U-turn Type 2 Diabetes

Reversing the Twin Causes of Type 2 Diabetes
The work of Prof. Roy Taylor


I want to introduce my readers to the life changing work of Professor Roy Taylor, Director of Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Prof. Taylor has done some amazing studies in which he showed for the first time the restoration of pancreatic function to normal levels in people recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, after an 8 week program of an extremely low 600 calorie per day diet.


Prof. Taylor wrote in his Banting Memorial Lecture: It has become widely accepted that Type 2 diabetes is inevitably life-long, with irreversible and progressive beta cell damage. However, the restoration of normal glucose metabolism within days after bariatric surgery in the majority of people with Type 2 diabetes disproves this concept. There is now no doubt that this reversal of diabetes depends upon the sudden and profound decrease in food intake, and does not relate to any direct surgical effect. The Counterpoint study demonstrated that normal glucose levels and normal beta cell function could be restored by a very low calorie diet alone. Novel magnetic resonance methods were applied to measure intra-organ fat. The results showed two different time courses: a) resolution of hepatic (liver) insulin sensitivity within days along with a rapid fall in liver fat and normalisation of fasting glucose levels; and b) return of normal beta cell insulin secretion over weeks in step with a fall in pancreas fat. Now that it has been possible to observe the pathophysiological events during reversal of Type 2 diabetes, the reverse time course of events which determine the onset of the condition can be identified. The twin cycle hypothesis postulates that chronic calorie excess leads to accumulation of liver fat with eventual spill over into the pancreas. These self-reinforcing cycles between liver and pancreas eventually cause metabolic inhibition of insulin secretion after meals and onset of hyperglycaemia. It is now clear that Type 2 diabetes is a reversible condition of intra-organ fat excess to which some people are more susceptible than others.

Now I want to break that down Butter Bob style:

  1. The majority of people who are Type 2 Diabetic, who also get their stomach stapled, have normal blood glucose in days after surgery.
  2. Taylor’s study, found here, proved that after an 8 week program of a very low calorie diet, designed to imitate what a person would be able to eat if they had stomach stapling surgery, NORMAL Blood Sugar levels returned and NORMAL beta cell function (in other words, these people’s pancreas was once again making insulin like a non-diabetic.
  3. What causes Type 2 Diabetes? Answer, chronically eating too much, which makes your liver fat and this fat spills over into your pancreas, causing the pancreas to be clogged up, so to speak and unable to produce enough insulin.
  4. Taylor says Type 2 Diabetes is a reversible condition of too darn much fat in your organs.

In 2008, Prof. Taylor published his Twin Cycles theory that Type 2 Diabetes was caused by the Two separate cycles of fat accumulation, one in the liver and the other in the pancreas. The Twin Cycles Theory predicted that a low calorie diet, one that imitated what a person could eat after stomach stapling surgery, could reverse these cycles in the same way that stomach stapling surgery did.

You can read that paper here:

Pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes: tracing the reverse route from cure to cause

Then Prof. Taylor set out to prove or disprove his theory. The result, which did prove the theory, was the following study, which you can read by clicking the link:

Reversal of type 2 diabetes: normalisation of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver triacylglycerol.

Even if you don’t read that whole study, here is Prof Taylor findings, broken down into bite sized thoughts:

The results were very clear.

  1. Weight loss averaging 15kg (33 lbs) achieved over 8 weeks caused two distinct sets of changes.
  2. Within 7 days, liver fat had fallen by 30%, liver insulin sensitivity had returned to normal and fasting blood glucose had become normal.
  3. By 8 weeks, pancreas fat content had returned to normal and
  4. insulin secretion by the pancreas had returned to normal.

Folks, you really need to read that a few times to let it sink in. Within a week, seven days of eating 600 calories per day, the liver was 30% less fat.

Insulin sensitivity had returned to normal, that means insulin resistance had returned to normal. And if insulin resistance had been reduce, guess what else happened? That’s right less resistance, less insulin.

By 8 short weeks, these Type 2 diabetics had normal insulin secretion by their pancreas, NORMAL. That is reversal of Type 2 Diabetes.

Does this happen for everyone? I doubt it. But knowing what causes Type 2 Diabetes in the first place, too much fat in the liver and pancreas, also tells you how to reverse it.

So What Causes Too Much Fat in the Liver and Pancreas?

Watch this short clip that I cut from Prof. Taylor’s longer lecture to find out. (Further down this page there is a link to the full lecture).

Too much carbohydrates cause your liver to transform these carbs into fat, fat that tends to stay in the liver and spill over into the pancreas and into your blood.

How Your Liver Gets Fat – a short 5 minute clip

How Your Liver Gets Fat: and how this fat can lead to many problems, like Type 2 Diabetes

I made this short clip because Dr. Taylor has a very good short explanation of how extra carbs lead to a fatty liver after years and years of overeating, especially overeating carbohydrates.

This fattening of the liver is one of the vicious cycles I talked about in my new video “Drying Up the Root“, in fact, I believe it is one of the most deadly processes in the whole tree of insulin resistance related illnesses.

Prof. Taylor’s full video is about how Type 2 Diabetes begins and how he used a very low calorie diet to “reverse” it in about 2 months. This is the science, along with the work of Dr. Jason Fung, that opened my eyes and explained to me why my combination of a simple LCHF diet and Short Intermittent Fasting has made my own weight loss so successful. 

For More on my system, read this article: You are either Fed or Fasted or Don’t Let Your Belly Steal Your Breakfast

You see, Prof. Taylor used a very low calorie diet to get his results. In other words, he in effect FASTED his patients, because 600 calories per day is not enough to live on, therefore, like fasting, they had to get their calories from their own fat stores to be able to continue living. This might be okay for a short duration, but for a long term solution, I have a more sustainable plan.

The book that changed my life

Sustainable Long Term Solution

The Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet is also an imitation of fasting, because like a fast, we are getting most of our calories from fat. This release of fat energy stores from our belly to be used for fuel for our body, also gives us appetite control, which allows us to “not eat when not hungry” without using will power or struggling (as I told you in my Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off video.)

Prof. Taylor’s program was an 8 week starvation diet, but my simple LCHF diet with short term daily or every other day fasts, is a long term sustainable solution you can easily practice for life and you don’t have to force yourself to eat less. Your appetite will be reduced naturally and without effort on your part.

For more on that see my articles: Don’t Let Your Belly Steal Your BreakfastYou are either Fed or Fastedappetite control, not will powerUp the Protein vs. Up the Fat?

Intermittent Fasting or Short-term fasting.

You need to learn about this wonderful and easy process of not eating and all the many things it can do to help you lose weight and reverse many of the health issues a high insulin level causes.


  • The most complete source of information on intermittent fasting can be gained all in one convenient book, which I highly recommend.
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  • It has many charts that show you how short fasts reduce your insulin, release fat from your belly and so much more.
  • You need this book if you are serious about fasting.
  • You need this information to counter those who will put doubts in your mind.
  • I’ve written a critical review of some of the parts, but I think “Eat Stop Eat” is the best fasting book you can find at this time.
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Read much more here . . .

The short clip in the first part of this article is from this much longer and fantastic enhanced audio lecture by Prof. Roy Taylor, called

Reversing the irreversible: Type 2 diabetes and you“.

You can read a speech Prof. Taylor gave about his work here, it sums up his findings in a less formal way:

Banting Memorial Lecture 2012 Reversing the twin cycles of Type 2 diabetes.

Prof. Taylor also has a video lecture about this same topic at the link below. Some mobile phones will not be able to play this, but it works fine on a desktop computer and you need to see this.

Eating through the myths – Food, Health and Happiness

eating through mythsEating Through

Reversing diabetes type 2
Following Roy Taylor’s Program – Carlos Cervantes from Washington State, USA, tells how he beat severe diabetes type 2 by following a strict 600 low-calorie diet for nine weeks.

They call me Butter Bob, but . . .

There’s something more to my story than Butter.

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  • But until you actually learn all the things intermittent fasting can DO for you, it’s just my word and my story, it doesn’t relate to you.
  • They call me Butter Bob, but the truth is, I could just as easily be called Fasting Bob.

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  • Ahmad Luqman Alias Firdaus Bin Ab Patah says:

    Does that mean prof roy taylor experiment mean that after 8 week of low calories…the person will become non diabetic ?

    • Bob Briggs says:

      Yes and no. Some will have EVERY sign of diabetes gone. Does that mean they’re cured? Maybe. But that’s very controversial. In the final analysis though, it doesn’t matter, if they are free from everything and watch themselves and their diet, then they are effectively free from diabetes.

  • Marg says:

    where does professor taylor talk about eating butter? his low calories restrcition diet for his patients was made up of shakes with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients and when they began to eat within a normal range their food didn’t appear to include butter? butter would add fat to the liver wouldn’t it? thanks.

  • Charles Ross Illingworth says:

    Great article. Thank you very much. 🙂

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