Don’t Eat “Low Carb” Bars

Don’t Eat “Low Carb” Bars

Look at this “Atkins” snack.

I’ve taken several pictures of the box and cut and paste them together to see all the important reasons I tell people to eat real food as much as possible and stay completely away from so called “Low Carb” processed snacks and meal replacement bars.

net carbs sugar alcohols1

The first thing to notice on the left is “Sugar Alcohols 9g”.

What is a sugar alcohol?

Sugar Alcohols are carbohydrates that are not fully broken down by the human body.
Some of them, like Erythritol and Mannitol pass through our system with very little impact on blood sugar.

But some of them can and do effect your blood sugar and they have a calorie count two.

In this snack, there are 4 sugar alcohols on the middle label (circled in yellow):


The polydextose and glycerin are two sugar alcohols that aren’t a big problem, but the Maltitol is another story.

The sugar alcohols with the most impact on calories and blood sugar are the ones with Maltitol.

Maltitol and Maltitol Syrup are sugar alcohols, but they are not like the others, they are absorbed by your body at a higher rate and have a calorie value of 3 calories per gram (sugar itself is 4 calories per gram).

Maltitol and Maltitol Syrup both have a glycemic index (a number that measures how a food will impact your blood sugar) in a range from the high 30’s to the low 50’s.

Sugar itself has a glycemic index of 65.
50 to 75% of the Maltitol is absorbed by your body and it shows in the way it hits your blood sugars, anywhere from about half of sugar to three-fourths of the impact.

And lastly on the right of the picture is the yellowed circled “3g Net Carbs”

How did they come up with that?

They took the total carbohydrates and subtracted the fiber and the sugar alcohols.

I agree with subtracting the fiber, your body can’t break it down, but we’ve just seen the sugar alcohols do impact your blood sugar and they do have a calorie value.

One last thing:
Just look at the ingredient list for this junk food, it’s a mile long and has a lot of two dollar unpronounceable words in it.


Bottom Line

Eat Real Food and leave the “low carb” bars and snacks on the shelf.

Most diets cause you to use “will power” to eat less, but this doesn’t work for long for most people. The LCHF (low carb/high fat) diet turns off the “out of control hunger urges” that you’ve struggled with all your life and gives you control, gives you freedom without using “will power”. This will enable to do what is called “intermittent fasting”.

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes. The most complete source of information on intermittent fasting can be gained all in one convenient book, which I highly recommend. I’ve written a critical review of some of the parts, but I still think “Eat Stop Eat” is the best fasting book you can find at this time. See my REVIEW at this link –

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