Nora Gedgaudas – A Primal Diet for Modern Times

A Primal Diet for Modern Times

In this excellent video series from Peakmoment TV, Nora Gedgaudas, author of the book Primal Body, Primal Mind, explains the diet humans should eat and why we have thrived on this diet for a very, very long time, in fact throughout all of human history.

This is a two part video that will take you about an hour to watch altogether, but by the time you’re finished, you will know a great deal about what you should eat, why your ancestors ate that way and what caused this diet to be the perfectly designed nutritional plan for us.

Nora explains:

“Fat, to us means survival…. Dietary fat is the most nutrient-dense thing we can consume, rich in fat-soluble nutrients, and essential for the functioning of our brain and nervous systems.”

Part 1


Part 2

All Mammals Live on Fat

Nora talks about the fact that ALL Mammals live off a high fat diet, either by feeding their microbes or directly eating fat, this can be found at 22 minutes into the video.

The video below starts at the point she begins talking about this eye opening fact, Mammals Live on Fat:

All Mammals Live On High Fat Nutrition

Section starts at 22:26 and ends at 25:26
Here’s a transcript of what she said:

“It turns out that literally all mammals are designed to get their primary caloric intake from dietary fat. As a matter of fact, mostly primarily, saturated fat. And this includes things like cows and goats and even gorillas.

And the way this works is that, in cows what happens is, of course they eat a carbohydrate based diet, and if you’re going to eat a carbohydrate based diet, what do you see them doing all day, now they’re physiologically designed to eat carbohydrates all day long. They eat plants based foods all day long, and that’s what they do all day long, their faces are on the ground, they’re in the bushes, whatever else, they’re eating constantly to meet their nutrient requirements.

But, they take that food in, and it goes into the gut, and then it gets fermented by bacteria. And what the bacteria ultimately produce out of that, is butyric acid, it’s a short-chain saturated fat, called butyric acid.

Cows get 70% to 80% of their actual caloric intake from that fermentation byproduct. So they’re eating the carbohydrates, but they’re not operating on glucose either. They’re operating on a fat based metabolism.

As are gorillas, 66.9% of their caloric intake comes from the same type of short-chain saturated fats, from the bacterial fermentation.

But these animals either have four stomachs or they have a greatly expanded large intestine and a much smaller small intestine, that are just chocked full of these bacteria designed to do nothing else all day long, but help to manufacture the nutrients they need for their sustenance.

We have a greatly expanded short intestine, a much shorter large intestine, that renders us in need of getting these foods directly from, getting these nutrients directly from the foods we eat, as opposed to relying on bacteria to manufacture them for us.

That’s literally how we’re designed, and we are designed on that regard to the extreme. I mean, no other primate even comes close to the requirements we have, for fat, for protein. We’re really at an extreme, the evidence is absolutely clear that once we adopt ketones as the primary source of fuel, literally our cerebral blood flow and oxygenation increase by over 39%, in normal human brains.”


Guess what food has the most butyric acid, the type Nora Gedgaudes talks about above?

That’s right – Butter

Here’s a link to see the nutritional breakdown of Butter: Nutrition Data

Foods that are high in short chain fatty acids

Cultured Sour Cream
Goat and Cow Cheeses
Heavy Whipping Cream

If, that’s not enough, here’s an great article on the health benefits of butyric acid (the fatty acid, butter is named after)

Butyric Acid: an Ancient Controller of Metabolism, Inflammation and Stress Resistance?

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  • Halo Keto says:

    Thank you so much for this post, all vegans need to watch this video and be enlightened! Great video and thanks for putting it up Bob!!

  • Daniel says:

    Humans are not herbivores like cows or gorillas… but we are most closely related to chimpanzees. What is their preferred food? Fat? No. Greens? No. Starch even? No. It is fruit. Simple sugars. Are chimps diabetic and sick? No. Do humans thrive and heal from sickness on fruit. Yes. Is “meat” murder? Is dairy farming abusive? Yes. Is there enough grass on the planet to feed everyone with butter? No. Wake up.

  • Robby says:

    fruits are not available year round Daniel… what are we suppose to eat after the fruits run their course? what did early man eat? He ate a variety of foods… on fruits will not allow your brain to evolve to where we humans are today…..

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