Strange Bedfellows – The Food Police and Big Business

Strange Bedfellows

The food police and big business.

The dietary guidelines the US government has given over the last thirty years have been influenced by a partnership between two very strange bedfellows.

On one side of this strange partnership is a small but extremely rich and powerful group of big international food corporations and on the other side are political advocates for an animal free plant based diet and their very well financed and connected lobbyists.

One group, those who favor using the government to force people to switch to an extreme low-fat plant diet, use hardball politics to further their agenda of not eating animals, the other (less than 10 giant corporations) use this political cover to profit from selling low-fat frankenfood created with cheap carbs and strange ingredients and to slant the research that has been done by controlling huge amounts of research money and the media through advertising dollars.

These strange bedfellows would be natural enemies, if they didn’t need each other.

So far they’ve been winning, they have the influence and the power, they own the politicians.

But I got news for them, the party is over, I’m awake and so are you. I can’t afford to buy a politician, but I can STOP buying the products of the people who do buy politicians. I can vote with my wallet, and so can you.

I can and have stopped buying their junk and so can you.

I can share my story about getting well with real food and healthy fats, and so can you.

We can fight them from the bottom up, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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