The Strong Medicine of Steaks and Hamburgers

Hello Everyone, it’s Butter Bob, and today I want to give you a little video about keeping your diet simple.

One of my favorite subjects that I go over and over, and you know the reason I go over and over it?

Because, people really, they don’t believe me, I don’t think.

They write to me and they say, I would like to know your whole menu plan, your detailed menu plan.

And I have a hard time giving people that, because I keep my diet simple and when I was losing weight, I kept my diet extremely simple.

Of course, it’s not my plan.

This plan of keeping it very simple, is something that’s been treated by doctors for decades before I was ever born. Decades.

From my video, Your Own Personal Diet Guru:

You know there was a doctor back in the 1940’s and 50’s that had a basic simple meal plan?
He told people to eat about a half a pound of meat, three times a day and add fat to that meat.
You know, that’s a simple plan, it’s hard to sell a diet book with it, but you know it works. You know, keeping it simple works.

Dr. Blake Donaldson

You see, there was this doctor and his name was Dr. Blake Donaldson. He was working with a very famous doctor, when he was a young man, who was a Cardiac specialist. In fact, he was one of the, the person (Donaldson) was working with was one of the founding members of the American Heart Association.

They were having a hard time getting their people, who were in trouble, to lose weight. And out of frustration, Dr. Donaldson, who lived in New York, went to the American Museum of Natural History to study bones and learn what he could learn about the human diet.

He discovered something that was probably well known, but not to him, that people before the dawn of agriculture were mostly hunters and they lived on the fattest meat that they could kill.

It dawned on him, that this simple diet was probably the diet that mankind has adapted to. And it would be, maybe good for them.

Decades later, this was in 1920 (when he went to the museum), decades later in the early 1960’s, he wrote a book called Strong Medicine, which by today’s standards, believe me, is offensive in some ways, it has some offensive stereotypes of women and different races, so I don’t recommend the book.


I want to read a little quote from Dr. Donaldson’s book, he wrote. It really tells why he recommended such a simple diet.

He wrote:

During the age when our ancestors lived by hunting, every weakling who could not maintain perfect health on fresh fat meat and water was bred out.

Because of this, he goes on to say:

There are probably only two perfect foods, fresh fat meat and clean water.
Whenever you are in a jam with the human body, it is well to go back to the common inheritance of mankind.
And The ability to live well on meat and water is the common inheritance of mankind.

And let me tell you how simple his diet was, and he treated people with it, for decades, I mean for decades. From the 1920’s, all the way up until he died in the 1960’s, in late, in the mid 60’s.

He recommended people eat about a pound and a half of meat a day.

And this is, I went and got these steaks, He recommended people eat Porterhouse steaks, well, I didn’t get Porterhouse, I got Ribeye, and this is about a pound and a half, about 8 ounces per steak.


And he recommended people eat about six ounces of lean, to two ounces of fat and that’s somewhere around, in the neighborhood of, what we got here.

And he allowed them to have some black coffee and water. But he basically treated people until they were well, lost their weight, lost their diabetic symptoms, or lost their arthritis, with a diet, a simple diet of eating meat, three times a day. It’s so simple.

It’s not a Butter Bob idea. It’s just an idea.

Remember, guys. What we’re trying to really do, is control our appetite.
We are trying to use that fat belly as food and this works well, and it gives you the protein you need.


While I was editing this video, I remembered that I forgot to say one of the things that impressed me the most about Dr. Donaldson’s diet plan was that, he encouraged people, in fact, he demanded that his patients get up in the morning and take a thirty minute walk and take time to shave and to bathe and do all the things they needed to do, before they ate breakfast.

In other words, his diet plan had an element of fasting to it. It extended the fast in the morning.
And he had the people on his diet, do a thirty minute, fasted walk every morning.
Fasting was a part of his diet, whether he realized it or not.
And I wanted to do this little re-shoot to make sure this point was brought out, because this is one of the things that really impressed me, and when I made the original video, a kind of forgot to say that. I think this really needs to come out. Sometimes we skip over some of these details. All his patients were encouraged to do thirty minutes of fasted exercise every morning.

Dr. James Salisbury

James H. Salisbury

James H. Salisbury

But guess what?
Even Dr. Donaldson did not originate this idea of keeping it simple.
In fact, there was a doctor that was around, much, much before Dr. Donaldson was even born.
And this is a doctor, who you probably already know the name of, or at least you know something that he made, something that he invented.
And his name was Dr. James Salisbury.
And he’s the inventor of the Salisbury Steak.

Salisbury Steak, but not like this.


If you’re my age, you probably, when your Mom wasn’t feeling well, probably got one of these TV dinners served to you. And I hate to admit, but they actually taste pretty good, but they’re not that good for you.

But Salisbury Steak was Dr. Salisbury’s invention, but his story is so much better than that.

And, so let’s just talk about Dr. Salisbury for a minute.

Dr. Salisbury, in 1854, he got the bright idea to do an experiment on himself, to find out which foods people tolerate the best.
I’m going to read a quote to you, from his book that I’m going to link to. This book is in the public domain. His experiments. And this is amazing, his story. And you can read it for yourself, in the links to this video.

Dr. Salisbury wrote:

In 1854 the idea came to me, in one of my solitary hours, to try the effects of living exclusively upon one food at a time. This experiment I began upon myself alone at first.

Dr. Salisbury began by eating baked beans, he went on to eat corn, he ate asparagus, he tried different meats. One at a time, experimenting with different foods for over two years, on himself.

At the end of the two years, and this is something that you probably couldn’t do in today’s world,
he invited four, five, six men to come and live with him and he fed them these solitary diets. Same solitary diets he did. And saw how they effected them.

He experimented with these men, with these different things for another two years.

And at the end of the two years, he went and purchased over 2,000 hogs, and he fed the 2,000 hogs this same diet. And he fed it to them, until they became sick enough that they died.
He dissected all those hogs, to sick what each food had done, because pigs seem to have a very similar digestive system to humans. So he wanted to see the similarities.

Now this is something that’s going to blow your mind, especially since Dr. Salisbury was an American.

Back in the 1800’s, there wasn’t a Mickey D’s on every corner. Hamburgers was not the all-American food that it is today.
But, he discovered, after many years of experimentation, that hamburger, basically, he called it minced beef, was almost the perfect food for a human being to become healthy on.

Patty of minced beef, he called it minced pulp of beef, which is basically hamburger, was his diet of choice.
And he fed people who were sick, or fat, or had different digestive problems, basically insulin resistance disease, what we call it now, metabolic diseases, a diet of exclusively ground hamburger.

Making patties,that he told people to make the patty loose, put it on a fire, which we would call it grilling today. And this worked.


The great American hamburger, and it’s not exclusively American, I understand that, hamburger patty. I’m going to make a big one, a big one, look here.

And he told people they could put like Worcestershire sauce. It wasn’t the gravy base that we have now, but he did allowed them to use the juice off the hamburger to make, or he didn’t call it a hamburger, to make some sauce for it, or make a little soup for it, and this was the great American hamburger.

And there’s Dr. Salisbury.

So the gist of this little video is this: a simple diet has been used for a hundred and fifty years, by doctors, on tens of thousands of patients. Other doctors did it too, there was a man named Alfred Pennington. There were different doctors, down through history, especially here in the United States, who treated tens of thousands of patients, with a very simple, monotonous, even boring diet, mostly a meat diet.



Chicken, even.

The diet that I have recommended, the simple diet, is not Butter Bob’s diet, it’s a diet that works, it frees you from the aggravation of trying to come up with a menu.

It gives you something simple, that has been tried. You know, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time we come up with something. We can see what’s worked for other people and go from there.

And I’m going to tell you something, the best thing it does for you, it gives you a chance to experience success.

And yes, I believe, I have a chili recipe, I have a ranch dressing recipe, I have different things that I allow in my diet, I don’t believe in eating one thing only, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple most of the time.

Watching your appetite get under control. Watching your body begin to use that big belly you’ve got for food.

You know that’s the best food that you can get, the food that your body has already got stored.

You know, and I don’t recommended this either, but as I told you in my Why Are Fat People Hungry? Video, there was a man who fasted for 382 days, he lived on his own body fat.

I don’t recommend that to any body to do that, without medical supervision at least, especially if you’re not really fat, this man was over 400 pounds.

But, it’s possible to live, at least a little bit every day, on the fat you already have.

Thank you for watching.

Keep it simple

Use your own body fat.

And don’t forget to subscribe, if you like this channel.

Thank you for watching, Bye Bye.

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  • Stephen DiPietro says:

    Porterhouse steak might actually be a little better for the diet. A porterhouse has a larger proportion of the smooth muscle filet and the connective tissue around the bone has some nice collagen. Just a thought. Great ideas here. Heard about you today. Do love those rib eyes, though…

  • Tiiu says:

    Hi Bob

    I love reading and listening to your posts. I would like to know does eating only meat 3 times a day and drinking water cure acid reflux? Or is it better if I add green vegetables and fermented foods to my diet?

  • Betty Register says:

    Just want to know all I cam

  • Butter Bob, will eating a lot of meat constipate you?

    • AnnB says:

      No. eating only meat actually makes BMs soft and easy to move.
      Plants constipate, meat does not.
      Download the book in searchable PDF, Strong Medicine by Blake Donaldson.

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