decreased body fat & body weight
• Maintenance of skeletal muscle mass
• Decreased blood glucose levels
• Decreased insulin levels & increased insulin sensitivity
• Increased lipolysis & fat oxidation
• Increased Uncoupling Protein 3 mRNA
• Increased norepinephrine & epinephrine levels
• Increased glucagon levels
• Increased growth hormone levels
• Decreased food related stress
• Decreased chronic systemic Inflammation
• Increased cellular cleansing

Eat, Stop, Eat” takes each one of these improvements and shows you the science of why and how short-term fasting can and does cause them to happen without effort on your part.

Folks, “The Health Benefits of Fasting” section alone is worth the 20 bucks this book costs.

If you want to be motivated to change your life, this will FIRE you up.

24 Hour Fast = Less Insulin

Brad Pilon brings out so many great facts you’ll love.

Like this one:
If you fasted 72 hours, your insulin would be reduced to half of it’s normal level.

But here’s the good part, you don’t have to fast for three days to really help yourself, because 70% of the reduction in your insulin level occurs in the first 24 hours.


from “Eat, Stop, Eat” by Brad Pilon

Here’s another great one:

A simple 24 hour fast can increase the amount of fat that is released from your body fat and the amount of fat you burn for energy by over 50%.

Fifty Percent, Folks.


As I told you in my “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” video, before I lost weight, I used to have severe joint pain, but now I’m free from that pain.

Eat, Stop, Eat” covers this topic of inflammation very well. Just look at this chart on page 107:


from “Eat, Stop, Eat” by Brad Pilon

The more weight lost, the less markers of chronic inflammation.

I’ve absolutely found this to be true. Do you want to reduce your inflammation? Intermittent Fasting is the best and cheapest way.

The drug companies can’t sell me their pain pills anymore. I don’t need them.

How To Fast:

The last part of “Eat, Stop, Eat” is a how to do the fast Brad Pilon recommends.

I found this part to be a fantastic and practical source of information, but remember, there are many ways to fast.

You can do it the way Brad Pilon teaches in this book, or you can do it the Leangain’s way of 8 hours fed/16 hours fasted, or the Warrior fasting style of 4 fed/20 fasted, or a simple eat a day, fast a day.

The method is not nearly as important as Just Doing It.

Once you know how good it is for you, by reading and studying “Eat, Stop, Eat“, and how much intermittent fasting can improve your life and help you lose weight this will be your motivation.

Until I can write my own book, I highly recommend you buy “Eat, Stop, Eat”.

Click on the picture below for a link to get your own copy, you will not be sorry, plus there’s a money back guarantee backed by Clickbank.

In less than 5 minutes from now, you can download and be reading the best fasting book you can buy.


Thanks for all your friendships and support. I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing your own success stories real soon.
Bob Briggs

Legal Disclaimer
Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. Individual Results may vary.

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  • Celeste Kelsey says:

    I Love you, Bob! Thanks so much for “eating and digesting” all the “food for thought” out there and “spitting it back at us!” You make it so easy. I am still amazed every time I see your ‘before’ picture. I really appreciate all you do and will take seriously your review of this book because I trust you and believe you know about what you talk. 🙂

  • Laura Kannard says:

    Bob, thanks for the review and your videos. You are an inspiration to many.

  • Nancy Jacobs says:

    Okay Bob. Based on your recommendation I purchased he book. I have started reading, and you are right, the author does have an easy-to-read style. However, I much prefer your writing style! Please, please seriously consider writing your own book. I would buy both an e-book and a hard copy. You have given us your story and research for free on your website. I know you would write a great book.

  • Bree says:

    So if we don’t fast we won’t see results?

    • Bob Briggs says:

      Hello, Bree,
      When the appetite control this way of life gives you, kicks in, you will spontaneously begin to fast between meals. It’s just that easy. So all you have to do is not get in the way and try to eat on a schedule. Remember never try to force this. This easiest way is to simply delay eating when you get up in the morning.

  • I bought Brad book a year ago but your style has helped my clients understand it better. Your video’s are great. You are looking out for your fellow man.

  • Claudia Ruby says:

    Bob, my hubby and I have been on LCHF for one year now. He has lost 80 lbs and I’ve lost about 50. We both still have some belly fat that seems impossible to lose. I guess fasting is our next option even though we do to a certain degree already. My question is: are we allowed bullet proof coffee during the longer fasting period? Thank you so much for all the help you’ve been on our journey to better health!

  • Larry Christiansen says:

    Hello Bob
    I ran across your website quite by accident on YouTube. Your science concerning fat and carbs seemed logical, so my wife and I decided to to do your “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” program. We started at the end of November 2014. My wife lost 20 lbs as did I. We hit a plateau at month 3 which lasted about 4 weeks. We couldn’t figure out why you had such great success and our efforts were stalling. We began to again lose some weight and inches but something seemed wrong. Today we found out what we were doing wrong. We hadn’t realized we also needed to fast while on the program. We purchased Eat, Stop, Eat as you suggested. Both of us are excitedly waiting to see the results of doing your program the right way. I’m an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic and looking forward to experiencing the results of using less insulin each day, looking better and feeling better.
    Larry C

  • Poca says:

    Hey Bob,
    Great job, man. This makes tons of sense. I do have a question, though. When I’m fasting, is it okay to have small portions of butter, coconut oil, bullet-proof coffee and the like, or is it better not to eat at all? I know it sounds silly, but I was wondering how to make it easily through the 24 hour fast. I’ve been fasting almost daily for about 10-12 hours.

    Thanks again, for all the info.

    • JustMe says:

      fasting means “no food consumed within a specified time frame”. You cant make a fast easier with “food”. But while you are feeding, you can make sure you get enough fats in, to help you with hunger during the next fast.

    • Eric says:

      JustMe says “You cant make a fast easier with ‘food'”. While that is the goal, technically, you can continue to reap the benefits of fasting if you were to consume foods that had no carbs or protein to spike insulin levels. This is typically frowned on for two reasons: 1) some may still see a minor insulin response from any food consumption, and 2) if your body is using dietary fat for fuel, it’s not using body fat. But I think the idea here is not to starve yourself. So if you’re generally hungry, break the fast and eat to satiety. You can always reset the fasting clock after achieving a new fullness. For me, fasting times increased as I have progressed on this new way of eating. I used to make it only 12 hours before feeling hunger pangs. Now I can go 24-36 hours without a thought of food.

  • Amy says:

    When you say the best way to fast is to delay eating in the morning, how long do you recommend I “delay”? If I’m going to eat only 1 meal every 24 hours, what’s the optimal time to eat it? Lunch–Noon/1:00ish? Dinner–5:00/6:00ish? And like Poca asked–is fat added to broth/tea acceptable during the fasting period, or is only plain water best? I really want to transition to this. I’m eating 8/16 now, 9:00/9:30ish and 4:00/5:00ish. I eat a fatty meat/water only diet, and I drink homemade bone broth (most fat removed) 1 or 2 times during the day/evening.

    • Jim says:

      I have found that if I drink a large cup of hot water (like coffee) with 1 tbls+ of chicken powder mixed in I am not hungry until noon or later (frequently 2 or 3 pm before I get hungry).
      God bless,

  • Angela Willis says:

    Maybe when you write your book about fasting, Bob, you will consider those that heavy intermittent fasting (more than 12 hours) is not good for. I have adrenal fatigue and low thyroid, and find that when I fast longer than 12 hours, that my blood sugar drops and I go all shaky. Balancing it out in the morning with some fat, a little protein, and just a touch of veggie carb seems to really make a huge difference.

    This seems to effect a lot of women, so there may be something to that. You can check out Leanne Vogel at to see some of her videos and research on it if you are interested.

  • xxx avi says:

    Hi there Dear, are you actually visiting
    this website daily, if so after that you will definitely get good experience.

  • Barrie Walsh says:

    Hi Bob, You’re a great encouragement to me. I’m 78 and a type 2 diabetic and I follow a LCHF diet with intermittent fasting eating only breakfast and lunch. My problem is that I dropped from 72 kilos to my present 48 kilos! I’m really happy with my diet and the fasting is a breeze but I don’t want to lose any more weight. Have you any suggestions as I’m below my BMI?

  • Benn says:

    Bob I am interested in loosing 100 – 130 lbs and like what I’ve heard. However, you describe conditions to loose weight for Type 2 Diabetics.

    I am Type 1 (I do not produce any insulin- or minimal at best) Diabetic. How has your program worked for Type 1 Diabetics & do they have any comments on the program?

    • Celeste Kelsey says:

      Benn…my husband is a Type I Diabetic and has been eating the Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Diet for 4 years. He has normalized his blood sugar with a 5.0 HbA1c and lost the 25 lbs of excess weight he was carrying very quickly. It was actually Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s plan of no more than 30 carbs a day that was the impetus for his journey. (Dr. Bernstein is himself a Type I Diabetic who has eaten this way for about 40 years and has reversed all of his complications. He has a book Diabetes Solution and a web-site, The Bernstein Connection with both subscription and free content.) There are a few things you should be aware of as a Type I that would be different than Type 2 or overweight persons. There are also other doctors in the LCHF community who are Type I. Dr. Keith Runyan, and Dr. Troy Stapleton. Both can be found on line and on youtube. Good Luck and stick with it.

  • kathi says:

    Dear Bob,
    You are such an inspiration for me.
    I am 47 and was type1 diabetic,since I was a baby
    Due to my diabetes, I am eating LC for over 10 years.
    When I found your videos, I switched to HFLC.
    Now, I had a transplant in november 2015. I have to use Cortisone and 2 other immunosupressants at least another 3 month or even 6 month.
    I strictly avoid carbs and only eat leavy greens and very LC veggies.
    Is it possible, that I still gain weight?
    I have edema but I am not sure, wether this can also be fat.
    I am normally slim, but now I simply have to turn to you for advice…

    Thanks in advance, Kathi

    • celeste kelsey says:

      Have you checked out Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s body of work. He is, himself, a Long Standing Type I Diabetic who reversed all of his complications and is currently still practicing as a Diabetologist at 82 (ish). He has lots of free info on Youtube, “Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes University,” and his book, “Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.” He rejects the label, LCHF, because he promotes higher protein and does not pay attention to fat. However, if you do the nutrient profile on what he tells you to eat…it is in harmony with LCHF. He one time gave his exact diet (he eats boring…and believe all diabetics need to have a formula to follow) which he ate every single day until he gets tired of it – could be a year or more. I took the meals and did the nutrient analysis…it was LCHF to a tee. He just doesn’t realize it. He thinks LCHF people are emaciated (I guess he hasn’t seen Dominic D’Agostino). But to be fair, Diabetes is his shtick. If you follow his plan exactly…you will be fine. My husband has been doing it for 6 years – he is type I. Admittedly…Type I’s with their need to match insulin to carbs and protein have a harder go of it…but it is very doable. Good Luck.

  • Richard Townsend says:

    Hi bob,
    With this fasting Protocaol can you have Bullet proof Coffee be consumed during fasts ?.


    • Mary Jenkins says:

      Definitely! Just make sure it is with your meal and not in between meals. During fasting, you want to use your body fat to burn for energy instead of using the fat in the Bullet Proof Coffee.

  • lynda says:

    Two meals a day…one at 12 and one at 6. LCHF. Not a pound lost. So, I’m going to assume that the fast has to be longer than that????

  • Martha says:

    You are so right about the scale stalling out as the inches fall off. Consuming fat has allowed me to fast, first by eating only once a day then eating every other day. I am a type 2 diabetic. I notice that my post prandial blood glucose is coming down as well as my fasting blood glucose. So maybe I am chopping away at the insulin resistance problem.

    Thank you for taking the stigma out of eating fat. Fasting is so much easier than dieting. I exercise but I cannot buy into the exercise a half hour after every meal.regimen. It’s disruptive and it did not change my blood glucose except to send it up sometimes..

    You are doing great good by sharing your story.

  • donna wynn says:

    Sorry Bob, this book was a waste of time/money for me because fasting is so easy with your WOE…. but I totally agree with you and so appreciate you coming out with something a lot of folks need to just listen to what YOU have to say. You told me really all I needed to know about how easy it is to fast after having a high fat meal. My coffee with coconut oil and butter keeps my appetite at bay for hours, we’re talking 6-8 hours and I thought “I can fast at this rate” Thanks you so much 😉

  • Martha says:

    Hey Butter Bob:

    I found your videos about a week ago. I have been on diets for years (as most of the people who write to you say) and although I was never really obese, I am still about 25 pounds over my ideal weight. In 2012, I dieted FOR A YEAR and finally lost that weight. Since then, I have gained it ALL BACK. Been trying to diet for the last six months, up and down a few pounds with no real results. After seeing your videos, and reading some books (Keto Clarity was one) and reviewing a few other LCHF videos, I went whole hog for LCHF. Tomorrow will be a week of LCHF eating. I lost five pounds as of this morning. It’s so rewarding. You just think – yeah, I can do this.
    I have also been doing some coffee with coconut milk, butter, and a bit of almond milk and a touch of stevia and it is REALLY satisfying and keeps me going all morning and into the afternoon. I have also found that if I have one big afternoon meal, I am really fine until the next morning. I’ve had a small smoothie some nights before bed, but am really keeping any real eating within that 5-6 hour window per day. It’s working – exactly as you said on the video. I can’t believe that more people are not doing this.

  • Gavin miller says:

    So what should I eat for lunch if I ate bacon and eggs for breakfast

  • surbhi desai says:

    i fully agree with you bob but being a vegetarian i find it difficult to reduce carbs drastically there isnt much to eat . i eat abutter on a slice of bread in the morning then i am not hungry till late in the afternoon my intake of food has decreased thogh but have not lost much weight can you suggest something

    • C says:

      Put the butter on some low carb veggies instead of bread. Make oopsie , low carb bread, you can Google recipes for that if interested. I never realized how tasty cabbage is until I cooked it in a bunch of butter. Try a salad with low carb dressing and low carb veggies. Add an avocado. I make a fantastic salad dressing that’s just olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh lime juice and a diced avocado. Great on any salad

  • Rob Taylor says:

    Hey Butter Bob,

    Right on! I’ve been searching for something to take me back to thin again. Four years ago I made a dietary change for the better, low carb, no sodas, very little sugar. I immediately lost 60 pounds and life was good. Then, as my body adjusted to my weight loss and Leptin and Insulin levels increased I slowly gained 48 pounds back – and I was still avoiding the things I used to love – sugary treats, but gaining little by little just the same. I’ve tried many things since then, high-intensity workouts, timed eating (skipping a meal here or there), dietary supplements…and nothing seemed to stop the slow, steady weight gain, except fasting. I did a strict 72-hour water fast and dropped 12 pounds in 10 days. Now I’m fasting 16 to 24 hours every other day and the pounds continue to drop. Soon I will be back down to the 60 pounds-lower level and my goal is to drop 20 pounds more after that.

  • Kowshik says:

    Hi Bob

    Stumbled upon your YouTube video

    Amazing the way you articulate the message

    I’m now on Daily 24 hour fast. Dinner is the only meal but no limits except I must Ensure adequate greens.

    This works soooo well I feel liberated so much freedom. And actually feel a mild high while fasting and look forward to that and my black coffee

    Cheers Kowshik

  • Donnie says:

    I have adopted the LCHF diet and intermittent fasting. I have the same question that several others have asked above. Do you have your coffee (w/cream or butter) during your 16 hour fast?

    • celeste kelsey says:

      Every Low Carb group which I follow in some way asks this question. I have yet to hear a definitive answer, however, I believe “it depends.” Why are you fasting? What is your goal? I believe there is enough evidence to suggest that if you are insulin resistant or have fatty liver disease…the answer would be no. If you are on a maintenance LC diet with no issues then you probably can as long as you keep your macros stay in line. I am one who does not believe you can eat fat to abandon. I have heard Dr. Fung say he will give in to pleas from those that need cream in their coffee…but even then he says a ridiculous amount like…a teaspoon. Remember…Fat is the most abundant NUTRIENT on a LCHF diet. It is a NUTRIENT that supplies your energy needs. How can one include their primary NUTRIENT when they are ‘FASTING?” There are multiple goals in fasting…Autophagy, Depleting Liver Glycogen stores, Pulling Fat out of your Fat stores. Reason out if you can accomplish your goals having Bulletproof Coffee or any variation thereof.

  • mark Smith says:

    Where have you disappeared to? Are you still alive? Writing your book? Just discovered you recently; would be a shame for everyone to lose track of you now, especially not knowing what the deal is. Hope to her some kind of a reply. Thanks, Mark

    • celeste kelsey says:

      Mark, Bob posted this on his Facebook Page, “Butter makes your pants fall off,” more than a year ago:
      February 13, 2017
      “Thanks everyone. I’m really feeling the love today and I appreciate it very much.

      BTW, I’m alive and physically well, but just had to take a step back from social media.

      It is almost impossible to maintain a positive attitude if you spend a lot of time online these days. But, maybe instead of turning off the negative, I should fight the dark, by turning on more lights.

      The song I posted today is an example of turning on the light. Three very nice people, I don’t know and probably will never meet in this life – got together and did something nice for me.

      Arguing diets, arguing politics or religion or any other controversial topic divides people even more than they already are and believe me, people are divided right now, worse than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Division is darkness, it just is.

      We can turn on a light, we can unite people instead of divide them, with a simple kind word, or a small selfless act of charity. Simple acts of kindness are a powerful way to light up our world, one little candle at a time.

      I hope every single person on this page will find something nice or uplifting to post on their own Facebook page today”

      I certainly understand where he is coming from. I have backed off also finding the ego conflicts so discouraging.

  • Leighandra says:

    You are an amazing person for sharing this information. I’m sure you can’t hear that enough. I know you’re taking a break, but just wanted to reach out and let you know that you are missed. I stumbled across your videos this week, and I can only imagine how those who have followed you from the beginning feel now that you’re not online. Come back when you’re ready. Your friends are waiting. 🙂

  • MARY Hamilton says:

    I just stumbled across this in my fb group Fung & Ramos and loved the information on insulin reduction since I’m T2D @347#. My doc has been able to cut my basal insulin from 50 to 24 in 6 weeks of lchf IF OMAD. My question: should I stop metformin or reduce it now or wait til I’m off my insulin dose? Thanks so much!!

  • Mary says:

    Definitely! Just make sure it is with your meal and not in between meals. During fasting, you want to use your body fat to burn for energy instead of using the fat in the Bullet Proof Coffee.

  • Jim Mecom says:

    I read one of your first articles (on butter) many years ago. I knew nothing of nutrition and remember thinking “This guy is a bigger nut than me”.
    Now many years later, I am about 50 lbs. heavier and I am a diabetic. I have rethought the previous opinion.
    I have since spent many dozens of hours studying diet and nutrition and feel that I can now make an informed intelligent decision concerning my health.
    I have been on the KETO diet for about 3 months now (lchf). I have lost 23 lbs. so far. I have gone from 5 shots of insulin a day to perhaps 1 every week or 10 days. I anticipate this becoming zero in the near future.
    I found your site by accident today. As soon as I saw the word “fast” I started to move on when it occurred to me that I am already fasting. I drink a large cup of chicken broth (chicken powder) at mid- morning and do not eat until usually 2 or 3 pm. I am simply not hungry. I usually eat dinner around 7 pm so I am already fasting about 18 to 20 hours a day. It is not something I planned, I am simply not hungry. Perhaps in the future I can go to 1 meal a day.

    I wish you the very best Bob.
    I hope your readers do not make the same mistake I did many years ago.
    God bless,

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