No !!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter

The title of this video is “No!!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter”, instead eat your own body fat, that’s what’s for dinner.

This video is unlike any other video I’ve done, it’s just me talking to you, sharing my experiences on the diet, answering a couple of questions that come up on my Facebook page, all the time.

The other star of this little show is Chiquita, which I mistakenly called a “box turtle” in the video. Chiquita is a “Red-Eared Slider“.

She is a ketogenic turtle, she loves to eat real food and so should you. She loves to eat shrimp and fish, and she’s healthy for it, and you could be healthy for it too.

The main reason I’m coming to you in this video is because I get this question a lot. And it’s not always the framed the same way, it’s not always phrased the same way, but it’s an important question. The main question that people ask me is some variation of:

“What specifically did you eat to lose weight?”

“What can I eat to lose weight?”

“What food do I need to eat to lose weight?”

I even get the question:

“How many sticks of butter do I need to eat to lose weight?”

Guys, believe me, this is serious business, it’s funny when people ask me that, but it’s serious, because they’re coming at it from a very serious point of view. They see the title of my main video “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off“, and they think, okay, butter makes my pants fall off, so therefore I should eat a lot of butter, but I never said that. And I don’t want you to do that.

I think of the Low Carb/High Fat Diet (LCHF) as way to control my appetite. A way to get my insulin down, so my body will release the fat that is stored around my belly. In other words, I use the LCHF diet, and I use fasting to serve myself, my own fat. My own fat is what’s for dinner, that’s the food you need to be eating on this diet. Fat from your belly and your butt and your chinny, chin, chins. You need to eat that big belly and the only way you can eat that big belly, is to turn your insulin down, keep it down by eating LCHF foods and fasting.

How much food should you eat?

Answer: Enough.

Enough to turn your appetite off. Eat until you’re satisfied and when you’re appetite is down, that means you’re burning fat. If you’re not hungry that means your body is not needing nutrition. You should stop eating at that point. You don’t need to eat. You don’t need to put gobs of fat on your food. Eat enough fat, enough protein so that you’re satisfied, then allow your body to use all that extra nutrition, that body fat, that you’ve got around your body.

See, food is not the answer. Food is just a way to the answer. There is absolutely nothing that you can eat to lose a hundred pounds. What you need to do is not eat. Find ways to turn that (fat storing) system off.

Some of you are looking for every LCHF recipe that you can find, but I tell people to keep it simple. Why? Because food is not the issue, food is just the way to turn your appetite down. Don’t look for every “fat bomb” recipe that you can find, so you can eat and eat and eat. Don’t drink fifty Bullet Proof Coffees a day.

Eat until you’re satisfied, then stop eating.

See, food is not the answer, food is a way to get to the answer.

What’s the answer?

As I told you in my “Why Are Fat People Hungry?” video, the answer is getting your body into a mode, a low insulin mode, so that it releases the fat. It releases the fat in your body for energy. And when it releases the fat for energy, you will experience a turn down in your appetite, and I mean a noticeable turn down. Stop eating.

It’s lunch time, but I’m not hungry. Don’t eat.

It’s dinner time, I’m not hungry. Don’t eat.

If you’re satisfied and you’ve got plenty of energy and you feel good, why are you eating?

You’re defeating the whole purpose of this diet. The purpose of this diet is to EAT YOUR BELLY, not eat the next LCHF recipe. Not eat the next fat bomb recipe. Not to find some way to beat the system, by saying, okay, if fat’s okay, I’m going to have 20 Bullet Proof Coffees a day. If you’re doing that, you’re crazy.

I also get questions about adding fat or protein.

Statements like “I’ve been told if I eat too much fat, I won’t lose weight and my body won’t use my fat”.
“Or, I’ve been told I should dramatically increase my protein.”

Listen, guys, eat enough to be satisfied and allow your body to tell you when you’re hungry. If you are eating when you’re not hungry, you’re eating too much. If you’re eating gobs of fat, thinking it’s going to make you lose weight, you’re eating too much. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve always said, eat a high fat percentage, not a high fat calorie-wise diet. Don’t go crazy with it. Eat until you’re satisfied, then don’t eat.

Now I want to talk to you about Fasting.

Everybody wants to know about fasting. Look, fasting is just your body’s natural way to get to the fat. As I’ve told you in my video “Why Are Fat People Hungry?” video, fasting is the way to get to the fat. If you lower your insulin down long enough, your body starts switching over to burning fat, that’s what it does.

Will fasting turn your metabolism down?

Look, (during fasting), you still supplying your body with lots of energy, but the energy is coming from your internal fat.

On the other hand, if you eat a low calorie diet, but you don’t turn off this insulin problem, then yes, your body going to slow down, because it doesn’t have access to that fat.

But when you eat a LCHF diet and you keep your insulin low, and you’re fasting and keeping your insulin low, you’re keeping this pathway to your fat open ALL THE TIME.  That’s why your not going to have a slow down in your metabolism, because your body still has access to 100’s of thousands calories, especially if you’re really fat, you may have a half a million calories on your body. And if you’ve got access to them, you’re not going to have an energy deficit ever, and that’s why you’ll have plenty of energy and that’s why you won’t be hungry.

Don’t ruin it by eating too much!! Listen to your body.

I also have a lot of people write me and they have gall bladder problems, or they have some issue that keeps them from doing a High Fat diet. I understand that, really some people actually have this issue, some people just image they have this issue, but whether you have this issue or not, if you can’t do LCHF diet, then do a real food diet and then fast.

Like I said in my “Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem” video, fasting is 50% more effective (at lowering insulin) than Low Carb.

Low Carb is great and I believe in it, I’m an advocate, a strong advocate for it, but if you can’t do it, for any reason, for whatever reason, you can still do fasting.

Fasting is easy, you can do a twelve hour fast. It’s easy. You eat dinner at six, you get up in the morning and eat breakfast at six, there’s twelve hours. I think you should go a lot longer than that, and if you can, do it. And I’ll tell you a way that you can do it, but it will probably get me into trouble with the purists out there, but I don’t care, I did this the whole time I was losing and it worked wonders for me.

If you get up in the morning, say you get up at six o’clock, you normally eat breakfast, instead have yourself a cup of coffee with some heavy whipping cream in it. And you’ll probably be able to delay eating until ten, eleven or twelve o’clock, which will extend your fast.

The critics and purists will say, “you’re eating during a fast”, but tell these people to kiss you hind end. It works for me, it’s worked for thousands of people. Yes, you shouldn’t go crazy drinking a bunch of fatty coffee, that’s true, but if it extend the fast and we all know that pure fat food does not raise insulin that much, and you’re not going crazy with it, you’re okay.

Look, this is something that is very important, all these studies that I share in my other video, they were studies about people doing fasting on alternative days. Some of those studies allowed people to eat up to 500 calories during the fasting day, and they had these great results.

So the critics are telling me that a cup of coffee with a couple hundred calories, that allows me to go another four or five hours, and get a 16 hour fast every single day of my life is hurting me? This is towing the dogmatic line, just like I tell people in my “Lard Makes You Lean” video, if you can’t afford organic food, go down to Walmart and buy yourself something to eat, that you can eat and that you can afford and you can do wonders for yourself. If people who are purists don’t like it, too bad for them. But, you’ll still lose a hundred pounds and feel healthy. Your food bill will go down and then you might even be able to afford the better food.

Listen to your body, do what you’re able to do, stop listening to these dogmatic purists, that are going to keep you from getting healthy because they want to tell you all the things you can’t do.

Let me tell you something. I ate at Walmart and I lost 145 pounds. I don’t like Bullet Proof Coffee, there’s nothing against it, I like heavy whipping cream. I drank my heavy whipping cream coffee during fasting times, I usually limited this to one, maybe two on a 24 hour fast. I lost 145 pounds.

These people telling you all this politically correct bull crap don’t know what the heck they’re talking about, but I do. I don’t care about all these rules and regulations. Let me tell you something, if you’re eating better diet, a whole food diet, and you’re losing weight, and your blood pressure is coming down, and your sugar is coming down, and your weight is coming down and you’ve got your energy back again, who cares if you’re eating the pure food or not.

Yes, they’re right, that foods better for you, no doubt about it. But, if you can’t afford it, or you don’t have access to it, listen to me and you’ll WIN.





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  • Hélène says:

    Amen, amen and AMEN.
    Eat realfood, the best you can afford. If walmart hamburger and chicken leg quarters are the best, Do It. Eat eggs and cheese too, theyre cheap also…I eat eggs in one form or another for one of my meals 6 days out of 7, if not every single day. Frittata, scrambled, fried over greens, raw in a (green) smoothie, quiche, fried egg in a lc tortilla, poached on tomato slices and steamed broccoli…
    A little cheese goes a long way with flavor too. And its fatty and protein.
    I eat organic carrots becuz theyre pennies more, I eat organic celery too but nothing else I can think of do I eat organic. I barely afford conventional produce and meat.
    Except coconut oil. And buy any oil in glass bottles/jars. Fat leaches chemicals from plastics. Even my peanut butter is in a glass jar, at walmart…pennies more than the plastic jar.
    When I can get pastured eggs I buy those too.
    Would love pastured, raw milk to make yogurt and butter from, oh well. I make 1/2gal of yogurt at a time. Walmart milk is $2 a gallon. Do the math compared to store bought. Astronomical. And culture your yogurt 24 hrs and its basically no carb as most the lactose is gone.
    I make my own herbal tinctures. Very easy, really. You need a large glass old pickle bottle and hooch. I use 90-100 proof cheap vodka. Get your dried herbs and mix. Now its a matter of time. No mystery. Who knows if the commercial ones are better? I can not take those becuz they cost like 16x more than homemade. Unreal. Anyway, so I take double doses (to err on safe side) and mine work great.
    Lets say you only lose 10# the first month. Better than losing ZERO or G.A.I.N.I.N.G. while you whine about the high cost of food and eat your doritos and drink your koolaids with Little Debbies for dessert.
    Lets say you only lose 50# the first yr. Ppl thats 50#!!! If you’re not killing yourself and spending a zillion dollars, itll be ok with you. You’ll ConTinuE also. Thats the key. Consistency.
    IFing will do wonders too as you lose the cravings and gain a taste for real food.
    LC and IF. 2 keys for the 2 sides of lowering insulin for the release of fat stores!!

  • Margaret ThompsonDonovan says:

    I really appreciate your “keep it simple” approach, Bob. There are lots of books out there with a similar message to yours -LCHF- and intermittent fasting, but they complicate things so much with a different menu every day and recipes that have 8-10 ingredients. If anyone is a ‘taste’ cooker like myself, you can eat three servings before you even get it on the table.
    I like the suggestions from Hélène too…simple and inexpensive and just keep going at it. Eggs, cheese, plain meat and veggies. Easy, and you can spend more time out in nature and being active.
    You are a great inspiration, Bob.

  • sygun parchment says:

    Butter Bob. Your simply the best. You say it like it is !!! THE TRUTH. Keep up ur videos. Your helping many I am sure ! Your one of the best on this topic on youtube .

  • Maureen says:

    Thanks for the reassuring reality check — it’s too easy to listen to too many “experts” and come away completely confused. So afraid to be doing something wrong, that you do nothing. I’m getting back on the wagon today. 🙂
    Would you say it’s better to be established on low carb for a while before beginning the fasting (I’m just thinking the fasting would be easier if the ketones are already plentiful to prevent hunger — maybe you don’t start fasting until you notice that you aren’t regularly feeling hungry anymore?). How long would you recommend a person follow LCHF and IF before even thinking about getting on the scale and worrying that “it’s not working”?

    Now that you are maintaining a healthy weight, do you still IF every other day? Thanks again for everything you are doing. 🙂

  • Yvonne says:

    Hi, can i drink bulletproof coffee (with butter, whipped cream & coconut oil) to extend IF to 16 hours?

  • Valerie says:

    Hi Bob, I don’t know if you still read these messages but perhaps someone else more knowledgeable will respond. I’m Type 1 diabetic so I don’t produce any insulin. I’ve done well in the past with LCHF but menopause and life got in the way (weigh!) so now I’m trying to lose about 40 pounds.

    I’ve discovered Keto and have subscribed to a few FB groups. But I’m struggling with this: they’re telling me that unless I eat to my BMR of 1600 calories a day, I’ll wreck my metabolism and won’t be able to lose weight.

    So I’m two months in, with carbs at less than 20 total per day, protein at 50-60 grams per day, and not worrying about fat. But in order to get my calories up to where “they” suggest, I have to eat more fat than I probably need.

    Needless to say, I’ve gained 5 pounds. I’m being told to be patient, that healing is taking place, and that I can’t let my calories drop below 1500.

    But years ago, I lost significantly with Bernstein’s LCHF, and I know I wasn’t eating extra fat or reaching 1500 calories.

    So what’s a chubby girl to do?

    • Karrey Crooks says:

      I would recommend looking up Tristen @ Primal Edge on YouTube he has the closest opinion to Bob’s that I have found. He basically says
      * 20grams carbs.
      *approximately .8grams protein per Lb. of LEAN body weight (maybe less if you’re very sedentary, low muscle mass, highly insulin resistant)
      *and fat to satiety.

      If your not hungry the extra fat calories are coming from your body stores. Both he and Steven Phinney say the 80% fat on Keto can be coming from your plate or your body. This is the magic – why you’re not hungry and why your metabolism doesn’t slow down on Keto, because you’re still eating a high calorie diet.
      Hope this helps and good luck. We all miss Bob:(

    • Karrey says:

      I would recommend looking up Tristen @ Primal Edge on YouTube he has the closest opinion to Bob’s that I have found. He basically says
      * 20grams carbs.
      *approximately .8grams protein per Lb. of LEAN body weight (maybe less if you’re very sedentary, low muscle mass, highly insulin resistant)
      *and fat to satiety.

      If your not hungry the extra fat calories are coming from your body stores. Both he and Steven Phinney say the 80% fat on Keto can be coming from your plate or your body. This is the magic – why you’re not hungry and why your metabolism doesn’t slow down on Keto, because you’re still eating a high calorie diet.
      Hope this helps and good luck. We all miss Bob:(

    • deborah berry says:

      Hey Valerie I am just now discovering Butter Bob’s videos, and reading you question. You can try doing a bacon fast….I’m doing one now and loving it. People average 5-6 pounds in a week. Women eat 1 to 1 & 1/2 pounds of bacon per day. Black coffee, no heavy cream but almond or coconut milk is okay. Also if you must have diet soda they are okay if used when eating the bacon. Water is best though. Good luck with how things are going

  • Darrell Smith says:

    Preach it! Ignore everything you have heard, and listen to what he says in this video.

    1. Eat real food (meat anyone?) and eat enough to shut your hunger off.
    2. Fast 16+ hours a day. If a tbl spoon of HWC helps you in the AM get to lunch – you now have permission to do so.
    3. Quit trying to adhere to all the talking heads and the rules. . . keep it simple and laser focus on results.

    Listen to the video over and over until it clicks, then do it. 🙂

  • Stacy J Hobgood says:

    I don’t know how to do the math..
    I found a site to figure how much fat, protein, carbs to eat.
    how do I figure out how much im.actually eating?
    Stacy h

  • Jeffrey L Baker says:

    My question is, if you add fat to a higher glycemic food, does it lower the glycemic load of that food and effectively lower the amount of carbohydrates you’re putting into your system. If you eat a piece of toast dry the effect it has on your blood sugar is different than if you put peanut butter on it. Do I have this right? By the way I love your videos!

  • George Marley says:

    Down to earth. Thank you!

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